Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tato Looking for LOVE

Now this is the hardest post that Tato has ever done. Requested by none other than DangerouslyShy(well not so shy in making requests,now, is she?)

Her challenge, and I had chosen to accept it-was to post on Good Chick Flicks! Yaani Chick flicks even guys could watch and like. Now such an arduos task..I've been rummaging thru my memory for a while to come up with these list. I decided to go via mushy route and chose what flicks appealed to me in a manner that I myself would be a sucker for in real life.
Disclaimer: u have to turn on your mushy side for this post!

So here we go! Not in any particular order:

Jerry Maguire

"you had me at hello"
"You complete me"
WOW think of what state of mind you must be in for that to make total sense!
If that ain't love, I don't know what else is.

An Officer and a Gentleman

I was a sucker for this flick. First it was long and i love long movies...and i fell for that whole "love lift us up where we belong" routine...

Jason's Lyrics

That washing off the feet by the lake...I gave that marks. Any cute pedicured toes out thereI can wash?


Two bodies entwined while playing in clay pretending to be doing pottery. And that Unchained Melodies song playing..." my darling...ive hungered for your kiss......"
And Demi Moore and that One-Eyed crying....

Coming to America

Cammon it was a sweet movie and funny too...happy ending with the Prince getting his true love! And the girl getting her prince!

Save the last dance

So totally not just a chick flick...and the killer soundtrack...a modern version of Jungle Fever


Oh this is so a CHICK FLICK it hurts.(sink the bloody ship already!) But that line of ati "Promise me something Rose..and promise me you will never let go of that promise"
Guess it does make it in the cut unfortunately

Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind

I totally yawned through this one...but i so digged the fact that even after erasing someone from your mind you are destined to end up together!

Pretty Woman

Yup makes the cut- a classic.

When a Man Loves a Woman

Probably my best Romantic movie of all time. You do know Meg Ryan was the Queen of romantic movies...but here she delivered.If she ever deserved an oscar it was right here. I think even When Harry Met Sally makes the list.

Sleepless in Seatle perhaps as well...but it was too too boring. But cute idea!

50 First Dates

I think after Meg Ryan comes Drew Barrymore in this genre..and if I was to pick my fav of all time it would have to be this one. Maybe cause of cheap humor!

English Patient

This was also a classic...woiye and she died on him!

My Fair Lady

Now I have never watched the classics like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind which apparently rule this field. So i f i was to chose a classic this would be the songs were good too.

So that there is my list

I here Bridges of Madison County and Notebook should also be unleash your fav Chick Flick aka Romantic Movie....
I'd also like to add that Upside down kiss in Spiderman1. KarateKid2 him fighting for that ka-babe.That love triangle in Pearl Harbor.

Another Disclaimer: I may have ommitted other movies cause this aint a post Tato would normally do...but i rose up to the challenge.


Msanii_XL said...

Namba ..

"Promise me something Rose..and promise me you will never let go of that promise" does not get any cheeseier

where is superman returns?

acolyte said...

Chic flicks suck!No normal man should want to watch such movies unless strokes are involved!

Medusa said...

Great list!!..But you're right, Bridges of Madison County& Casablanca MUST be on that list..right up there with;
- The Story of Us
- Love Jones
- Love Actually
- Dirty Dancing
- Steel Magnolia's
- Waiting to Exhale
- My best friend's wedding
- You've got mail..(I found the little coffee shop featured in the movie..ha!)
- She's gotta have of my fav.
-Sleepless in Seattle was NOT BORING!! yaaani..hmph..
- Something's gotta give
- Pride and Prejudice
- Shakespeare in Love
- An Affair to remember
..oh my gosh..I could go on and on.

You should do a post on animated films..I'm still laughing at Madagascar..luuurve it!!

Couch 'tato said...

@msanii:lol at superman returns i refuse to put it there

@Aco:You know!?

@Medusa: u and i need to talk
-story of us:my best line was shove it up the top of ur legs
-love jones:too black for me but deng that poem larenz was reciting
-Love actually and Bridget jones fall for me in comedy more than romantic flick
-steel magnolias and the other one about julia roberts dying hubby...not bad
-waiting to exhale-get real..great soundtrack tho

i'll take u up on that animated challenge

Couch 'tato said...

actually shakespeare in love and my best friends wedding:actually would make the cut. At julia roberts: chose me marry me let me make u happy....that was touchin

-somethin gotta give nope not seeing naked geriatrics that didnt do it for me but id give JAck Nicholson As Good AS it gets

-pride and prejudice-YAWN

Movie Buff said...

How dare you put sijui Karate kid sijui spiderman what in a romantic flick post? tsk tsk..... such a shame.

and how DARE you say that Sleepless in Seattle is boring? HUH? And how can u even begin to put Meg Ryan in the same class as Drew Barrymore? Drew Barrymore SUCKS!!

