Thursday, March 15, 2007

Flashbacks: White Comedies

After doing black was about time I paid tribute to white comedies of our time. Just to mention but a few...many have been left out...Nurses,Golden Girls, Silver Spoons

Tato will unleash a prize if you can get me pictures of the following. And please note I'm not asking for pictures of the actors/actresses or writer/ with me here...I want a pic of the cast or dvd cover etc...

1. Parker Lewis Can't Lose
2.Baby talk


an alien life form that had a craving for cats!

Perfect Strangers

Bulky and Cossin really had a nice theme:

"sometimes the world look sperfect nothing to rearrange..but sometime u just get a feeling like you need some kind of matter what the odds are this time..nothings gonna stand in my way...."


heh heh we're the monkees...

they did the original "im a believer " song that was trashed in Shrek

Murphy Brown

This woman was tough as steel...poor Dan Quayle did not know who he was messing with.How many secretaries did she fire????
and did that painter elliot ever clear painting her house???

Married with children

nasty! nasty! nasty!

Herman's Head

the four personalities in his head...pure magic!


it had some cheap jokes..some really great cheap jokes.

Family Ties

Michael J. Fox became a star from here so did Justine Bateman


Princess said...

You forgot "Moonlighting" the show with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

Unyc said...


Absolutely loved perfect strangers and herman's head.
Frankly, dont kumbuka Monkees...

What prize u talking about? Better be gd.

Ichiena said...

Hi dear? Hehehe - kumbuka chatquiz on the Monkees and Parker Lewis? You still bowing down? Mrs Musso and sijui Kudrow. Parker was da bomb.

@Princess: Does Moonlighting qualify as a comedy?

Bomseh said...

Yaani you think it is cool to leave out "FRIENDS"?

egm said...

Okay 'Tato. Where is my prize? You said a pic of the cast is fine, right? Well... Baby Talk and Parker Lewis Can't Lose

methuselah said...

UnyQ Niko hapa! Alf, Parker Lewis, Perfect Strangers wacha tu! Niiiice! King of Flashbacks are you? :-)

Princess said...

@Ichiena..Oh I completely did not read the comedy part...oops my bad!!

Sue said...

Uliacha wapi Family Matters...
Perfect Strangers is another one... And the KTN classics too are Gr8!!

:.Just Sue.:

mwasjd said...

Monkees was so sawa, and Parker Lewis, I can't believe time flies that fast.
Watched last king of scotland, not bad at all...

Couch 'tato said...

@princess: dearest mentioned that in a TV post sometime but as u have realised that wasnt a comedy but it was a great show

@unyc:tsk tsk wait u see if egm will like the prize

@ichiena:and larry kubiak

@Bomseh: Friends is a great show...but id ont put it in flashbacks its a new show

@EGM: and the prize goes to you...Request two posts and they are yours

@Methu: yup king it is!

@sue: acha wewe...check that link for black comedies,ull find it there...emphasis hapa ni white comedies

@mwasj: what did u think of Forrest Whitaker

mwasjd said...

He was all that and a bag of chips, kwanza his eyes! The guy was psycho, but I think I expected more terror from him, most of the movie save for the end makes him look like a nice misunderstood mzee

update your bookmarks said... - coming soon

egm said...

First, I want a post on how 'Tato came to be. Right from the very first thing that triggered in you a love for all things tatoholic to the present day.

Second, if you had unlimited resources, what movie would you make, and who would you cast in it. Describe the criteria used to choose that particular movie, as well as rationale used in selecting the actors/actresses for the various roles.

Adrian said...

still occasionally get caught up during re-runs of married with children (one of the series i've never watched in english)

btw nick; have you seen entourage? loved the first 3 seasons. might interest you cuase of the movie industry background.