Sunday, June 04, 2006

Action flicks of our time!

Now, these were the movies every boy in class would run to borrow in the video lib. They were filled with so much action and fighting...that we all tried to emulate the heros. We were filled with psyche that we too could be as tough as nails. Yeah right. They entertained! They made us laugh! They gave us stories for break-time/lunch-time/home-time heck they even made it to our blogs decades later!

Way before the likes of Matrix...before the Crouching Tiger type of martial art there were these...

I wonder if i'll ever watch them again? Cause I am sure i would not really enjoy them as such!

Death Before Dishonor

Who even knew what Dishonor meant...but by golly that movie was a must!


Who's the master? I am! Classic of course if it was in these day in aga the line who'd be...Who's ma bitch? I am!

Older James Bond Series

We all watched JAMES BOND didn't we. Loved them Loved them...I'm still recovering from Pierce not being Bond but i did that post em days so we shall not go there but...these were some great flicks.

CannonBall Series

Now if you loved action with a serious sense of humor with an all star cast-awesome. I mean where do u get off with Roger Moore acting as a British Wanna-be who thinks he is Roger Moore?

Police Academy Series

Thank you Ciku for reminding me about this series...pure comedy!

Mahoney and his gang...

Bruce Lee Flicks

Classic...saying anything more would ruin it!

Jackie Chan Flicks

Jackie Chan sure had his flicks...obviously with voice overs butthis is a good film I remember.

Karate Kid Series

Cammon we all remember that signature flying kickthat will forever remain a classic. Wax off, Wax in. Mr Miyagi Sir. The sequel wasn't that bad either but them drums that you beat by twisting them kinda spooked me. ha.
I used to give out Karate lessons in Primo aremd with the knowledge i had from this film. I'd challenge guys to attack and would defend successfully..well it didn't work on my cousin who beat the crap out of me and had me pinned down with a twisted arm borderline tears!

Best of the Best Series

Eric Roberts at his best...ubaya they made sequels out ofthis that weren't as good as this original.

KBC loved this one!

American Ninja Series

Damn right this was as good as it even reached upto 5

Cynthia Rothrock

Cynthia Rothrock....that babe could kick ass!

Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer

I think this is the worst thing to ever happen to me while posting on couch tato! NGAI this things were in spanish!?!?!?!? And they way i LOVED TERRENCE HILL AND BUD SPENCER. This is CrimeBusters and Double Trouble...I'm yet to recover on this...first Derrick then Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer-the TATO is not amused at all!

Delta Force and Mission in Action series=Chuck Norris!

Chuck Norris was your typical ACTION hero...and we watched this flicks like whoa!

Jean Claude Van Damme flicks

The newer martial arts experts of our time...DAMN!!!!

Arnold Schwarzeneger

Now he could deliver! He may have had a bad accent heck he may have had no lines but he kicked ass! Remember that Bazuka in Commando?!

Sylvester Stallone

John Rambo! For his Country , For himself, For his Best could you not fall for that?!

Rocky too was great at our time!


dangerously_shy said...

Numba Wanu!!! makofi..moja...biri..funga..fungua...

ahem...two things majorly wrong with this post..

1. Its sexist - it wasnt only boys who itched to get a copy of these here movies..washana na hiyo stereotyping

2. It was all good till i saw Claude V D..has there ever been a more unbelievable action hero? hata seagull was far better an actor and he was pants!!

Couch 'tato said...

hey D-shy...numba one...LOL at sexist and to think i was gonna call the post 'X-Y flicks' then toned it down....auuuuuui Steven Segal woiye i left him out...i only liked one which he was assumed dead then woke up john doe.

bankelele said...

Can still watch any James Bond - and the early Arnold/ Stallone/Chuck Norris are still enjoyable. It's tough to watch any Van Damme flicks ever since he got beaten up by a NY bouncer (Chuck Zito)

egm said...

Terrence HIll and Bud Spencer movies were actually Italian, not Spanish. And yes, I too was greatly distressed the first time I learnt this. I still loved their movies though. I'd watch them over and over and over again. Thanks for these!

dangerously_shy said...

See?? everyone agrees seagull (okay i need to stop corrupting celebrity names lakini he does look like some sort of bird) and Van Damme are mbaya mboff.

