Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Baby Tato

We have gone through the makings of "teenage tato" in the last post but where did this full tato sprout from. Well, once upon a time there was a spudling also know as Nick also know as baby tato.

So what was this spudling upto way back when-when you thought there was nothing to be addicted to....well this is where he was...remember again Comedies will be discussed in another forum.

I'd also like to thank: the following video librairies for keepin the baby tato satisfied.

- C& A video lib (which used to be next to wimpy)
-Bellerive Video Lib) also in town)
-Caledonia Video Lib (near St George's Primary school my first primo"
-Micro Video Lib in buru
-Another lib in Kenyatta Market (don't even ask...but boy it had Different Strokes and many other comedies of the spudling's time)


Ok maybe I have gone a little too back in std 1. But GADDAMN I loved me some battle-cat and He-Man and Skeletor and Sorceror and Seargent at arms and O-koh( note I'm also talking like a std 1...and i also loved Grey Skull)...but we shall do another post on cartoons later including the loveable Ewoks...and Transformer...Mighty Gobots...Do you remember "the bear the tiger and other's?"

Muppet Show

I thought we were not posting on Cartoons or comedies...oh what the hell. Miss Piggy-be still my heart! Oh and the cheap jokes and those nasty old audience members in the balcony-THOSE guys were downright funny and hilarious! "Pigs in Space" " The Vet Doc sequence"
Same Genre was Sesame street....i sung along like I was being paid..."sunny days...."


Kelitu oh yes Std 4 was not the same without this piece of adult rated dramedy that we thought one could get pregnant from, just by watching. Valentine do you remember being busted with them tapes in your bag? Bruce Willis and Cybil Shephard...wow!


Yes, A KBC great. Wah wah wah...A spudling has never been so shocked to hear Her Derrick speaking in German...und fuhreakin shocked! Poor me, I couldnt comprehend ati there was a voice over in English. Yes I knew Santa was fake...tooth fairy was cheap...easter bunny bilas....but Derrick a German!!!!!!

Old Fox was also a great one that came on Friday's as well...but couldn't compete with Derrick!


Ok i think i'm a sucker for anyone in a costume...and the way she'd spin around and change. Rumor has it she (same actor) is reviving that role very very soon! And she could stop a moving vehicle too with her moving hands

Knight Rider

I agree with Thinker...OH YES that car rocked with its super pursuit mode.SPM...and IT COULD TALK!!!!! Yes TALK no other car has talked ever...all would pale in comparison. Hebire eat your heart out! KITT...don't even mention that theme song. mmm mmm mmm...Though i tried to watch the DVD and couldn't finish one episode...

A Team

If you were a guy you had to love this! Action only seenin movies brought live to you on your silver screen! And with Mr T's " I pity the foo!"
With their bullet proof Van-Face, Murdorch, Mr T...and the cigar smoking dude what was his name Lector?
Again cue the theme song...ten te ten den den ten ...tererere


It's my phone ring tone by the way. Now how many of you were there when the shot an entire season on Dream Mode...ati Bobby was dead...suckers! Yaani even writers of Knots Landing fell for that. J.R and his two cocky wives played by Priscilla Presley and Victoria Principal
He was a son of a b****

21 Jumpstreet

Launched Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson into the spotlight.
" we'll always be there when your back is to the wall...say jump down on jumpstreet...."

Beverly Hills 90210

Obviously also missed this in teenage tato post...but how! Rich spoilt kids in high school while I was in high school...yaani talk about a place to get lost in wishing it was you driving into school loaded like whoa...totally they had caught their target audience. It run for a successful 10 seasons a fete that Aaron Spelling just repeated with 7th Heaven.


The.Hanyeé said...

Wah! This has taken me (and im sure everyone else) waaaay back! Used to go to a digz near my place to watch A-Team, Airwolf, Knight Rider etc which found their way on tapes as fillers (huko after the movie had ishad!) LOL ati Lector...dude, his name was Hannibal Smith, was quite a cool dude.

Loved He-Man...does anyone remember "Mission Impossible", the TV series in the early 90s? That cost me mad vibokos sneaking late at night to watch it.

