Friday, November 04, 2005

Jerry Bruckheimer

From the last post i have decided to highlight most of my favorite films to date...and when it comes to action movies, you can never go wrong with JERRY BRUCKHEIMER! Before we go any further I'd like to point out that I'm not saying they are the best movies ever made...but they are movies especially if watched on big screen, should never be missed! His movies are their own genre-settin a standard of their own.

Initially, Jerry worked with his partner Don Simpson before he died from coke overdose. They were mega movie producers behind all-time hits like Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun,Days of Thunder, American Gigalo, Flash Dance, The Rock, Bad name but a few

His movies have catapulted actors into blockbuster stars. Tom Cruise, Eddie Murphy, Nicholas Cage, Will Smith, Josh Hartnett, Ben Afleck, Angelina Jolie, Orlando Bloom all who became stars after appearing in their movies.

However after the death of Simpson, Bruckheimer still proceeded to make movies. As a Producer I believe the end product is as a result of him..and not the director. Cause if you watch many of his movies you can't help but feel a certain Bruckheimer signature..though many debate that that's a Michael Bay's signature..but i still remain adamant-if you watch The Island...u can tell the difference between a movie with Bruckheimer influence.

Infact, I believe he even tried to create more epic movies aiming for the much timed Oscar award, but remained snubbed him for Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Remember the Titans. His movies haven't all been big budget he has indulged in smaller budget films e.g Coyote Ugly, Dangerous Minds and Veronica Guerin.

Box Office stats are never a good measure for quality of a movie but by golly he has ruled the box office! Not to mention the fact his movies have rakde in over Billions of Dollars! His movies always open at number 1(with exception of Bad Company, King Arthur and Coyote Ugly) and always gross atleast over 100 million in the U.S and atleast 100 million Worldwide-now is that a movie producer or what. His last two Box Office Smash are yielding sequels Pirates of the Carribean2 and National Treasure2 in fact Pirates is already in Pre-production for Pirates 3.

>Ever notice how he works with actors more than once:Ben Afleck(2) , Josh Hartnet(2), Denzel Washington(2), Nicholas Cage(4 soon to be 5), Will Smith(3), Tom Cruise(2), Eddie Murphy(2), Keira Knightley(2)...

>Ever notice how there's always a killer soundtrack song from the movie? which also enjoy the privilige of going staright t o number 1.Most being Grammy nominees or oscar nominees

How Do I live-LeAnn Rhymes:Con Air
Someone to Love-Jon B-Bad Boys
Shy Guy-Diana King-Bad Boys
I Don't want to miss a thing-Aerosmith:Armageddon
Gangster's Paradise-Coolio and the fat guy:Dangerous Minds
There you'll be-Faith Hill: Pearl Harbor.Oscar Nominee
Can't fight the Moonlight:LeAnn Rhymes-Coyote UglyOscar Nominee.
Take My Breath Away-Berlin:Top Gun.Oscar winner
Flash Dance..what a feeling:Flash Dance.Oscar Winner

As i digress a tad, he has also branched out into TV...Most movie producers have anyway Barry Levinson did so with Oz, Brett Ratner with Prison Break..but he is doing exceptionally well with the C.S.I franchise, Without a Trace, Cold Case and Emmy award winning Amazing Race. Of course he is teamed up with other producers..but all the same..they are all Bruckheimer Productions!

Big Big Budget.
Action Packed.
Special Effects that are out of this world(Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down won oscars for best sound/best editing).
Extremely Fast Paced. You have got to love this on big screen.
Star Packed.He usually piles on many stars in his movies so for sure you would never go wrong if you hear of a Bruckheimer movie you damn well watch it.

Black Hawk Down

I think this is my favorite Bruckheimer movie directed by Ridley Scott an all time favorite of mine. Excellent and gory!!!!

Pearl Harbor

This was entirely LONG! and that Nuke being dropped as the camera follows it...spectacular. Apparently that bombing sequence is the most expensive sequence ever made. This movie was torn to sshreds by critics but I'm such a sucker for long movies, with a soap like ending. Afleck is assumed dead, Hartnett moves in on his girl, they have a baby, Affleck returns, Hartnett dies, Affleck goes back to his girl raising his best friends kid. Am a sucker!

Pirates of the Carribean

Cammon, who did not love JACK SPARROW with the cheap humor in that movie. Remember that cheap joke how he escaped from the Island by making a raft and tying the twigs with the hair of his back. LMAO!

Con Air

Am not a Nick Cage fan but he sure killed me with this line "Put the bunny down!" and of course Cyrus the Virus played by renowned Jon Malkovich!


I have never accepted Will as a big Movie Star..but him and Martin sure as hell rock in BadBoys..whatu gonna do? and then the sequel which was more of a comedy than an actual flick!


One of my first enjoyable movie experiences...Despite premiering after Deep Impact..this was so much better. Didn't u just love how the story progressed as they teamed up the usual suspects to go up and save the world.

National Treasure

Great Fun!

King Arthur

Actually wasn't that bad..but if u ask me one of his lesser films

Coyote Ugly

Actually a nice chick flick wit a nice soundtrack.


Great! Great!

Remember the Titans

What a feel good movie!

