Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dead Man's Chest ****

We knew it...we expected it..and it delivered. Yes ye of little patience and endurance it was a long movie...but great movies are usually very long. This is was an adventure/journey why would you want to take short cuts...it had to be viewed in its entirety. I can't wait to watch it again.

Verdict: Watch it twice! and even worse get Curse of the Black Pearl and relive it! Great! Great! Great!

1. It had an all star-cast.
2. It was very funny.
3. Serious outstanding action.
4. Great Special effects...oh that Krakon rocked!

Remember this is a summer movie and that is what summer movies are made off. And with the movies nowadays it sets up the sequel very well with the return of Captain Barbosa right at the end... You want a rollercoster ride in a summer movie..you wanna see money was spent and poured to make this movie...you wanna leave the theatre saying "...yes. yes it is well with my soul!"

I usually love Johnny Depp in all his performances cause he is one of the most versatile role-actors. He never plays similar characters like Denzel. And him as the cheeky Jack Sparrow-is the ultimate. You should see him acting as Chief who the villages are about to turn into a meal! Yup see picture below.

But we also have Bill Nighy as Davy Jones and damn he plays this role well. I discovered him in Love Actually and he is actually a good actor!

I loved the whole concept of your heart being broken so much you remove your heart and put it in a chest so that you could actually live on...boo hoo

This was a SUPERB MOVIE!

"Would ya sail to de ends of de earth? "
cannot wait for the sequel and it comes out next year with Spiderman3...OH YES!

Those who trash this movie don't know what to look for in a summer movie or in a Bruckheimer movie!

Needless to say Jerry Bruckheimer as usual took this baby home! Its no wonder why already its breaking records...biggest weeekend opening ever...but I know Spiderman 3 will break it next year!


bankelele said...

Do I have to watch the first movie to understand this one?

meth2k said...

I watched (again) Curse of the Black Pearl over the weekend in preparation for Dead Man's Chest, and I can't wait to go watch it today considering it's the only movie left worth going to watch big screen for the year.
Johnny Depp is so amazing one does not want him to act any other role.

The Alpha Quadrant said...

I watched this about 2 weeks ago. One of the definate big screen movies of the year. Absolutely hilarious. I totally loved it. And since there's apparently a 3rd one.. Can't wait.

Johnny Depp.. as Jack Sparrow as ever..

Watching the first could aid quite abit.. there's some background to some of the characters from the first movie.

mocha! said...

Finally, you got to watch it.

I must say, this movie did not disappoint. Though it had a few moments where it was boring.

The CGI, the storylines, the suspense, the fight scenes (fav when Jack Sparrow was fruited...LOL), I just can't wait for the thrid installment.

And yes Bankelele...you have to watch the first one to appreciate the second one to its full potential.

As for Spidey 3....ROLL ON MAY 2007.

Couch 'tato said...

@banks:no u dont have to tho the last ten seconds of the movie wont make sense to you coz a villain from one returns..but watch it watch it

@meth2k:enjoy the entire 2.5hours...i'm watchin it again very soon

@Alpha quad:i'm tellin u next year will be the mutha with spidey 3 out as well

@mocha:they've always opened movies here with states..akina xmen...davinci...but Pirates there was a force workin against me but finally my soul is well


Kagz said...

Sob Sob

Lakini si i was promised a post on "Classic Movies" ???

Couch 'tato said...

@kagz: trust me thats the next post sweetie...i have to rudishaa u into the strait and narrow

egm said...

Good stuff all around, I must agree. And like you, I have to watch it again.

Spidey 3 and Pirates 3... next year is the year of the 3s apparently. Makes for great anticipation

Movie Buff said...

Spiderman 3? Hell to the NO! I have nothing but HATE for that thing. They should have stopped at the first one. And now that I have gotten that out of my chest....

Pirates was the ISH!

Couch 'tato said...

@egm:oh yeah all around and next year will be like whoa

@M.Buff:what do i do with you?

Movie Buff said...

Just love me *wink*

Couch 'tato said...

@archer:uko ama bouncers have frozen u again

The Devious One said...


Archer said...

@Tato: I know you deliberately had them strip search me as you katia Buff in my absense! Buff ebu tell Tato that I'm fresher than Poxi Presha...and a girl (soon to be) under pressure!

Couch 'tato said...

@M Buff:Love lifts us up where we belong

@devious:it was totally awesome

@archer:im strip searchin M Buff u i just told them to ruff you up mr cooler than wafula
haki those lines of urs are funny

Archer said...

And she's enjoying it by the look of things. I'm so hurt. *sob sob* Devious nione kando we discuss that sponge bath!

Reel Fanatic said...

This one was indeed superb, and I barely noticed that it was so long .. the cliffhanger ending was just perfection!

viki said...

I watched it like 3 weeks ago and loved it but...what the hell is happening between elizabeth and jack sparrow? I mean does she fancy him or something? aki I am so sad what will happen to will turner and the way he looks hot in this movie?

Couch 'tato said...

@archer:Im buffin her clean...ati now ur settlin for devious..ngoja she finds out

@reelfanatic:thanks for droppin by...i thot it was jack sparrow boy was i pleasanlty surprised to see barbosa

@viki:hey there how u been...i hate love triangles but i dont think this one will be overplayed....her heart is with ur will turner
and whats with chicks and orlando bloom...dont remind me of the sighs and oooh for him in lord of the rings as legolas

The Devious One said...

@ Archer no sponge bath for U..I showed up in the communal bath by the Ganji river and I did not see a pair of crutches heading my way after takin the time out to buy Rexona, a new loofah and mawe for suguain ur cracked feet !!

So Couch U can take Archers place..nione kado prease !

*Devious this time does not brink shameressry at Archer !*

The Devious One said...

CT since Ure a movie aficionado I suggest U watch the movie 11:14...suspemse from the get go...I know im goin on a tangent here but thought i'd point this one out...