Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Classics you must watch

This is for you Kaggz and even you too Movie Buff(ed and polished)...finally! But I have a feeling there is a part 1 through 15 for this so lets get this party started right

And for you Aco I've done two posts in two days so there!

So what do these movies have in common:

1:They are great...we're talking abut longer than 2 hours...leaving you feeling like you travelled to another place and time. The tato was leftthoroughly quenched and as the credits rolled...I was left clappin inside

2.The have been nominated for more than one Oscar award or the other.

3.They need to be watched with the lights off...bladder empty and food at an arm's length. If you have company-company better know ain't nothin like pausing!

4. I really like when you have an accumulation of hollywood ego's at there best working with each other. It surpasses being about the star studded cast but the chemistry that each brings with their clout!

Here it goes:

First and foremost we begin with the movies that I had said before have the best endings of all the time forgot to mention The Others


My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

...need I say more!

The Insider

Russel Crowe so deserved the oscar for this.
Al Pacino as usual was greatly FANTASTIC!
Michael Mann directed this beautifully!!! shame on you for Miami Vice-Shame. But Heat was also great it should have made the cut here as well..maybe in part 2.

American History X

Edward Norton was on a roll...first came Priamal Fear then came Fight Club and then this! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Schindler's List

Woiye remember that was the only Color in the entire black and white movie. This was brilliant!

Saving Private Ryan.

Best War Movie ever Star Studded shoulda won BEST PICTURE!

(I forgot to mention Black Hawk Down)


Best war movie ever ever before the above. Pure Oliver Stone


Why lie all Oliver Stone movies rock and he so so works well with James Woods (a small by the way) ... but this one with its insinuations takes the cake.

A few Good Men

Jack Nicholson at his best! WOW those lines were a killer. Rob Reiner Rocked!

Tom Cruise and Demi Moore at there finest!

House of Sand and Fog

Really nice!

Sir Ben Kingsley hasn't been this good since Gandhi.


This is what movies are made of!

Apollo 13

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Movie Buff said...

Of those 11 movies, I have only watched 5.

U still love me, right???

And I dont do war movies so no Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down.... etc etc......

And Braveheart was not all that!

I co-sign on Gladiator, Schindler's List and A Few Good Men...


AOB: I dont think all movies nominated are all that. There are some underdogs which are good,nice but they never get nominated which is just sad........

And long movies sometimes can Kill you..... eg Pearl Harbor.....

PS: I want a post dedicated to me and me alone....

Acolyte said...

@ Movie Buff
AT least you have seen 5, I have seen only 3.But that line from A few good men is a classic!
@ Tato
Congrats on breaking the posting duck!Seems I have a lot of catching up to do!

Anonymous said...

you say Ben Kinsley hasnt been this good since Ghandi then you need to see him in Sexy Beast. He is delightfully evil!!!

Medusa said... musta drank something from Aco and Buff's bar..I didn't even have a chance to comment on the other post.( although all I really wanted to say was I like the Psych show..)You watch the same shows a friend of mine watches..I should get you both on the same couch( he he..She's cute too)
On the Classics to watch, I'm glad you said there'd be like a 15part to the post..because there's more, more more..On this list, Ditto on Gladiator..."Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?" Luuurrve that movie. Have not seen Platoon/Apollo13/House of Sand and Fog.
Saving Ryan's Privates(he he) was pretty good too..

nick said...

@M.Buff Lord oh Lord i forgot Black Hawk down...yup i still love u hopefully u'll have watched the rest by the time our relationship is thru

not all Oscar movies are all that but this had that similarity...crap like trainin day and monsters ball surely cant fall here

@Aco:na bado...just u wait i'll give u a run for ur money ubaya link died on me

@Anon:havent watched that willl put that next in line

@Medusa: ni kubaya tension for postin is like whoa...there'll be a part two

Anonymous said...

Top Action movies Gladiator, braveheart, Black hawk down, Platoon, Boondock saints, Reservoir Dogs, Usual suspects ,Natural Born Killers.

Ben Kingsley was recently in Lucky number sleven a good triller.

Couch 'tato said...