Herr Derrick...saw an ep here in German...it sucked (language issues!)

Kenyangal said...

why am i always number two???? Anyway. My baby tato used to watch
-button moon,
-punky brewster,
-prince knight,
-the earlier version of transformers, the one which had scooter.. ummmm
-treasure Isaland,
-oliver twist
-Fraggle Rock
-Danger Mouse

goodness I could go on forever, the Tv was my babysitter it seems

Adrian said...

eeh eeh - now nick we're talking!

yani me i learned german from watching a-team, knight rider, airwolf and macgyver these sides. from 4 pm till the evening news it was those programmes - everyday of the week.

of course that was after watching kina he-man, captain planet, ninja turtles, etc.

and then sundays it was kina beverly hills, melrose place, etc.

Couch 'tato said...

How about Hardcatle and McCormick

@hanyee: manze that name sumbuas me cause it rhymes Lector is Hannibal...yup it Hannibal Smith.Imagine i missed out on M.I series vibaya...O and of course AIRWOLF.
Bless those libs that would jaza stuff after movies...

@Kgal:second aint that bad it it?Punky Brewster was sawa with tht nice old guy..tho i didnt like the cartoon

@Adrian: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...akina donatello...we had a classmate in std 7 who went states for holidays and came back with turtle merchandise from pens, pencil...we hated the mutha!

Kenyan Pundit said...

Good one! Funny how we called it ABC Moonlighting and not just moonlighting. That show used to finish me.

Couch 'tato said...

hey there KP...i know ABC was just the station right.
But that show was hot i remember an episode that had part one and to i think that was a first for me and was like...ati mpaka next week? next week?

bankelele said...

Very funny: (TMI: Am also an ex St. Georges primo)

Have similar watching experiense I see, except for Wonder Women, 90210 and 21 Jump Street.

mama mia said...

A-team Rocked !! ... these reminders bring back memories ......

As for ABC moonlighting - very addictive. The chemistry between Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd is unmatched in more modern drama series, 'xcept maybe X-files (which I don't watch - too much on the dark side for me).

Stunuh Jay said...

Gimme Her Derrick and Tartof! Love it!

Couch 'tato said...

@bankelele:do u remember climbing frame and lunch time camps...were u there when Prse Moi came in 86 to open the Swimmin pool.
Oh and in 88 the cub scout that dropped the school flag...that was me
@mama mia:LOL at Moulder and scully i love the way they never got romantic it woulda spoiled everything..but with moonlightin it was electrifying
@Stunnuh: tartof who tha? wasnt his sidekick steffan?

m said...

Wacha mchezo mzeeya!!! So many missing!

- Remington Steele
- Transformers
- Mighty Gobots
- Sabare Rider & the Star Sheriffs
- Mission Impossible (Wachana na Tom Cruise, the placenta eating yahoo!)

gishungwa said...

you even remember dropping the schol flag..in 88 daddy can we calculate how many potato rings you have....
memories ....

sandman said...


kelitu said...

Thankyou Knygal: fragle rock was my favourite much more than the muppet show. Talk about muppets on acid!!

I did not see the gobbots listed.

where does Beauty and the beast fit in? I was always waiting for Linda Hamilton to kiss Vincent and change him into a handsome prince...alas it never happened.

there's also Kids Incorporated...

Couch 'tato said...

Kelitu we are officially soul mates.KIDS incorparated...auuuuuuuuuui i even rememebr the song

@M and KElitu: kwani hamsomi i mentioned Gobots under He-man tho clearly semad this is not a post on cartoons...LOL remington steele and M.I u guys were a tad bit older...

@Gish:manze them rings are alost spilling over to the skin


Movie Buff said...

KG...... ha ha.. Ur list is so ON POINT!

Nick....Sorry I am late but I see u r getting more soulmates as the days go by. Must be nice..... but M.... u have nailed it... SABER RIDER..... and the star sherriffs.... LOL....

NICK....I cant believe u watched Dallas......eeww.....

Kelitu said...

yeah for saulo mates...don't hate movie buff, i will share generously. lol!

I kumbkukad Dynasty and that cartoon- another cartoon the Ewoks!!