Ok..... Notebook is a first class chic flick!!!
My Fair Lady is just.... yeah... "Just you wait Henry Higgins... just you wait".. Good times...
I did not like Gone with the Wind that much.....

Here are more:

The King and I
Love and Basketball
As Good as it Gets [I LOVE THIS MOVIE]

Etc etc...
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Couch 'tato said...

at movie buff now u know how it feels

-MEg Ryan ROCKS and still does-she will alwys be the queen
-As good as it gets like i told moedusa yup that one i would give u! "u make me wanna become a better man"
heh heh heh
-My greek fat ....:NOPE!
_Love and u will add brown sugar...BLACKS dont make good romantic movies ....hata Something New hapana
_king and i....havent watched
-Moonstruck with CHER?????

Hey ID LIKE TO ADD FABULOUS BAKER BOYS with michelle Pfeiffer!

Movie Buff said...

Sanaa Latham is not that bad.... come on now.... U did not like Love and Basketball??
And u need to watch The King and I... but maybe not....

And why would u hate on Cher? I liked Moonstruck....... when he says he loves her and she chapas him a slap.... "SNAP OUT OF IT"..... I would like to do that one day.......

Movie Buff said...

And Titanic makes me want to puke

DangerouslyShy said...

LMAO@ Medusa you and I need to talk,wewe Poraro tafadhali fisi in ur own thread pris!

I see Msanii X large or is it X long (*giggles*) beat me to the top spot but ill let that one slide for reasons best left undisclosed..


Ps – I told my workmate about this post and she quipped ‘how about King Kong’ a love story between a nugu and a blonde mama? I think she was thinking about a different kind of er love.mwehehe..

Moving on..

Yaay to The ‘Tato coming out of his mushy-mush mush mamushiness closet. Embrace the release and walk into the light, come lets cry into our fantas pamoja as I list my favourite romantic movies

The Notebook - *sigh* colour me sighing with longing vile I must find me some of that kind of malovings, my favourite line is when he says to the kids after they ask him to go home with them “look, this my sweetheart, im not leaving her, your mother is my home now” give me a second..


Sweet November – if like Acolyte, love, feelings and romance make you go into kifafa mode, you might want to skip this movie, favourite line “Do you want to be my November?”
The Lady and the Tramp – Feh! Yes its a animated but I love it, lol..will look out for this in your next post..
My Best Friend’s wedding – seems to be a popular choice for a lot of women, maybe it’s the friend turned lover situation, that’s what appealed to me the most, oh and the hilarious gay guy made for brilliant watching
Here on Earth – Top three in my all time favourite romantic movies, the shabby acting aside the message it sends across about love was enough to get a cynic like me in waru-in-the-throat mode. Highly recommended.

Great post C.P, if you ever get stuck for movies to review, may I suggest that you do saddest movies of all time – from Bambi’s moda dying to Steel magnolias *sniff*

Chias sana for taking me up on my challenge,you my friend have just earned yourself major D-shy points (sadly not redeemable at any K-street, mwehe) ill let my mother know the search is over, Ill remember you and ur unborn child, thine enemies are now mine enemies, if you ever need bodies moved/buried/burned im your gal..

Medusa said...

Yaani..I have nothing better to I'm baaaack!
Wewe Spidey, ati Love Jones was too black..nini hio?? I kent brave it!! tsk tsk..
And I agree with MovieBuff and Dshy..Notebook is a major tear-jerker..wawawa..*sniff*
And yeah, I actually thought of Lady and the Tramp too..which is why I requested an animated film post..hmm..that should be fun!

BTW- Do not, do not, do not get suckered into watching You,Me and Dupree like I was on Monday..sheesh, I want my money back!! All of it..even the dollar I donated sijui for which foundation..I cannot believe Michael Douglas came within 2 continents of that shady script..and Owen Wilson..why why why waste such comedic talent..I'm not watching anymore comedies this year..Aki afadhali I replay Redykyulas mara fifty..

Adrian said...

wewe nick!

si i thought we agreed on a previous post that jerry maguire was a sports movie - making it a guy's movie, which can also be enjoyed by chicks?!

(miss the times when tom cruise didn't force you to hate him; jerry, a few good men, top gun, rain man)

maybe brown sugar can also make the list?

Kagz said...

Me watched a chic-flick that opened jana and it rocked...John Tucker Must Die

21 more days to Prison Break :)

Girl next door said...

At last, a confession that even guys do like some chic flicks! I like a number of those movies you listed. I didn't get "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and I'm one of the few that didn't cry over "Titanic' The singing in 'My Fair Lady" was very entertaining.

AfroFeminista said...

Antwone Fisher!!! And yes, 'When a Man Loves a Woman'...often overlooked but just great!
and the other one . . .name slips my mind of the two Indian women who fall in love but one is married...

Anonymous said...

Great list!I'll add it to the most romantic movies reviews list!