Monday, June 11, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen-The Review

Caught it on premiere night. And I must add that the sound at Junction Nu Metro was appaling to say the least. I has do much syke for this ..probably because of the cast.
All the same the movie was ok. It wasn't the greatest and I think it's cause majority of the jokes had been displayed in the trailer. Ocean's 11 so far remains the best of the three.

Good bits:
-Seeing 2 of my favorite actors share a screen..Brad and Al Pacino
-It was good seeing Andy Garcia and Pacino together since The Godfather
-It was also nice seeing the cast again..especially after Bernie Mac got a 2minute role in Ocean's 12.
-Ellen Berkin is great

I think what sells this movie is the cast and not the script or the plot.

Bad Bits:
-I missed Julia Roberts
-The plot was so obvious and a little weak
-Shame on you Al Pacino for taking that role
-Shame on you Oprah for a cheap cameo

All in all it was a good will laugh and enjoy yourself...but...preferably you had better rent this movie on DVD or wait for it on TV.Nothing to sms home about!


egm said...

Now it's no longer writing home, but smsing home?

As for the movie, I'll catch it when my movie watching mojo comes back. Right now it's burried so deep somewhere it's scary. I have yet to watch Spiderman, Pirates, 300, and all them other hits, and kwa ukweli, I have no desire to see any them or any other movies for that matter!

Archer said...

Now you Spidey/Tato/Nick (make up your mind already!) you've punguzad my syke coz this was the first (and probably only) movie I intended to go watch at the Movies this year. Was it really that bad? Probably I gotta rush and catch it before another review comes out and totally kills my syke!

jiwe said...

I better get the DVD then...i slept through oceans 12 much to the chagrin of a good pal who had bought me the ticket! I still get harsh stares from him whenever anyone mentions anything related to an ocean! Heheheheh!!


Anonymous said...

oceans' 12 sucked. It was the biggest collection of talent but that was it! There was none of the excitement of Oceans 11. 12 was like watching the biggest hollywood stars get together to entertain themselves and each other. Thanks for the warning on O 13 - I'll keep my expectations as low as possible...

Kirima said...

Oceans 11 I loved, Oceans 12 not good at all, I put Oceans 13 as a wait for DVD movie. The cast is star studded so I hope at least it will be good. No Julia Roberts? tsk tsk.

bankelele said...

After seeign how badly Ocean's 12 turned out (did they make up scenes as tehy went along?), i'll take your advice and wait for the DVD (should be on the streets in about 2 weeks).

Unyc said...

I hv never watched any of them. Can u believe i hvnt watched my fav movie, Pirates...been broke is pathetic!! Ukipata DvD niwai tafadhali....

Hakeembig said...

Now do we watch or not??

Wambui said...

I saw this over the weekend and was actually pleasantly surprised. True, it lacked the suspense of the first two, but it was still witty. But then again i will watch anything with Matt Damon.

modo not seating down yet said...

ooooh, hapa ndio uko. mbona sikuwa nakuona.

lakini si somi mpaka ni watch the will be back to read after i watch it.

nice to rediscover the couch

ambia spidey, si ku-delete majamjing za hiss

charles said...

I saw Ocean 13 over the weekend and it wasn't as good as i thought it would be, Ocean 11 still stands out to be the best of the three.

please watch out for the movie MR Brooks by Kevin Costner and Demi Moore.

Vagabond said...

It is worth the bad sound at the Junction just to see tha last scene...Clooney, Damon and Pitt sitting in a waiting area (I think) in dark suits and dark glasses.

JK..noisemakers sisi...but then si we enjoyed the movie? Sindio?

karoki said...

I watched oceans 13 a few weeks ago. was good but thought they should have done better with the plot. Oceans 11 rocks em all