Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Prison Break Season IV: Ep 1-2

Undoubtedly the TV seasons are back!! ...and what a way to begin new seasons than with Prison Break.

It's off to a quick start..as usual a few explanations are sorted out in the premiere episode and we get off running ...actually more like a 100m dash. No time to waste (evidently the writers are no longer on strike)
The pace is set. And from the get-go we know that this season involves trying to take down THE COMPANY as opposed to breaking out from a Prison. The plot revolves( so far) obtaining a card(s) that has info on THE COMPANY. The card(s) is/are called "scylla"

Episode 2 is so intense for a moment I thought I was watching 24.

This season has the suspense of season 1 and 3 rolled up together to make a powerful season 4 that's to be reckoned with.

So far:

-Sarah Tancredi is back ...clearly she is no longer pregnant hence she has been written back into the main story line. Well she returns the love-story line between her and Michael...I preferred her dead I think she is dead weight...and we don't need a love-story when dealing with action.

-Michael Rappaport (last seen in Boston Public and Dating Phoebe in Friends) appears as a detctive blackmailing Scoffied and Burrows to cooperate in taking down the COMPANY...and the old crew is recruited as well.

-Whistler...has been killed and so far the viscious vilanious vixen from last season has been "shot dead"...till she re=appears in episode 2.

-The Bros are working together with Mahone, Bellick and Sucre. I still love Bellick but right now he has been reduced to a bumbling fool... I liked him back then when he was raw and unrefined. A desperate dictator turned into a chubby, pathetic, helpless being running for his mama...with his breasts dancing up and down.

-A few extra characters have been added ...the new guy-Cress Williams (he who was dating Khadija in Living Single) is probably the new Villain like Mahone was or the other bad guy who turned good...what was his name again Paul Kellerman?

Precious Moment:
T-Bag stole the show with his cannibalism moment. Munching on his sumptuous chubby pal to save himself from death via starvation...enjoying himself a piece of roast in the desert sun across the border.

Stranger: Did you have some bad mexican?
Tea-Bag: (retching) yeah ...something like that!

T-Bag still contains the key that will enable the Bros to unlock the mystery within the "Scyllar" once the obtain all 6 cards.

Definitily a must-watch!


31337 said...

dude, wait we catch up before you unleash spoilers!

and do i read a tone of i have and you havent? :-)

bankelele said...

hey; can you also take a stab at the new local TV progs - on Citizen and NTV if you have time? For those new to Tahidi High and of course the big-budget Cobra Squad

Spidey/Tato said...

072231337:yup you read that tone right!

Banks:LOL this guys are bringing on the compe i cant even unleash my own local

Peter Njenga said...

Hey there,
You need to relax on the spoilers over here. Wacha tuwatch kwanza.
All the same, you do whet my appetite for PB s4. Lazima niitafute sasa.
Tahidi High still rocks. OJ and Joni are truly talented.
Looking at Tanya obviously justifies the 30 minutes I spend watching Tahidi every Tue jioni (boys will always be boys).
Papa Shirandula and Inspekta Mwala are still favorites. I also like Mother in Law.

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