Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boston Legal.

David E. Kelly has penned some of the best TV programmes in my Tato Life. From Chicago Hope, L.A Law, Boston Public, Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, The Practice... and now comes Boston Legal.

Many had told me to watch Boston Legal and frankly I was skeptical about starting up another Legal Drama. Tato darn watched plenty of Legal dramas.

But Boston Legal is different. Its humorous. Granted that majority of the legal cases are near always won in favor of the cast. Its different and entertaining.

William Shatner as Denny Crane: a self centred, self absorbed lawyer who is a has-been in the legal fraternity and is slowly losing his mind. Basically he is a nut! Has his moments of brilliance that are shadowed by his moronic moments.

James Spader as Alan Shore: A self-centered, over-confident, arrogant lawyer who knows he is great and makes no apologies for it. The perfect bastard!

Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt: Cold, direct and no-nonsense. After all she is SCHMIDT! It's good seeing her after such a long time away from Murphy Brown.

Very reminiscent of Ally McBeal in its legal cases and even jokes at times outlandish. The friendship between Alan and Denny reminds me of Frasier.

The show has great one-liners.
It's funny. Light heated and rarely preachy.
It's a must see...takes getting used to but after getting used to the characters, you're hooked.

A lot of recycled actors from previous Kelly shows.

And the main actors also do get written off...remember when the entire cast of Chicago Hope was fired.

Betty White plays such an adorable character in Season 2...watch out for her.


Half n Half said...

I love(d) BL.. though their antics can get tiring, but atleast they pulled it before we got really really tired of it like we did with Ally Macbeal..
Great fun though

Spidey/Tato said...

Its still showing but i hear the season 5 is the last season. it will be missed

Guessaurus said...

Do you remember telling me to do a 'Boston Legal' as a guest post way back when? And I said that I didnt know what to say cos it might turn out to be a novel of sorts? Well, I didnt do it cos you do it superbly - 'Tato baby - LOL

BL is a 'family tradition' - we record it and wait till everyone is around and then watch it - and you would think that any one of us should be cast as an extra - or an extra-producer cos damn, we all have our opinions flying faster than the plot out there.
Mad cow disease - I still fall over laughing - Denny needs someone to put him down - seriously.

Nice to have u back - Nicholas :D

31337 said...

i have watched the first season and i cannot wait to get my teeth into the next seasons!

denny crane!!!

mwendwa said...

i just cant bring myself to like boston legal. i prefer the practice.i juts love my leagl drams serious. boston publc is a total classic. i just Loooove it to pieces. David E kelly is a genius.OMG what happened to picket fences, i loved it! i think i love all his dramas except boston legal.