Tuesday, July 01, 2008


If there was a local Kenyan show to be addicted to this would be it. It's the best we have. Over the years local productions have always been stereotyped and stereocast but this programme has always remained fresh and surprisingly entertaining.

The cast has a fantastic dialogue. I have always insisted the key to a programme is the screenplay followed by the storyline. Rarely do you have ten minute pauses within each sentence uttered or cheap incidental music to occupy time and dialogue. There is a smooth flow in acting unlike other local programmes where you can tell one is waiting to deliver the next line. We need spontanous flow...perhaps its bad directing as opposed to bad writing...but we never care since we shall always dismiss it as "typical of Kenyan progs."

I watched "Mother in Law" that premiered this Sunday and I do not see this show lasting very long. Again we have familiar faces that have been recycled into this new show. Cheap dialogue and their flow between english and swahili was not smooth leave alone natural. Why would someone cast an actor from "Better Days" and not want to hire fresh faces? So if "Better days" returns what happens?

I'm I the only that sees the folly in recycling?

Citizen has made an effort to promote and produce local shows...but none stands in comparison to Tahidi High. Besides the writing, I think the cast does an amazing job. The likes of "Omosh" to the bad boys "OJ" and "Freddie" ..."Principal Morgan"..."Joni"...though some are recycled products of French Cultural Centre- they are nonetheless not common on T.V and play their roles very well.

Kudos to Tahidi High and the entire team. It is fresh and funny. Oozes originality and plenty of potential. Only loophole is this is a High School Drama and time factor is usually the worst thing to happen to a show running on an actual time line. So what happens to the star-characters of the show when they finish High School?


Ichiena said...


Ichiena said...

Hala - I've forgotten how to comment...teeheehee.

I agree. TH is hilarious. It's the best show on telly for me now - it brings back fond memories. And no show ends without me laughing out loud. OJ's my favourite.

By the way, I hear you are the new Harambee Stars Mascot, LOL.

31337 said...

love the show.

catching it on dstv now, old episodes that i missed on citizen.

oh hai tato. rather mouldy and wormy up in this ffing place, do show up often why don't you.

gishungwa said...

*Dancing & singing off-key* He is back X 1000.

TH is great show. Too bad that they dont make them like they used too (read tahamaki, usiniharakishe, penzi hatari). They desrved the win at CHAT awards.

Half n Half said...

Tahidi High is just the one! there is that line: "shut up or I smack the alphabet out of your mouth!" that line just kills me!

egm said...

He's Back!

That's all I'm sayin', seeing as me and TV don't mix.

michael otieno said...

time factor ? simple . just borrow a leaf from lost . move the school :-)

gnovember said...

it has some credibility problems for me- i think its so acted thats not how Local high schools are or i definitely didnt soma in one of them... i like Makutano Junction though...

Tato said...

ichiena:welcome back
but yes oj omosh and freddy make me day

31337:nice to know you exist in this numerical form..it too has been a while for me

gish:thy lusciousness...lol am semi back not for long tho..but yes CHAT was definitely theirs

whole:get it half and half...it rocks! crisp lines that are delivered in such a way youd think the show is not scripted

egm:u need to be umwad by the tato mosquito bana esp if yo are still in Kenya

mike:ha ha ha we would need a Ben to move the ISland and a Locke to remain with the Island

gnovember:nuh i think for starters we should bare in mind that this is fiction and i think it bares a close resemblance to day mixed schools

Peter Njenga said...

Tahidi high is da bomb.
My small sis kept on telling me to watch it ingawa I always preferred watching KBC's 'Road to Success' Tue jionis.
Last week, I watched Tahidi High and tell you what, I am hooked. It's funny, and plot development is sawa.
This is an addition to my growing local drama list of Papa Shirandula, Inspekta Mwala and Makutano Junction (currently on season's break).
Kudos to Citizen TV and KBC for their support of local drama.
Meanwhile, NTV's 'The Weekly Show' sucks - flat jokes. Watched it once, never will again. Never!

Senji Eger NTC said...

Tahidi high the only bean in my Githeri!!!!!!!!!!!! But just how does one enroll in the school coz i know am good and i could add some more flavour in the existing one contact me on +254724503683

moranga said...

tahidi is the local show citizen tv as than akina papa mwala thanks 4 somebody lk oj and is uncle omosh

peter said...

manze i like your show.i believe i can also do better if given de chance to appear on tv

true said...

i realy like this show, its fantastic show, may almight God bless you all for the good job

Alinanuswe said...

i realy like this show, its fantastic show, may almight God bless you all for the good job