Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dance Movies

Forget FlashDance forget Fame...forget Save the Last Dance...with newer movies like Honey and Shall we Dance( which I will admit had some serious lines..."The rumba is the vertical expression of a horizontal wish. You have to hold her, like the skin on her thigh is your reason for living. Let her go, like your heart's being ripped from your chest. Throw her back, like you're going to have your way with her right here on the dance floor. And then finish, like she's ruined you for life.")

I grew up on Breakdance. Not to mention it was the fisrt tape I borrowed when we first got the first video a Sharp VCR that had a remote control that had an extension cord you would have to plug it into the machine.

I am also the Proud owner of the original LP album of Breakin and Breakdance...y'all have no idea how I had to finish them peas to get them albums.

Dance Movies were made of this...


Some struglling Street breakdancers meet beautiful classy ballet dancer!

Welcome to the land of OZONE, BOGALOO SHRIMP and KELLY

Dayum watched it 26 times and probably can recite the words

Let's not mention the killer soundtrack with Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" and

Ice T's "Reckless"

Breakdance 2

Yup caught it on big screen as well. There was a song that was done by Carolyne Townes "Believe in the Beat" somebody hold me down Im getting misty

Fast Forward

Some strugllin dancers.

I only remember these songs

"out on the edge with my back turned against the wind, i'm on m own like a young lion're the one who'll keep on standin' when all around you fall , you'll live to....SURVIVE""

"fast forward fast forward"

and some chick sayin that to avoid gating raped all you have to do is " look him in the eyes and kick him in tha balls honey!"

Ice T's Reckless:

Verse 1

Once upon a time a DJ's task
Was just to play records, what more could you ask?
But then came remixes, scratching and cuts
Which was too much for many, drove some DJ's nuts
But the DJ named Glove has reigned supreme
As the turntable wizard of the hip-hop scene
So listen to him, check him out, but remember this
When The Glove's on the wheels of steel he's Reckless

Verse 2

This high-powered music is truly unique
As The Glove cuts the rhythm to the hip-hop beat
He moves like a madman as he spins his disc
He's the number one scratcher on the DJ list, he's Reckless

Verse 3

Now I've seen DJ's, too many to name
Some gained recognition and even fame
But when you talk of MC's, Ice-T is the best
And when you talk of DJ's, forget the rest, Glove's Reckless

Verse 4

So listen very closely as The Glove throws down
He cuts like a razor to the big beat sound
Dave's layin' down a groove that we know you'll like
With The Glove on the turntables and Ice-T on the mic, we're Reckless

Verse 5

So listen to the music, let your mind feel free
Realize you're with the master G-L-O-V-E
Dave and MC Ice-T, you know you're with the best
Because when we're in the mix you know the groove is fresh
and Reckless, Reckless, Reck-Reck-Re-Reckless


acolyte said...

First!All of you!Devious 1, EGM. Movie Buff, Msannii!!!!!!!!
Kiss my speedy ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Devious One said...

I aint kissin blogius maximus ho's ass ( look at Aco ) heheheheheh

I get the silver...not bad nonethe less

breakdance was the bomb !!

Msanii_XL said... abe is calling...

Breaking was so corny!...and I had the moves but still...

The Devious One said...

Msanii I can see U popping some breakdance moves to the sounds of Dandora Burning tihihihihi......

Movie Buff said...

I dont care about any of these movies...

But yeah... can my name not be mentioned!!!!!

Όstalgia said...

whose next... ozone! ...i'll never forget that line

Couch 'tato said...

@aco: for a moment i thot u said kiss my spidey ass and i was like there is only one room for ONE spidey!

@devious:it so was the bomb

@msanii:imagine when puttin the lyrics i was thinkin u prolly remember that song

@soul mate: who is buggin my boo...ebu tellm ei annihilate them

@ostalgia:finally a u remember a Al Green song that used to play in teh background "... but its all i need is to get my boogie down"

Anonymous said...

@ Movie Buff

Anonymous said...

WOW!! When I was 16, I started with breakdance on this number!! With a few friends we were "The Delta Rebles"... We had a great time! Can anyone help me to find the music of Reckless??

Kagz said...

I came across this...

"Want free Prison Break episodes? Go to and sign up ! Then after you sign up go to the video and audio section to get your downloads!"