Now that i have stopped panting and have posted on nick

Movie Buff:

Pearl Harbor was really nice I may take offense!

Black Hawk Down really rocked

and u will get ur solo post too..this one was for Kaggz!

Aco:A few Good Men Jack Nicholson shoulda won that oscar for that
Tension leo-wah wah

@anon:He is a great actor aint he...i watched him in lucky number slevin recently tho he was just a small start in that with Morgan Freeman

@Medusa:hook me u p wit ur cute pal and intro her to my blog damn it chap chap!

Couch 'tato said...

Anon: oh yes u may inspire a post from me on action..dont forget black hawk down

Usual suspects falls in that category id firts placed with movies that have the greatest endings ive just updated taht link

check out that link and tell me what u think

Princess said...

I've only seen four of the movies...Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, A Few Good Men and Braveheart.

Anonymous...Boondocks Saints was awesome!!

Movie Buff said...

Ati Pearl Harbor was nice?

I walked out of the theater...that shit was just AWFUL!!!!!

*begins to question this relationship*

nick said...

@princess:manze havent even heard of boondocks saints ...jottin it down

@m.Buff: remember the soundtrack of that movie i dedicate it to u if u walk away again from that movie or fromme " in my heart there'll always be a place for u in all my life....i'll keep a part of u with me and every where i go there you'll be.!"

Princess said...

@Nick...I would never have heard of Boondocks Saints if my co-worker hadn't given the DVD to me and insisted I watch it. If you liked V for Vendetta you will sooo love this.

bankelele said...

add more mafia (godfather, goodfellas, casino) more business (other people's money, wall street, glengary glenross) action (matrix, heat), drama (pulp fiction)

Movie Buff said...

What soundtrack?
I blocked my memory of the entire debacle

And if people are giving out other classics, I would like to point out....... FORREST GUMP please..

and Bankelele... u r so on pt with Pulp Fiction

The Devious One said...

Well well well.....I see we have similar tastses. Ive seen eight of the flicks Uve listed and let me categorize them starting wiht my all time fave..

American History X

House Of Sand & Fog

Schindlers List



A Few Good Men

Saving Private Ryan ( or is it Saving Ryans Privates ?? I digress ...)

Apollo 13

Will come bacl later and tell u my other faves....

Movie Buff said...

And ShawShank?

That deserves a post by itself.
And I am so serious about that ish!

nick said...

@princess:kwanza what this thing i can comment on ur blog ati me and tato are not team members haki it feels like we are not team pplayers and have been excluded

@Banks: Damn look at what im gettin myself into will do a business post just for u...but glengary glen ross has pacino at his finest he shuda won for that "fuck u is my middle name" alec baldwin did a brilliant cameo with his brass balls

then the other genre i wanna break down in part 1-15 trilogies/sequels...mafia u are so right on that...and action

@Movie Deborah cox told whitney..."na na na na na im not listenin"

@Devious: yes devious yes...u are slowly becomin soulmate...i thot it was shaving ryans privates??

@m.Buff ha ha ha i so agree with u i was debating where to put shawshan redemption..A CLASSIC!

The Devious One said...

I second the motion on Buff about Shawshank Redemption..classic movie !
I never get tired watching it !

Anonymous said...

com'n Y'all

Action and Heist
Kill Bill 1 & 2
Bourne identity and supremacy
The Italian Job
The Score



Kagz said...

Thanks for the dedication.

Out of your list of 11 i've watched one (Brave Heart ) while Mr.Nice has watched 10 (minus House of Sand & Fog)

Si i told you i suck @ movies?

Lakini i've watched Godfather & Shaw Shank..not too bad eh?

nick said...


Tim Robbins Morgan Freeman at there best


woiye perhaps i can consider Traffic...but hizo zingine la hasha. Scarface: oh yes! Al Pacina was in Serpico as well right... i tend to wonder did i love the movie or Pacino first

mwasjd said...

My vote's with Gladiator, Private Ryan, Schindler's list and Braveheart

Naimesh said...

I'm surprised no one even mentioned the Green Mile!!!! For me it's something higher thn Shawshank!!

Every time i watch it....i say... heaven.... im in heaven..... :)

cheers dude.. nice post