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It's being called the ''LOST'' replacement. Well, I do not think they are alike except for the whole concept of ''by changing the present can you affect the future'' While for Lost it's ''by changing the past can you affect the future/present'' (I love you Lost!)

It's what Heroes was in the beginning. It's pleasant and simple with just enough to keep you coming back for more. We want to watch it grow and see how twisted it can get! By episode 5 things are getting more complex!


On October 6th, The planet blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds.
And during that period, everyone caught a glimpse of the future 6 months into the future. Will the future come true? What caused this black out that made everyone fall asleep? A major highlight is when everyone is asleep we discover that indeed this is a man-made occurence! How? What? Who?...this is what makes the show! The fact that it is possible that back in 1991 the same thing had happened in Somalia.

It's different. Each character battling with what they saw in the future gives an interesting twist to everyone! The story is simple enough and easy to understand. No need to start Flash Forward theories yet!

A cast that is suitable and comfortable enough for the eyes. I like Joseph Fiennes, who I last liked in Shakespeare in Love as he was 'plucking' Gwenyth Paltrow's character. I've always liked Sonya Walger especially in Sleeper Cell and Lost. (personally at one point I could have swore she was Brooke from Bold and the Beautiful.) Dominic Monaghan so far appears to be a villain and I can't wait to see what he brings to this show. Numeorus cameos and cast members from TV favorites. It's definitely a TV cast for TV. A lot of 'recycled' TV actors who bring too much familiarity (though not breeding too much contempt.) This familiarity, then again it makes you ease onto the characters easier I think. Did anyone catch Seth Macfarlane (Mr Family Guy himself) in the season premiere?

Did you see her getting naughty in Tell me you love me-gives new meaning to full nudity?

Should you watch it?

Hell Yeah. I think it has plenty of potential. I think it can deliver where Heroes and Lost may have gone offboard. Those two were (and still are) excellent, the only problem was that they had infinite potential in terms of story and direction and sometimes when you are not grounded you will stray! By now we know that Heroes has gone off tangent even NASA can't salvage it. I think by having an already foretold future it gives the show a one-way direction. However, the viewers get to wonder if the future can actually be changed -which I doubt. The beauty of the show will be the unfolding of the future. When the flash-forward becomes reality or the present!

Everyone will be watching it and you should not be left out on this one!!

As with all time travel shows one can get lost in the two worlds of future and present. (Though the difference with this show is that its not a time travel show) How can the future be moulded in past/present? Or rather does knowing what the future bringeth contradict the past/present?

But the truth of the matter is that knowing the future has nothing to do with the future. Frankly, I doubt that will have an effect on anything. What will happen will happen and that's why it's the future. It cannot be the future if it can be altered. The future has /had been foretold already and it included this flash forward! So I do not see the confusion! Knowing the future is a present thing and as much as it will mould the will mould it in such a way that whatever was to happen will happen bearing the fact in mind that we know what the future is!

Quoting Ben Linus from Lost ''Whatever happened, happened''

I think the deeper mystery is how on earth does someone make everyone fall asleep?
What is the end game? (Alias)
What is the catch?
The conspiracy theory?
President has plenty of mud on him...I want the in-depth on that!
So much we don't know about the characters pasts and there future!

Is it like Lost?
I feel it will have more direction than Lost did. But apart from the whole past vs future there is no similarity to Lost. Yeah Yeah there was an Oceanic Airliner somewhere. Yeah there are two cast members from Lost. But NO! It's its own show! Sure each character has their own flash-forward they same way each character in Lost had their own flash-back...see why there is so much comparison? But NO this is FLASH FORWARD!(As corny as that may seem)

Tato Verdict:
Great show! Will be around for a while!
It's different and simple.
It's not brilliant but it delivers greatly!
It's something one gets hooked on and has not disappointed so far!


gishungwa said...

I love it i do i do. Thankfully its now on cable clearly my Tuesdays will not be the same.

bantutu said...

another great one from the scouts at abc

rakeback said...

Flash Forward has taken some very interesting turns lately, but as the suicide of the FBI agent proved, there is a paradox in people seeing their future. If they can kill themselves they alter what happens to everyone else seen in their flash forward and thus change the future. The show reminds me of Back To The Future.

maitha said...

this show will be canceled soon . just like 9ine , kidnapped , traveller , etc etc .

Wes said...

We already know you can change the future you see, so now what?

Someone wake me up when something interesting actually happens on the show besides the first 15 minutes.

Spidey/Tato said...

thats just the thing...the fact that yu saw the future doesnt necessitate that it will change...i want to see how they go around that suicide!

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