Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Still Looking for that summer movie...

Boy Oh boy I'm having so much fun with this blog I'll soon be spewing posts faster than Aco can click on the Publish button. Tho Nick is back Tato may soon become my new first blog love! And Ciku we are two separate entities...and D-Shy..cough cough i still owe you a post sijasahau.

So far ...


It sure did deliver in the sense that it was better than I expected and not to mention better than the entire x3 trilogy. I still don't like Halle Berry in that role as Storm as I did before in X1 maybe cause I think a Whole Oscar Award winner should be doing better E.G Jamie Foxx in Stealth.

But there were so many powers in store and many mutants. Loved the fact that they killed the Prof and Cyclops...and Jean Gray in the end. Wow if you love me you will save me...and Wolverine sticks it to her. Yumm!

And I actually think they have set it up for a sequel. Cammon Maitha think about it!

Apparently Brian Singer dumped X-3 to go work with Superman and I must admit, I have seen the new preview and am loving it loving it.

It is a summer movie and sad to say impressed me more than Da Vinci and M.I.3

Scary Movie 4

Ok yeah I know it wasn't a summer movie but it opened here finally. I laughed out Loud and Snorted out Loud as well. Cammon this to me is the ultimate spoof franchise...and having watched majority of what was being spoofed I enjoyed it like 100 more times.
Great Laughs...though it was sad Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielsen the King and Prince of Spoofs-didn't have big roles this time.

The funny thing is, when I watched Village some time back I could see it getting spoofed and was disappointed when it didn't get spoofed in Scary Movie3..so when that setting came up in this flick I was floored!

Great Great!


Wow this movie has been seriously trashed. But I think it's a good movie all the same. There was suspense and enough supporting characters from TV shows you'll think your watching Alias cum Six Feet Under cum Thief.

Like Firewall it's a simple movie that makes good viewing. I call them K.B.C movies I'll do a post on them later on..but in short it's a movie that gets you intrigued from start to finish, you get totally engrossed even at the simplest of storylines- it catches you by surprise and makes good viewing.

I mean it was way better than the Titanic.

Omen 666

I think it was more scary to watch Julia "Please don't look up there is an anvil falling" Stiles. (Yes you also noticed the flat face) Yup, how could she be playing a mum wasn't she a teenager the other day??

Anyway, now this remake had some really good scary one-second moments. Watch in a theatre with great surround and it will scare the shaite out of you for some 5 separate split seconds. But in whole it was just a so-so movie.


Robin Williams is back. If you enjoy cheap famliy comedy...this here is your movie. Nasty as Nasty gets. I totally recommend this one...it's been a while since Robin Williams delivered such a comedy. My all time fav of his is Mrs. Doubtfire-I can't get enough of that movie!
R.V a definite must see! Watch out for his daughter and her killer lines!

Now you see that R.V dangling in that mountain...that was a killer scene in the movie. Wah Wah Wah...somebody hold me back! Go watch it and if you do not laugh I will refund your money in dollars or euros...

I'm still waiting for Pirates of the Carribean and Superman Returns bu until then let's see what else is in store.


egm said...

Ditto on Superman Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean. Then I'll have to start looking for what else is opening to fill up my movie watching void.

Movie Buff said...

I cant believe you mentioned Jammie Foxx..... I cant stand that nigga.... one bit......

X-Men 3 was off the hook. Hizo zingine....... Im not commenting........

Make sure you catch Naaaachooooooo when it hits...... ha ha... it was good.

The thought of Pirates of the Carribbean...... very very almost orgasmic..... It better deliver

dangerously_shy said...

Eti blog love? maybe you and your blog need some 'alone' time he he..

Like my blog, im still patiently waiting for the post Poraro.

Summer movies - I havent seen any that has made any sort of lasting impression but im hoping Pirates of the Caribean will change all that, the first one was hilarious sana

Lol@ MovieBuff, whats with the bile for Jamie Foxx? i reckon he has grown into a versatile artist and for that you cant help but admire him

UARIDI said...

You have just told me what happened in Xmen. NO I HAVE NOT SEEN IT spoiler!!!!!

nick said...

@egm:kwanza Kevin Spacey as a villain that is a must see

@Jamie Foxx:he is yet to come on Miami Vice i wonder what how he is gonna perform in that...i wanna catch Nachoooooo...

Bruckheiemer will definitely deliver-KING OOF SUMMER MOVIES!

@Dshy:ur post is my command...but the 2 of us will get a room. Cammon after Ray he acts in Stealth how disappointing

@Uaridi: i should be having disclaimers on upcoming spoilers poor u

maitha said...

suggested reading : X Men - The Dark Phoenix Saga , The Age of Apocalypse and Wolverine's Origin. all the more reasons why there will be a spin off instead of the sequel you are talking about

nick said...

hakuna cha inside info...magneto being able to move that chess piece with that thing of the prof living on in spirit...give me 3 years and i'll prove u wrong

Ms K said...

Dude, I'm going to ask the powers that be to take your blog off the feed!!!!!!! YOU'VE JUST RUINED X-MEN FOR ME YOU EVIL EVIL NICK!!!!!!!

nick said...

Ms K: oh im telling u im having so much joy up in this here blog. "Spoiling" should be a mortal sin. HEH HEH HEH

Kenyananalyst said...

Merci beacoup for visiting with me.

Shiroh said...

Watched that Poisedon yesterday; it was ok..Si you know i am not a couch potato when i watched Scary Movie 4 i laughed but am sure not as hard.

I am not watching X-Men,real humans are already giving us problems.

egm said...

Other than KS being a villain, isn't it amazing the resemblance of the main characters in this movie to those in the original, i.e. Brandon to Christopher and Kevin to Gene? Whoever the casting agent is definitely did their homework well.

Yup, you should add spoiler warnings for sure. But I'm the kind that will read through that, and still enjoy the movie. The only thing I insisted on not knowing after missing it the first time round was that few seconds scene right at the end of the credits in X-Men. And unless they want to incorporate Magneto and Xavier into any of the spinoffs, I do agree the clues point to a sequel rather than a spinoff...

Kagz said...

"you will later discover that the two of us are one and the same"

this post has discounted your statament :) coz i love the big screen but have not watched any of the movies on this post.

I think Hollywood staff need to go on vacation & come back with some creativity. Gone are the days when going to the movies was thrilling.

However, i recently watched Akeelah & the Bee...nice!

Kagz said...

you MUST watch a new movie "The Devil Wears Prada"

Looks like HollyWood are back from vacation :)