Monday, September 14, 2009


I attended last nights performance in that big TENT! Talk about camera'd think the judges and the faculty sit way way apart but in fact Hermes is a hip away from Kavutha and many a hips away from Achieng Abura. The infamous Ian puts on make-up! HA! Oh and Sheila looked bad! I mean terrible! I thought she had too much powder till my pal corrected me told me she had too much foundation. I'm talking of foundation that's been plastered on by a bricklayer or a mason...literally smacked onto her! However, I was impressed that she doesn't read from a monitor. So kudos to her...them lines are memorised and memorised well!

Dr. Mitch had an interesting rap at the beginning of show that was not aired...but there is absolutely no love lost or shared for that matter between him and Sheila. Their chemistry is off and he tries too hard to be funny!

This inside scoop is more of a review than a behind the scene reveal.

1. We saw the departure of Nina Bola the previous night. Obviously the judgement was flawed last Sunday! She did not deserve to have left THIS saturday. But after she did her Motown song that she was to perform yesterday had she you were so going to leave ANYWAY!

2. Ng'ang'a a.k.a Ng'ang'alito! Funny enough I clapped for him. I think he has tried coming this far. Granted, he won't win! But this dude from the village has reached where others have failed to reach. He may sing terribly with a deep Kikuyu accent, he may even be nicknamed the 'Akorino' King but he won't go far-not in this show and not after the show. Not to mention the fact that he sung an African song with a 'Mugiithi' accent!

Again, he has come far but its far enough, the journey is over its time to alight the bus. He is mildly funny, flimsily entertaining , his vibrato and falsetto is as consistent as him maintaining his kikuyu accent!

3. Patricia and Debarl were outstanding and great! Frankly, I think Patricia will and should win. My question is where on earth do you get a name like Debarl from?

4. Maureen and Leah were also damn good!

5. Alpha: he had been having problems all through the week with his song. We knew he was going on probation and he knew it too. You just don't do a love ballad like you are belting out an war anthem at a football stadium. He was practically yelling out a love song ... beating the love into that poor girl...and for that, it really showed a new side to him that he wasn't such a great singer after all!

6. Christian: the ladies love him and I think he will be saved if not by the voters then the school. Frankly I think his ''it doesn't matter'' retort was not out of being rude but for his being poor in the English language. So he will stay on...but like Alpha we are beginning to appreciate his weakness is not just English but vocally he is not up to par!
Both are good guys but good don't cut it!

7. Caroline...I have hated her attitude and whatever it is she does with those eyes of hers! She keeps batting her eyelashes and pouting ...and no it don't work!

8. Illluminata...always looking hot. Woe unto you when you do a Michael Jackson song also covered by Mariah. As she was accurately told by the Stunning Juliana there are songs you just don't do if you do not have the voice. Who would dare sing ''I'll be there'' in the same key?! Cause what was not there was her ability to hit those high notes and maintaing the right key.

She was more entertaining when she fell on stage!

9. The judges. At least this time they were sensible.

All in all it was not too bad a show. Quite entertaining if you ignore the flaws that the show has always had in its pick of final contestants. The judging has always been substandard, but atleast this time Juliana and Hermes (unlike the last two judges from TPF! 1&2 )have more constructive criticism. You get the impression they know what they are talking about. But shame on you three for not putting Ng'ang'a on probation last week. I like the knew additions of Kavutha and Hellon. It's probably the best TPF so far!

My money is on Patricia.

This week am seeing Caroline leaving the show! Though I am not too sure if only one contestant is leaving.


NiKolaS said...

So, dude, you come here often?

NiKolaS said...

oops, sorry this is not twitter or chat. i am allowed a lengthy comment. brilliant roundup, what i have come to expect of you, lakini, what is with the abandonment issues humu?

bankelele said...

thanks for behind the scenes recap. Nganga will not win, but as long as he's around he weeds down the field.

Spidey/Tato said...

@Nikolas you are cruising for a bruising
@Banks;he is ruining for other potential hoprefuls. eg caroline might be sacrificed coz of him

KenyaChristian said...

Patricia all the way

Patajob said...

ooh, by the way, patricia was in moi university and acted a porn movie, the pics are now flying around the internet, SHE'S GOING DOWN HAAAARD!!!!

She also worked with Ian at phoenix theaters. a movie called Changes, guys, pliiizzzz, hapa ni kujuana or else

Anonymous said...

U are so patheti Dude.... Wewe na huyo Patricia wako... Alpha ashawin na Caro.... So check out!

Anonymous said...

why lie, Alpha was worth it. pls tell wea i can get Patricia's naked pictures? hehehe. so happy she came fourth

Purity Wanja said...

I Like your performance.perharps Debal could have won if the Contestants did not do favourism to Ng'ang'a.Al the same "every dog has got it's own day!"