Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It's been 10 years since I started following the box office. Ten years since I'd set the timer for "Showbiz TODAY" with Jim Moret and Lauren Sydney. Ten years since the Tato became fully fledged in movie trivia. Box office results used to be a criteria for me to watch a movie. It never is the best criteria but at the time it worked...Most of the box office hits I didn't like much. The likes of TITANIC, M.I.B, LOST WORLD, goodness Batman and Robin was crap!

So what were the hot numbers of that year...just to name a few...

As good as it gets

Brilliant-OUCH those one liners!!!!

L.A Confidential

Kevin Spacey, Russel Crowe, Guy Pierce, Kim Basinger and James Cromwell...they don't make movies like these no more. CLASSIC!!!! Obviously Basinger didn't deserve that oscar but it was a great movie.

Great Al Pacino...can he ever go wrong?

Al Pacino's yelling always gets me everytime.
Who can ever forget the classic line "Fuh' Get bout it!"

Some funny gems

Julia yelling " chose me marry me let me make you happy!" classic.

Some Classic Gems

Actually at the time Michael Douglas was quite reliable on picking good movies...shame on you for You Me and Dupree!
But the Game was definitely a plot turner!

Some Ok action

Who I'm i kidding I loved Face/Off!!!!!
As for you Teri Hatcher making me run all the way to 20th to see you...Damn you for dying in the first 8 minutes after you promoted yourself as the Bond Girl! I loved the merchandising in this film. But she could slap me anytime..that slap was HOT!

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Ichiena said...

I agree. Those movies sucked! Titanic story line was terrrrrible. Lakini the effects were da bomb. Kwanza when the ship split into half, tilted then the half sunk - movie effects history right there. Tnen you are told it was a bathtub!

Jack and his crazy eyebrows - si you know I am a sucker. Something's Got To Give....aaaah

Now - confession - i never watched Face Off. Ever.

Adrian said...

good will hunting - love that movie!!
"it's not your fault"

Agiasi said...

Ichiena, never watched Face off? , 'Tato, do I or will you?!

Movie Buff said...

I have never and will never watch Titanic. There... I said it.
As good as it gets is an AWESOME movie.... wah!
"Simon the fag. Carol the waitress"... lmao. I love that movie!!!!

Good Will Hunting was good too.
Face/Off was ok

I havent watched The Game and I am embarassed that you have watched You, me and Dupree. *smh*

Box Office is never a sure way to go with movies. Like Pan's Labyrinth will never be top 10 but that movie is the shit. Watch it love!

Princess said...

I've watched all but two of these movies..good choices!!

Klara said...

Honestly I have never liked Travolta bt I real Loved hin in Face Off!That was one great movie!
Titanic?? Wacha tu,I hated da way guys used 2 get so emotionally about it!
na hio My best friends Wedding was one hell of a movie! I still Love it!!

Kirima said...

Box office is one criteria I can never fully trust. I have watched almost all the top 10 movies on IMDb except No 1. Titanic. I don't know why but the urge isn't even there. Julia Robert Movies are great as well and Jack's one liners are the bomb.

julia said...

Al Pacino is one of my favorite actors. Unfortunately I watched Titanic, and did not find it as raving as the reviews. There was a point in my life Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," was just the best love song (drop of tear)

thanks to the link to

justsue said...

I agree.. good will hunting is awesome. Face off made me like Travolta and so did Pulp Fiction..
Like movie buff i aint watched titanic and I aint really ready to..

@ Ichiena What world do you live in if you never watched Face off??