Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Entourage Season 5 ep 1&2

This is one of those H.B.O shows that had no promise...or rather did not seem to have any promise yet blew audiences away. Based on a fictional actor Vince Chase and his entourage comprised of his best friend Eric, his brother-has-been- actor Johnny, other best pal Turtle...and best of all their agent Ari Gold. Revolves around this friendship and the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle that comes with living in the spotlight of fame and fortune.
(Losely based on the real life story of Mark Wahlberg and his entourage)

It is such an easy to watch show. Laughter, sex, and builds up extremely well for such a short -length show.

Season 5 picks up smack from the movie premiere of "Medellin" (pronounced Meddy-ian.) Specialising on Independent movies Vince made the much anticipated movie of the year "Medellin" and surprisingly it bombed. Poor reviews on acting and directing.

Vince is desperate for an acting gig and needs to bounce back.
Eric is busy running his "Murphy Group" with a client base of 2.
Johnny is in a long distance relationship and struggling with his hit TV show.
Turtle..well is still Turtle struggling between the ocassional lay and beating his meat.

Episodes are roughly 25 minutes long.
It's not a sit-com its not a drama.
It's a master piece.
Catch season 1-4 and enjoy this ride
Great casting,great writing.
Great cameos from real celebrities.

TAGLINE: Let's hug it out, bitch.

My favorite character is Ari Gold preciously played by Jeremy Piven:
overconfident, selfish and self centred...
he is loud and arrogant...
uncouth, abrasive and snide
his choice curse phrases are sheer nasty...from "cunt muscle" to "cunt bucket"
his love-hate relationship with his secretary is endearing
nasty come backs, nasty one liners...


dcm said...

lol!..."struggling between the occasional lay and beating his meat"..classic.i thought we would see more of saigon?

Spidey/Tato said...

In this season they have signed up Bow Wow to play some comedian being represented by E.
But yeah Saigon had given turtle a big break but guess he will always be in the same league as Johnny 2 friendly losers. LOL

e said...

teh first time i watched it, say the first few times, ahem, i had no clue who was who. frankly even as i type this i am wondering who ari is. i am hopeless. *sigh*

Adrian said...

ari is for me one of the greatest characters in tv history. i wish they would do a spin-off where he's the main guy - just 22 mins of him insulting everyone and everything.

my other favourite characters for their meanness/sense of humour:
- hank moody from californication
- barney from himym
- dr. cox from scrubs