Monday, October 09, 2006

It's been a year and still counting!

It's been a whole year and this tato has been doing some serious Couch lounging the way it should be done!

So what has the Tato been upto in the last one month?

Six Feet Under

Finally finished this gripping drama...they only make drama this good only on HBO. Everyone is completely dysfunctional and neurotic and the morbid humor is satisfying. It was sad to see Nate Fisher die! But I really loved in season 4 when David picked up some stranger on the road and he turned to be a complete psycho and came close to burning David alive....WOW! That show deserved an Emmy right there


Cleared season 5 and now I am in season 6. Only on HBO...It's won enough Emmy's and you only need to watch it to see why.

Pure classic Drama on silver of the best ever!

Commander in Chief

All I can say it ain't no West Wing but its worth some couch tato time...only one season...but not a bad one.

The Closer

Ha, now this show is actually weak if you ask me? It's no CSI which will forever be the yardstick for all detective shows...but it has a compelling cast...and why not! Am watching it like I have shares in the show...already almost through with season 2


Wow what a season premiere for season 6! This show will always amaze me. It was such a simple prog..very plain ..but if you were to compare season 1 to where we have come. DAMN-this show has grown and evolved! This season premiere was hotter than the entire SUPERMAN RETUNS movie.
Go Smallville!


Now in season 2. Dr. House has the nastiest, most sarcastic one-liners that I ever did see. WOW! I'm really enjoying Sela Ward who played Teddy in Sisters. Love her to the max. Hey do you guys remember Dr Chase used to be in Neighbours as one of the Kennedy Brothers?


Hey, this guy is fresh out of Six Feet Under. A forensic expert (enough with this forensic shows damn it-Monk,CSI, Psyche,Closer.....) but anyway his acting really jazzes me. Not to mention he is a Psycho masquerading as a serial killer himself-as in he gets tips from those he is investigating. From early childhood his dad had recognised he has a deep seated problem and helped him channel his murderous rage agaisnt criminals that justice can't take care of.


Season 3 came and went! This is such a rare gem that takes a look at celebrity lives. Ari remains my favorite character...he's a ruthless, manipulative, cunniving agent with lots of cheek and one-liners!
Great just started on KTN and would advise all of you to catch it!

Grey's Anatomy

This show is now on season 3. Its season premier was nice with flashbacks that help solidify the characters we already love. To me the Nazi, George and the Asian chick are my favorite. Looks like the makings of a great season.

Starting this week on latest epsiodes of
The Wire IV, Desparate Housewives and Lost!

Yes Couch Tato is celebrating his birthday with a bang


Anonymous said...

hahahah i love Grey's Anatomy...Meredith is my favorite! SHe is everything that embodies moi... nerdyslut!!! HOw about that.

dangerously_shy said...

Gah! eti nerdy slut..hauu now i dont know who i have to pay to have that put on my grave stone..

@ Potato = *Boo Hiss boo*..We want Nick!!!, bring back spidey and his mouldy spidersuit..first north korea then Acolyte then you..I cant take this pressure haki!!

Ps - Is it me or is Lost starting to grate on the old nerves?

*throws one last rock*
..I miss Spidey, ok who is up for starting a petition?

Udi said...

Baltimore- Home of the Wire. No show can compete with the wire.

Anonymous said...

With DShy on this one..Lost pissed me off with the Season 3 premiere..watching this shit is beginning to feel like being a hamster in those silly wheels...

Dude, check out "Heroes"..that show is soo gonna burn this place down! GA is also too cool...The Nazi totally rocks..Meredith, absolutely fogotharay..

Pole your fatass blog aka "Gwa Spaidey" is going down dawg...good times..Cheers

Half 'n' half said...

I know am gonna catch some major flack for this but I HATE the sopranos

closer: too much of a strain listening to that womans accent. and I agree it has a very weak plot.

Smallville: Good

House: NOW there is a man who says and does what most of us just think about. He has no shame whatsoever....oooo were life to be soo simple where you can say exactly what is on your mind.

Greys anatomy: someone said it is an Ally Macbeal with doctors....but I still like it

Couch 'tato said...

@anon:greys has its moments

@dshy:Nick/spidey be gone am workin on stealin his pics and side bar
Woiye and the way am lookin forward to LOST u cant say that

@udi:damn u remember stringer gettin killed in that last season that was EXCELLENT!

@hanye: damn even u are anti-lost wait i watch it i give u verdict

yup the fat ass is long gone

@halfandhalf: LOL that accent kills me it makes me laugh...LMAO!
Shame on u for sopranos..u shud start with season 1 but it was slow u have to hung in there
Grey's and Ally Mcbeal????ouch...

Princess said...

Commander in Chief was excellent..I loved it!! I love Grey's Anatomy. McDreamy is adorable but I cannot stand the Vet. I like Burke and Christina..they crack me up. I find Meredith interesting..she cracked me up in the last episode.

>d® said...

Dexter is off the chain! I'm stuck on it. Dude is fascinating - his nonchalance about murder is unbelievable.

Ichiena said...

Was I dreaming? I believe somebody somewhere agreed to share some of this stuff.

Think he goes by the name,, Pouch...uh, uh.

That still doesn't sound right.

Wait....Wait - I've got it! Couch Potato!!

Kijana I await the counteroffer.

Majonzi said...

I loved Soprano's, but my senior in colle I lengad cable-- too addicting, and now I have lost track.

Gray's Anatomy, I love... My favorite lines: "The only people who don't know that Meredith and Derek are in love are Derek and Meredith."

"Choose me... choose me." Meredith in a desperate attempt to have Derek leave his wife for her. So pathetic, yet I felt so sorry for her... .

I grudgingly got addicted to Desperate Housewives... can't wait to read from you.

Majonzi said...

oh, and just had to add this... I was soo sad when Izzie's patient died... coz I had also fallen in love with him.

Iwaya said...

I'm not new here. just never commented before because well, i was too thrilled to. but this is a birthday and i gots to say: happy blog b-day!!! you certainly are my favorite movie blog and one of the four favorite kenyan blogs i read at least once a week. i just wish you could blog more often!

modoathii said...

i've always said i'll tembelea your blog but i've never. once i skimmed throught just to suss out the compe...then i realised, you's a couch potato, me's a couch for the mad ones. weh si compe, weh ni beste.

i have issues with watching series's. sitting in the house during the day is a waste of a good day. and at night i watch 30 seconds and doze off (and dream).

bt i'll b stopping by more often to see what to advice my peeps to borrow.


modoathii said...

happy blog day.