Friday, October 28, 2005

Movies With Best Endings!

What makes a good movie? What is your favorite movie?

Now this is an open ended question cause it's multi factorial…what makes a good comedy is not the same that makes a good action flick or a horror flick…so I always categorise movies in different genres.

And in each genre there is a definite favorite. There is that finger licking good flick that makes you wanna applaud…makes you wanna steal that rental copy and move video libraries. The type that you watch solo and you keep nodding your head in approval…and you wish you had someone there to high five. The type you brag to your friends and vilify if they have never even heard of them. The type when you are blogging about, you need to take a breather and sigh in reminiscent bliss! As medusa would say "taste so good makes u wanna slap ur momma!"

Now, let's discuss movies with the best endings of all time! If this was to be equated with certain pleasures of the world…it would have u singing Johnny Gill’s “My My My…mama-my my my my…”

This post overwhelmes me I wonder if I will do justice to these movies!

(Not in any preferencial order)


MMMmmmm! mmm! mmmmh! What a cast!!! Benicio Del Toro was magnificent! So was Stephen Baldwin and of course Chazz Palminteri...but boy, Kevin Spacey stole that cake, ate it and left no crumbs!!!... it was such a pity the oscar was not for BEST ACTOR!

What a storyline! What an unexpected twist that’s delivered smack at the end-a jiffy just before credits started rolling. This movie was screaming "you're a jack ass, you have no idea what's coming!"

KEYSER SOZE! Damn! Who could have thought?! I had to watch it twice to see how on earth I’d been duped!

2. SE7EN

Can you say a buffet of superb actors! Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey and add a sauce of seven mortal sins! I'll say it once again Brad Pitt is an underrated actor! That mutha can act!!! Watch: Legends of the fall, 12 monkeys, Fight Club, Seven Years in Tibet, Sleepers and Troy! Brad Pitt is a whole movie genre on his own!

This was one of those eerie thrillers from the get-go! We have Kevin Spacey-a psychotic serial killer- who punishes/kills according to the seven deadly sins. Remember the fat guy he stuffed with spaghetti for GLUTONY????...and the climatic ending ends with his seeking own punishment for he too has succumbed to ENVY! That last perfomance in the open field Pitt against Spacey (with Paltrow's head in a box!!!) pass me some salt this movie was YUMMY!!!!


Guy Pierce...this guy started off as Mike Young in Neighbour's remember him as Des and Daphne's roomate. And in U.S.A he has made some superb films like L.A Confidential and Count of Monte Cristo..and then there was MEMENTO!!!! It was screaming "ORIGINAL!!! ORIGINAL!!!"
Damn even 21 grammes didn't even come anywhere close!

A character that cannot create new memories as he tries to remember events in time. Now the classic thing about this film is its style for the movie progresses backwards. Trust me take down notes while watching this! The movie goes backwards in time starting from w-z, followed by t-v...and the way the story unfolds or it it folds creates one of the best endings of all time. The ending is the beginning that reveals a shocker!!!

You have to watch this twice to understand it. DAMN DAMN DAMN..they don't make them this good any more!

4. Primal Fear:

Now Edward Norton shot to fame after this. And you wonder why. Ever watch his performance in American History X! Superb acting.
He held his own against powerhouse Richard Gere...and he pulled that innocent-holy boy routine so had to love him!!! You coulda taken him home clothed, fed and loved him fuh ever and ever! Who woulda thought he'd been molested and actually conspired to killing the cardinal and ultimately faking the sweet-boy persona. And the plot gets revealed right at the end and the audience and Richard Gere are left dumbfounded!

5.Fight Club

Now pair up above Edward Norton against Brad Pitt-need I add more. Take a story that involves multiple personalities whereby you have no idea that Pitt and Norton are actually the same guy in a warped mind...and yes you guessed it- this is revealed at the very end!!!!!
First Rule of Fight Club?

6.Mullholand Drive:

Oh, this is one twisted movie that cost me a few nights' sleep trying to figure out what the hell was going on!!! Was i dreaming or were they? Was it all someone's dream? What the hell was goin on? call 1-800-get me a clue! Excellently might mistake it for being boring but trust me hang in there till the very END!


Guessaurus said...

There is something about reverse roles where the last shall become the first and all that - Milo - eat your heart out. *nenenenene*

Ok, now I have dominance, let me find out which of my favourites made the cut :)

Msanii_XL said...

2nd damn!! ...@guess insider info musta have been provided.

Msanii_XL said...

couch 'tato did you ever understand mulholland drive?

Guessaurus said...

Msanii u sneak - I now know what meds to administer for a 24 delay :)
1.Usual Suspects : "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist" phew - that did it right there for me 'tato - that was the time I fell in love with Spacey - anything he did after that, including the life of David Gale - I have watched - how is such a man allowed to be soooo goood at all he does!

