Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Previews

Cammon, admit it at times you let the preview overwhelm you and take you for a ride. And why shouldn't it, that's what it's for. Previews sell the movie...and after these 3 previews I am sold. Previews try to convince you this is the best movie ever. Usually very brief and well edited...very stingy...very showy...just enough to get you to the theatre.
Yup these did it for me!


It looks gory, graphic, bloody, mythic, gothic, legendary...think Lord of the Ring meets Apocalypto meets Gladiator. The preview is gruesomely awesome!

Live Free or Die Hard

Now this is one action packed preview...think John Woo, think Bruckheimer....This Grandpa is back. Bruce has always been a favorite of mine though of late he has been in some disappointing movies. This franchise has been super and the titles and voice in the voice over have always touched the right nerve with the tato.
Die Hard.
Die Hard...Die Harder.
Die Hard...Die hard with a vengeance
and now Live Hard or Die Hard....

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Now the first movie was a mediocre action flick...took too long establishing the storyline like we already didn't know the plot. The biggest mistake was wasting such a wonderful villain like MR. DOOM. Honestly he should have been saved for SPIDERMAN! But what it lacked in action it so compensated in humor. That flick was laugh out loud hilarious! And I'm excited to see the four return...and cannot wait.


Reel Fanatic said...

300 is simply going to kick royal ass .. I can't until I get to see it Saturday

egm said...

Hizo zote zitaonwa for sure. This looks like a good movie year.

Agiasi said...

Rolling in at number 3. Not bad at all. I do so love previews, though i am suspicious of the overly long ones sicne they may have shown you all the best parts of the movie so there will be no surprises! Why would i watch it after that? They should do a ka-semi stripe **yes i know** tease. Kiasi to to whet your appetite.

Kirima said...

Bruce Willis dons the Vest once more, The Die Hard Franchise is one of my all time favorites I Wait with baited breath. Ipi kayae....

Movie Buff said...

300 has to be watched to see what the big freaking deal is.

I will probably watch all those movies *smh*
The work of a movie buff is never done!

msanii said...

sold on 300 and silver surfer...not so sure about willis..

how you been foo'

Couch 'tato said...

@reel: boy arent u lucky hope it opens here real soon

@egm:This year ..Im tellin u summer watu hawatalala

@agiasi:they are strip teases i tell u.

@kirima:Bruce Willis made a name for himself with this..otherwise he'd just have been that guy fro tha thit tv show Moonlighting.

@M.Buff: its a tough job bt someone has to do it

@Msanii: i pity the foo...kwanza where have been

Klara said...

I have to watch that "Live Hard or Die Hard" sooner!

Sue said...

Nisongee basi kwa couch I prepare to watch 300 na Live Hard or Die Hard...