Other movies not highlighted include Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide(excellent i shoulda put it up there) Gone in Sixty Seconds, Kangaroo Jack(his worst movie yet)


k.i.d.a.d.a said...

Ahhh...wait a minute!!! Seriously, a minute please...I'm here first...LOL! Now where's the Guiness Book of Blog Records???

On the flip side, though I'm not such a movie fanatic, I totally agree on Bruckheimer on TV series.

He's just got tight production and you gotta love it!!!

NB: Though I've watched some of his movies, I didn't know he actually produced all the aforementioned movies on your blog Nick.

That just means one thing....Blockbuster....K.i.d.a.d.a is on her way there now!!!

LifeMoments said...

hi there!

I would have really loved to read all about the movies but you know am not into movies so I will not comment on this post.

Anyway justed wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog.

Ps: saw you at 20th century today, busy talking on the mobile phone...

Nakeel said...

aaah Third here ooh Kidada n life moments ..
True kaka Jerry Bruckheimer's movie always set their own standards. Y is it that people dont give one the credit he is worthy? If it is for Jerry dont say it is for Michael Bay.
Tell them again bro his productions are tight and worthy a repeat and not to be missed..

Tee J said...

Imagine mpaka waleo I've never watched Armageddon!

This movie blog will make me register with netfix yani.

I liked Coyote Ugly imagine and I hate chick flicks...I used to sema 'catch me dead' watching such movies! Nah that one was good.

W'sup with folk (esp guys) not liking Will Smith as a serious actor? I think he does well.I loved him in 'Enemy of the State'.

Tee j said...

I meant 'netflix'. I've been typoing too much today.

Couch 'tato said...

@kidada:welcome my child to the land of being first and fast and furious. FFF
@Torments:hata salamu? u diss a brada like that?
@Naks:Tell them..i have nothing against Michael Bay but they have to understand what the BRUCKHEIMER name symbolises
@TeeJ:Watch Am-a-get-it-on as well. cheap joke...Enemy of the state was good as well..but Will to me will always be Fresh Prince nothing else. Liked him in hitch tho but never in his other movies esp I-Robot and M.I.B but badboys i liked him then

Milonare said...

I loved the Rock, Con Air and def BBoys...

Enyewe we can do a movie as the Bad Boyz.. You get first choice and thanks for choosing to be Martin LOLOLOL

Fine Ill be Will Smith LOLOLOL

nick said...

Ok u be Milo Lawry in BadBoys3...i'll be Martin i have added some weight off late so that's fine by me

Guessaurus said...

I am not amused - 'tato, you have a case to answer!

About those movies, damn, you went all out on most of my favourite movies- that was a real cool analysis there dude!
The Rock, Pirates Con Air -especially the Virus, jeez, Armageddon - (in uni we spoke in a Russian accent for a whole year (that Russian dude in Mir Station was a hoot)blah blah
And also CSI, Without a Trace etc are my best tv progs. Nick, you deserve a blog Oscar for this.

Wait a minute, no u dont, and you know why..tihihihi..

Bruckheimer rocks bigg time!

Beziq said...

I loved Jack Sparrow and you forgot...its not just Jack Sparrow its Captain Jack Sparrow.

Those were cool movies you wrote about.

I-M-Fuloshit said...

When you posting some Amitabh Bachan movies in here???

You know we Bollywoodians throw down wery wery good...

Dont let me start chasing you with water from the river ganges before you recognize who yur daddy is!!!

Vacha mchezo veve!!!

Wangari said...

i was with you all the way until you mentioned that he did Kangaroo Jack - yech!! that is officially the worst movie in history isnt it???

Couc 'tato said...

@guess:why oh why cant i get a blog oscar?
@beziq:oh yeah CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW..i cant wait for next year...damn damn damn
@Wangari:can u imagin ekangaroo jack..and funny thing it opened at #1 and raked in mula...that brada can merchendise like there is no tomorrow

Adrian said...

if i were to name some of my favourite movies, jerry bruckheimer would be up there with them:
- remember the titans is just too touching
- bad boys, 'nuff said!
- conair, liked cage in that one
- gone in 60 seconds, angelina jolie... ;-)
- the rock, can't take dr. cox from scrubs as a general here seriously (any more)
- tee j is right about people hating on will smith. enemy of the state and ali had some good acting. irobot i didn't like though.

i better stop here...
nice post!

kinyi said...

all i wanna say is...'TAKE MY BREATH AWAY!!"

i loved that TopGun song I remember sitting in the living room with my cuzo (we were kiddos) and singing at the top of our lungs then watching on repeat Top Gun...ahh the days when Tom Cruise was still honourable!

Ur list is totally cool! Kwanza National Treasure was hilarious for me! I love Nicholas Cage regardless! So Con Air is a must!

Nice One Nicky!

Jay said...

What do have to say about "Bad Company". I personally think it is worse than "Kangarro Jack".

Kenyangal said...

I love This Blog!!!!!!!!! (sigh) I wish I'd known about it before.. Anyway, that was really educative about Jerry Bruckheimr, I loved all those movies yet never knew that there was a constant in all of them... I can't wait for pirates of the carribean two!! jack sparrow mmmmmmmmm