Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love from the TUBE

So the Day has come and gone and as much as it is influenced by western culture most of that influence comes through the tube…my fav darlin tube...which was my funny valentine.

So, my question to you is which movie has been the most romantic mushy mushy movie of your life time. We say romance is overstated, overplayed on the silver and big screen but were you to choose one which movie(s) would do it for you?

Did u fall for the “You had me at hello…you complete me” of Jerry Maguire. Did “love lift you up where you belong” in An Officer and a Gentleman with Richard Gere or Pretty Woman? Did Allen Payne washing Jada Pinkett’s feet by the lake side give you smooth ideas in Jason’s Lyric’s? Are you a Meg Ryan sucker for her diabetic movies from When Harry Met Sally through to Sleepless in Seattle...Coz I’ll admit I loved When a Man Loves a Woman. Or is Drew Barrymore your cup of tea? Bridget Jones was hilarious with her trials and tribulations...

Did “your heart go on” in the Titanic? Are u biased towards black Romantic movies: Love Jones? Best Man? Or you are an Eddie Murphy fanatic preferring Boomerang to Nutty Professor? Were all those Spike Lee Movies and John Singleton romantic movies? Cause I laugh at Poetic Justice and Higher Learning…same for Jungle Fever.

Is there a leading Black actor the likes of akina Clark Gable? Denzel? Wesley Snipes? What was that black guy in Casablanca? Is there a leading Black actress that does what Meg Ryan did for romantic movie? Nia Long? Jada Pinkett?

Do u succumb to those Oscar nominated classics: English Patient? Casablanca? Shakespeare in Love? As Good sa it Gets?

How bout Ed Harris proposing to Julia Roberts in StepMom?

Do big budget ACTION movies like Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, MR and MRS Smith get away with being romantic movies?

Yeah unleash your mushiest movie and if you want to go into TV shows e.g. the likes of North and South and Thorn Birds please feel free.


I am first again :)) said...

Hi 'tato - being a big romantic, I can shamefully say I would rather watch Armageddon fifteen times than any romantic movie - oh and Bridget Jones, please (never watched any of them) but I will not bash any movies coz they aint me cup of tea!

Having said that, ... ok there was nothing to add to that, although Titanic had me laughing out loud (yes, I can be a sadist I tell ya) although you cant help falling in love with Jack, Jack, come back, come back jack lol I am becoming a couch 'tato too :)

How are you feeling sweet?

acolyte said...

@ 'tato
Acolyte V2.0 is not subject to human emotions like his predecessor.Emotion is weakness.......

Shiroh said...

Ever seen the shaking of Diane Lane in unfaithful (do you think a woman is capable of such emotions?
Lust it tell you. Richard Gere still looks some sorts of geek IMHO.
Ad rather the strong Michael Douglas and of course Redford
Bridget Jones, to be honest is BORING!

I am more into comedy like movies so...Rumor has it was perfect,
Let me think about murshy movies coz i forget it.

Couch 'tato said...

ha ha ha
i hear u guess

LOL acolyte:"i am stone i do not bleed"

@shiroh: yeah diane lane was weird in that flick...check out Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction...hmm u liked akina romancing the stone war of the roses with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner?

Wangari said...

i love mush... julia roberts for me was IT - pretty woman, my best friend's wedding, step mom - all of them...i root for her to find true love - i even watched the pretty average mona lisa smile...

and you cannot forget the classics: the english patient, the piano, the bridges of madison county... love what have you done, oh why??

(running off to dust my lurrve collection..)

Milonare said...

We have this movie digoloz called Hazards of Heart... I've watched the damn thing like 50+ times since we got it in 1988. Yani its mushy but cool. I like mouth the dialogue start to end...

I hate Titanic coz that was a fav movie of Miss Piggy and Hotstepper those days when I got jacked trying (and failing) to get the hook-up!!!

Kenyangal said...