2.Se7en - we went we saw we were disgusted by the outcome - but we appreciated all there was to see about them actors - damn -did i mention Kevin Spacey is good!

3. Primal Fear: Yes, I agree with you, that 'holier than thou' attitude, just about cut it till the shit hit the proverbialb (ok,Milo's didnt have anything to do with this)

4.Fight Club - yes, the whole schizo routine is not apparent until the last bit - i first watched this on a plane and was a bit disoriented about the whole thing till I watched it 'terra firma' and then I got the whole thing - still dont consider it my favourite 'pitt' or 'norton' flick, but will let it pass for now.

I will not comment on the next two movies without googling them and that will be outright cheating so I will leave it here - but boy am I about to bow and kiss your smelly socks at this post, 'tato?
Rock God is our 'tato right here! :)
Kiss kiss 'tato

Tee J said...

Usual suspects: One of those movies you just gotta have in your collection coz you can watch them over and over and still get impressed...remember when that dude found out where Spacey got the name Kaizer Soze from?!

Primal Fear: That movie made me hate Edward Norton so much I loved him.

Memento: Hmmm...pissed me off. Why? my patience being tried, I dunno.

Fight Club and Mullholand drive: To be watched.

True, they don't make good movies like some of those you mentioned any more. And to me a good movie is one you gotta watch twice to see what the heck it is you missed the first time around.

p.s. I loved the ending of Closer too.

Nakeel said...

Subjected to position six. ( lil siz leaves the room crying)) will be back after i wipe my tears...

UARIDI said...

None of them movies made it in my list. Are you sure we are related?

Wangari said...

usual suspects - thats a fantastic movie right there, keyser soze sure had me fooled. kevin spacey has his moments, sometimes he is sooo good and sometimes... (sorry G)

memento - that is one movie still on my to-watch list. i cant believe its taken me sooo long. will be back on this one..

mulholland drive - i have to admit i gave up halfway..

fight club - how hot is brad pitt in this film? eish, i loved it and i normally dont like violence...

se7en - another good one lakini i watched it kitambo.. i dont remember exactly what was happening..

and i cant think of another one to add right now.. oh, what about "the bone collector"?

tomas said...

I've only seen 2 of those flicks but all I can say is that THEY ROCK! asin excess. I watched fight club like 5 times in denial that it was one guy. ah zi till today i shuku!!

Irena said...

Nick:Memento was superb!!!!but put another list of non violent movies and I will pitch in big time:-))

Tee J said...

Oh, another movie I like the ending to: Final Destination 2. I had totally forgotten about that one untill I saw it again this wknd. You need to watch 1 and then 2. The end made me jump; I loved it.

light said...

Usual suspects is the bomb! Great lines and better actors.

Seven was deep and Morgan Freeman is another bomb.

I thought Memento was deep until I heard that they filmed it from start to finsih and thought it was boring, so they reversed the flim and edited in the suspense...basically it was a fluke. A good fluke nonetheless.

Fight club was a jaw dropper.

light said...

oh wangari, I agree with you...brad looked supa fine, good enough to eat in seven...I guess Im a glutton : )

Milonare said...

Im so late Dayyyyuuuummmm!!!!

Ngoja, Ill act and direct my own movie called ei8ht, post a blog on it and be the first to comment i swear... Ngoja utaona Guess!!!

I had a camera copy of Memento... Till today I havent gitched that movie... Shaizie...

Same with usual suspects... I just remember thje guys walking across the screen with popcorn...

Lakini I loved se7en!!!!

Brad Pitt rules... But my favs are Harrison F, Samuel L and Morgan F...

Medusa said...

I don't even care that I'm last here- I got a shout out, wuuhuu!
Nick, fantastic picks you have there..Kevin Spacey happens to be one of my fav actors..and yes, Brad( he and I are on first name basis) is a fan-friggin-tastic actor, not to mention super fly.
I'll admit though, had to watch memento more than once to 'get it'.

mutumia said...

I have exactly 13 DVDs that I currently and/ or have ever owned. How cool am I that 4 of these (usual supsects, 7, primal fear and fight club) make the grade? Now you should work on including Police Inspector's Amoka's Wife (it's the coolest movie ever)

Henk said...

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Memoire said...

My fav movie/movie ending is Cinema Paradiso (I think its makers should pay me for advertising it, the way I trumpet its virtues relentlessly.. ;-)]

I also really like Fargo. Really, really really like Fargo.

Kenyangal said...

I didnt like any of the endings in these movies, didnt like the movies at all actually except for two because of their superb stories but mostly because of BRAD PITT MMMMMMMMM