Bwehehe @X-Y..well played coush poraro, well played..ill be back with a snappy comeback to that one

Now i left out another whinge (ah tis a talent, why waste it) if the Chan and the Lee made the cut then Jet Li should also be in the mix, kwanja ask any true martial arts fan which one is "better" the jury is still out on that one, personally i reckon the Li is much better whereas Jackie is more entertaining

The Shy One were 'iya

Couch 'tato said...


@egm...manze im finding that out today!trauma!

Couch 'tato said...


1.jet li ni wa siku hizi si wa tene
2.poraro? damn i like that name
3.S.Segal...he of the black suit and pony tail...hapana...apart from that flick and the other one with sharon stone abloe the law...his movies suck ngai and he kept making them there was one with keenan ivory wayans..jehova god

dangerously_shy said...
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dangerously_shy said...

Poraro..cast ur tu machos over this:

"Jet Li was a martial arts champion as a child and a martial arts movie star as an adult. His first Hong Kong action movie, 1979's Shaolin Temple, helped make him a national hero in China. He appeared in dozens of kung fu movies in the 1980s and '90s, including Tai Chi Master (1993) and Fist of Legend (1994).


So you see, he started tene like many greats and its only because of mingi factors that he was able to cross over and do "internatonal films"

Lol@ponytail..ehe thaz the one, haki these posts of classic films kumbusha me of that drive thru in nai, yaani my paros were tightest with cash what with >5 kids tee hee so instead of buying chips and kuku, my mum wld..aii washana i kill this storo bwehehe...ahh good times though so my point was Jet Li has been around for a while so chuga maicha hehe...

Kibet said...

Tsk tsk ... Cynthia Rothrock was just the ONE! True Nick... she could kick serious ass!

KenyanMusings said...
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KenyanMusings said...

Finally, mlango opens.....Kwani you poraro)giggle giggle), you were doing what in the bafu with soap juu you are not opening the door?

Cynthia Rothrock aki kicked matakos!!! I remember her first flick, name escapes me...where she was in shorts and dust and panadring those ropes, and tuparing bombs....woooiiii! Me, when I grow up I want to be Cynthia (note, first name basis and all)

Halafu Police academy......haki ya nyanya, laughter dont come sweeter than that.
Kwanja I am looking for re runs me I enjoy myself!!!!

Hey Nikolai Gogol?

kelitu said...

Ohh my! looooved jean claude back in the day. Those 180 splits of his were timam...had a gal swooning.
Then...he grew old and not so cute and that fantasy died when i saw on tv looking very ancient...*sigh*

kelitu said...

speaking of action heros...the otherday i sat and watched Commando...manze i could nto believe the LIES!!!
OH! there was this part where Commando ripped a seat off of a car...with his bare hands!! I mean Samson can't even top that with his building dropping techniques. Now, where are these men when i need a jar of pickels opened?!!

Haya the other stunt was how 1 person,mtu mmoja kills an entire corrupt organization. I mean even their tea gal. And he is left bila a scratch. I mean no torn limbs, missing a digit, hair on fire...nada! The only thing he is sporty is a sweaty look, like a guy who has just come in from doing yard work.
Huu ni ung'wana kweli?!!

Movie Buff said...

Hey dear,

I just read that Mr. Stallone turned 60 today. Dang! He Old!.... I remember the first time I saw rambo and the whole fascination with tying the red thingy around the head..... heck no!.... ikae.....

These days there is too much special effects... I miss the simpler action movies...... and wouldnt u agree that Police Academy was more comedy than action?????

What did u think of Xmen?

UARIDI said...

Agreeing with D'Shy. I loved most of them - but did not like Pierce as James Bond - give me Roger Moore any day.

The day I heard Claude speaking, I wiped him clean out of my head - talk about a male blonde!!!!

As for Chuck Norris please, after Bruce gave him a beat down, I never wanted to see him again.

Good one son

Couch 'tato said...

@D-shonokas easy: Yaani u have taken me to school on jet li!

@kibet:damn we'd say anything against lest she finds us

@KM:those were the good old days...ati ur singin for me "usinifungie mlango!"

@Kelitu: i tried watchin Dr No once i was like NO!..haki i think its better we remain wit our memories

@Movie Buff: XMEN was the best of all three..still not the summer movie i was looking for but so far the better one

@Uaridi:u and kelitu need a chat room..u bruce lee fan u

Shiroh said...

Jackie Chan..Jackie Chan

Lakini i wont say anything. I was not a boy

Now, these were the movies every boy in class would run to borrow in the video lib.

Loved dem action then but i can't stand action now