Like Wangari I looooove romantic movies! I can't get enough. MY lurve collection includes:
1. Pride and Prejudice BBC Version(Mark Darcy mmmmm)
2. Bridget Jones 1 & 2
3. Shakespear in love
4. You've Got Mail
5. Ever After
6. Dirty Dancing
7. Pretty Woman
8. Forrest Gump
9. Save the last dance
10. 50 First dates

My Favourite leading women are Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore, and ofcourse Rennee when she is bridget Jones

My Favourite leading man hands down is Mark Darcy (AKA Colin Firth)

And as for the series's I used to adore Lois and Clark: The adventures of superman and Wild Rose (I wonder when they'll start selling season DVD's of south american soaps?)

strawberries are said...

Bridges of madison county.
Broke back mountain. (remove the cowboys or not).

Movie Buff said...

I LOVE 'As good as it gets'. Ok! I will admit that the first time I saw it... HATED IT... But after the second time..... it was AWESOME!!!!

"Carol the waitress, this is simon, the fag"... Jack Nicholson... CLASSIC

Whispering Inn said...

No mushy movies for me - if there's no good action, good plot, big 'splosions, edge of your seat kind of stuff, I am either asleep or rounding second base(preferable)!

Mignon said...

"Dirty dancing", the original one with patric swayze (whatever happened to him?) had me!

I loved "titanic" but it was the Romeo and Juliet kind of tragic romance that does not appeal to me. 'twas my first and last time watching it.

My new favorite one is "all over the guys"'s not as cheesey as most, but it still has that element of classic romance. HOMOPHOBES should stay away from this movie....

Brother Jero (BJ) said...

First time here. mmh cool stuff. WIll sure hit you again.

Couch 'tato said...

@wangari:he i loved Piano by the way. there was a time i was goin thru a phase and i watched em all oscar classics...actually they are realy nice and i have a fetish for extremely long movies

@Milo:ati hazards of nini? ha ha btw way like gues i found Titanic really funny especially the spittin compe

@kenyangal:haiya msichana ebu we talk about lois and clark...auuiii teri hatcher looked so hot back in them days

@S.Berry: there was another guy we caned for loving bridges of madison county..and he was tryin to convince us that it is a 'deep' movie ha ha ha i will give it a try
@movie buff:are u my long lost soulmate? i loved jack nicholson after A few good men i think this is my favorite role from him

@whispering inn:i here u kijana-wewe ni ndume! ha ha ha

@cuteangel: that movie had a nother cheap line of "we went where 2 people should not go without a prescrpition" good one

@BJ.karibu sana kijana

KenyanMusings said...

Am I evil for having watched Fight club and the Godfather trilogy a million times. He! and pulp fiction?
Ah well, I love cute! so cute! and Armageddon makes me cry every time Brucey gets left in space..sob sob...

Adrian said...

i refuse to call jerry maguire a "romantic movie / chick flick". it's a "sports movie / guy movie". come on, i can't have a chick flick as one of my favorite movies ever?!

but i guess this is one of those questions that could be argued over forever.

m said...

One of the most crushing moments in my life that left me emotionally drained was in the Titanic.

I had thought it was ending and was halfway to the door when I was grabbed by Madame and informed that it was just the half-way interlude.

I'm still recovering.

I enjoyed Love Actually thoroughly ... shy porn actors? LOL!!

Stunuh Jay said...

Love from the tube? Why do scenes from American pie II flash in front of my eyes.... HIYAH buddy.... thanks for the e-mail!

kinyi said...

hey nick-tato!
you forgot TOP GUN! I was a little skirt of a girl I remember sitting on the floor during an August holiday with my cousin and rewinding that thing over and over! The fact that the guys were flying airforce jets was a bonus for us, it made us vow to marry American Airforce pilots at the tender ages of about 8(me) and 11(her)...but we grew up...
AND....LOVE&BASKETBALL...for 3 scenes, when they finally 'make love' auuuiii I remeber watching that with people who were sweating bullets coz it was so real...hahaha! The break up! Then the final scene when they played one-on-one and he let her win, so that they could hook up again!
Ok so they might not be really mushy in the real sense of the word but they do it for me! LOL!

Ahem but the true classic is 'bridges of madison county!'
and CASABLANCA...'maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but some day...'

here's lookin at you kid!

Mama Mia said...

"how to lose a guy in 10 days" was a winner for me. I love all the movies where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan pair up - good chemistry there.
*eyes agape and mouth wide open* @ kenyanmusings - 1st chick I've ever heard that's admitted to watching and loving the GodFather trilogy.