Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A New season has come

First and foremost Kagz your post is still in the works but this one dedicated to you all the same.


Hooray for 24 for finally winning an Emmy for Best Drama and Best Actor for Keiffer Sutherland it was about GADDAMN time! 24 will forever be my best DRAMA! And now we await the 6th season and a movie as well! GO! GO! GO!

Now let the seasons begin...Aco Smallville and Shield..I'm waiting on those as well. Lost,Wire, Entourage, Grey's Anatomy...hurry hurry lover come to me-rush rush! But to set us of we have Prison Break.


So right now I have caught up on Prison Break Season 2 episode 1...and I'll say it has the makings of a good season. Same intense magic is there and the fast pace that it ended on last season rides on.

His brilliance and super scheming is yet to be unravelled as it becomes evident that he had planned more than just the Prison Break!

And of course some of my favorite characters have returned

I first encountered him in the Bernie Mac Show playing a sadistic catholic priest with an Italian accent...this guy will soon go places

Capt Bellick...has everything in control but for this one time has no idea how he has been duped. He doesn't like being made and ass out off! He is not amused! If you thought Tommy Lee Jones was ruthless hunting down his fugitive you haven't seen nothing yet!

This T-Bag and his accent just make me laugh. With one hand already sliced in a cooler, we have no idea what is up his sleeve!

I miss him terrorising his lil bitches in jail!

These two play villains we love to hate!


Now the patron saint loves this comedy. I think it deserves a 5. We have a highly observant dude who can pick up clues very easily but cons people into believing he is a Psychic. Sure there are some laughs but i find the plot lines lacking. The crime solving tactics are a tad weak...then again this is not C.S.I...but the jokes are not that strong!

For some reason i keep comparing this Black&White best-friends duo to Richard Crenna and James Earl Jones in the much funnier Pros and Cons

However they have some interesting goofs at the end of each show that will have you rolling in stitches.

I am sure you remember Dule Hill who was the in West Wing!

So as the season's begin let's see what lies ahead!


bankelele said...

I vote for you to get a job programming/picking out TV series and movies for KTN or NTV.

Nakeel said...

Eagerly waiting for smallville and Shield kabisa..
I second Banks ama at KBC too

Anonymous said...

what bout kameme?

Movie Buff said...

Of all those... Im only waiting for Grey's Anatomy. And even that one... my energy for it has reduced somewhat since it comes on the same time as CSI.


Couch 'tato said...

@banks:ebu spread the vibe my friend spread the vibe

@Naks:hey sis...shield is gonna explode in season 6

@anon:those guys have mad ads thats where the money is at :))

@M.Buff:try gettin a vcr or a patron saint

Movie Buff said...

VCR kitu gani hii???? LOL... just playing!!!

I have a DVR... but I am still pissed.

Couch 'tato said...

thats for the hanky panky behind my back with Hanyee...


Princess said...

Like Movie Buff I am eagerly awaiting Grey's Anatomy. That is the only show that I actually make time for. I wish they hadn't moved it to Thursday night though.