Friday, May 19, 2006

Searching for my summer movie...

ng overt he experience maybe a 7I am still searching for my summer movie! So far have watched M-I-3 and Da Vinci code and the Tato is still not quenched! I want something screaming GLADIATOR! TROY! PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN! PEARL HARBOR!

Da Vinci Code

A definite must see. It’s great…I think Ron Howard/Akiva Goldsmith and Brian Grazer definitely delivered. Always the book is better than the movie. But I guess in this case as was with The Client…they actually tell the story as it is. It was nice seeing Tom Hanks after a long time but he coulda done better…Outstanding was Paul Bettany (last seen in Firewall) as Silas and Ian McKellan…he always has the best roles in big budget movies and I can’t wait to see him in X3 next week.

So why am I unquenched? For starters too many Beautiful Mind special effects. Tom Hanks not convincing in that role. Some scenes were cut out of the book…it would have been nice to reveal that ‘Jesus’ bloodline had a heirs, a sis and a bro. There were 2 cryptex's not just the one. And all this fuss about the movie should be on the BOOK! I think it was worse cause I had read the book before-so no surpises there. But you guys go watch and have a ball I know I did. Silas was great! Sir Teabing Excellent. Actually everyone else was just great.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10...but still not my summer movie yet!

Mission Impossible 3

Why did it feel like an extended TV episode? Sure the action scenes were great. Story line was ok…but this is not my Summer Movie. Something was missing. Did yo notice how J.J Abrams friend appeared-plays agent Weiss on Alias and also cameo'd in Lost...not to mention his Felicity Star-Keri Russell...was this a reunion or...?

I think I had given it a 6.


I was thoroughly disappointed in X2-the preview so far is screaming super super super…let’s wait and see. Problem with previews is they overhype a movie and I may see disappointment coming in this one…buw wow that preview is hot!

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

I’m totally biased towards Bruckheimer the King of Summer Movies… I think it will be my summer movie

Superman Returns

Yup this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship we can’t go wrong! On this one.


I just saw the preview for this…at first I thought it was a preview for 24. Yup Keifer Sutherland will grace the big screen and guess opposite whom? The legendary Michael Douglas, Eva Longoria and Kim Basinger. What a power-cast! It has the makings of a killer-thriller suspense flick. Can't wait!
Now if you follow Michael Douglas you’d know he never picks a crap movie. Think Basic Instinct/The Game/Wall Street/The triage of Jewel of the Nile/Romancing the stone…But you know what they say about previews….

So untill all the summer movies pass...already Poseidon has bad reviews and was looking forward to that. I'm not into animations this year so Cars and Over the Hedge not on my agenda list.

Will the Tato be happy this summer?


Msanii_XL said...

The sentinel was aiight not all that..

X3 is gonna be the shit..

Can't wait to see da vinci...shut up lard boy don't spill

Couch 'tato said...

damn Sentinel came and went kwani where was I? Kwani u havent read the book there is nothing to spill....but Tom Hanks not at his best!

Movie Buff said...

I am not planning to watch Da Vinci Code but I shall watch Over the Hedge and Cars.....

Msanii_XL said...

kwani ulikuwa chini ya mawe gani?

was reading reviews of da vinci it has been slayed..eish. Lakini wacha nijionee

Movie Buff said...

We! Ati TROY? That movie sucked... wacha zako....... [Im still ur soul mate by force]

UARIDI said...

From your list, I can see that I will have to find something else for the summer. Nothing is inspiring.

Stunuh Jay said...

I'm placing my bets on Pirates of the Carribean!

Mama JunkYard said...

Dude you wrote ati

"Always the book is better than the novel"


You are the first person to say something positive about Da Vinci Code. I am still determined to watch it just to see what the drama is about.

Couch 'tato said...

@movie buff:Take a lil piece of my heart now baby ow now break it
@msanii:thats the spirit jionee
Don't just listen to critics go out there and watch it hen judge
@movie buff:haki its just love that i'm still talkin to u
@uaridi:i'm telling u...i'm seeing dark days ahead
@Stunnuh:finally we agree
@Editor in Chief: can u say edit post
2.i think the movie is a good one and why its getting trashed is cause you wil have to compare it with the novel...scenes have been skipped others rushed. Of course it plaes in comparisson to the movie( kidding) to the novel...I said Tom Hanks wasn't well cast...but id still give the movie a 7.5..actually now after sleeping over maybe a 7. I am still unquenched!

Kenyangal said...

I only like pirates of the carribean but i'm with uaridi, that list is uninspiring... maybe there will be a surprise movie like Brokeback mountain

M.I.G. said...

X3 will suck and be as overrated as X2

Yeah fatass, whats with popping the Da Vinci Code balloon here? Going to watch it kesho. From as early as October last year, I told my pals that Tom Hanks didnt appear to fit the visual I had of Robert Langdon. He seemed a bit too goofy for the role. And dont get me wrong, Tom is an awesome actor. I cant figure who I would rather in that role...not yet anyway. Any suggestions?

And I wouldnt trust the health of my teeth with you, seeing that you would probably be watching a movie while chipping away at my menoz! You have too much time on your hands!

going el cheapo said...

It's about time i called up my movie connections down in China Town. The guy has dvd's for movies that are set to come out next summer and they have not written the scripts.

nick said...

@kgal:achana na BJ's theory on Brokeback 2 tho it was a funny idea

@MIGS: assumin u have watched now what is ur still wondering was i better off having read it or worse off?

@KElitu: LOL ati post productionwith subtitles adn not even camera copies...ebu gethooked to my patron saint of tv..hata yeye yujo downtown

dangerously_shy said...

I have had more sleepless nights than i care to remember because of brad pitt, his ripped bod slathered in baby oil and that teeny weeny skirt!!! Gladiator is a classic, pirates of the Car. is one of my all time movies as is the Game!! I reckon ill give Da Vinci a miss, not impressed by the cast, sure that mama was great in Amerie but she hasnt got the presence to pull off such a movie, if anything she looks like a lost little girl..the albino i heard was brilliant so will wait for the dvd so i can fast forward to his scenes (yes i have that kind of time lol)

I took a peek at your list of movies watched and i had to cheka, did u actually queue up and fork out money to watch the pink panther? (**sniggers**)

Guessaurus said...

Tato - LOL you and your movies. I will go watch Da Vinci, although like MIG up here, I didnt have Tom Hanks pegged as Langdon - he is a little too .. .dont know, not right. I was thinking more Harrison Ford - (and that was when I was reading the book back in '04 and couldnt wait to see the movie (didnt have an idea they would do a movie at that time, but its one of those books you have visualisations and wish you could see them in real life (or reel life)

Anyway nuff about that:

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - oh my, I cant wait - 1 was the best movie ever - I might become one of those people that actually wait at the doors for hours for the theatre to open.