Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Casino Royale-Preview

Fom last year I really wanted to start an anti Daniel Craig campaign-cammon, how the hell do you get rid of PIERCE BROSNAN!!!!!

So last week there I am in the theatre...and I see this preview. WOW! In black and white almost sensual and totally thrilling...the voice quite familiar drawing me closer to the movie in question...there you see Dame Judy Dench and without a doubt realise this is a BOND preview. For a split second...I'm excited...my mind has totally turned against me and I'm screaming "MUST WATCH THIS MUST WATCH THIS!!!!!"

and then....BANG! HE appears! Deflation couldn't be a better word to describe...not even that shooting withing that famous 007 circle did anything for me. He will do to this franchise what George Clooney did for Batman. This is the beginning of the end.

Worst thing about this review...is I am still going to watch the movie. Talk about double standards...but Daniel Craig cannot pull James Bond OFF! Heck bring back Timothy Dalton-the worst BOND ever before this...Timothy must be somewhere smiling that his ill-rep is no longer viable!

As Mojo Jojo would say "CURSES! CURSES!"


Movie Buff said...

Im so tired of 007.....

I havent watched one since sijui Golden Eye or the one that came after that one....

Acolyte said...

If you ask me that dude is not bond material at all! He will kill the franchise!

Ichiena said...

The cruncher here is that you will still watch it! Mhmm, i want to see your post-movie review on this one.

bankelele said...

prospects are not looking good, still the franchise has survived beyond flop actors (Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby). Craig has had too many goofs to be taken seriouly and the movie better have a really great storyline to pull in crowds.

mocha said...

I too can't wait to see Casino Royale. I want to see if he will live up to the hype.

Have you seen The Departed? I loved it! Jack was in his element. Waiting for your review on this.

Bring back Nick....woishe, please!

Iwaya said...

@Bankelele: I take exception to that! saying george lazenby was a flop actor in Bond, he was the best Bond ever! or my eyes were deceiving me! i watched On her Majesty's Secret Service and i was totally blown away by the vision of a Bond he brought to the table: human, a step not too far from the villains he was fighting and a true ladies man with love scenes of falling in love that are still with me. George was the best Bond!

Anonymous said...

The worst BLASPHEMY is that he could not drive the stick shift Aston martin!!!.

bankelele said...

review of the movie http://www.variety.com/VE1117932077.html

egm said...

I have just somad kadhaa reviews (which I usually don't, so I don't know why I am this time round!) of this movie, and almost to a person the reviewers seem to have fallen in love with DC, some even saying he gives SC a run for his money. The biggest selling point of the movie is it's lack of CGI and lots of other whiz-bang gizmos recent JBs have been known for. Sijui. I'll watch it this Sunday and see if meets with my very critical, albeit highly subjective, expectations.

Anonymous said...

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