Sunday, March 25, 2007

Worst Movies Ever...some of them...

The tato prides himself in being a master of everything big screen and silver screen. The tato prides in the fact that from a preview or even a review he can tell what's worth it and what's not. He prides himself knowing that he will get disappointed when he watches this or that..and he knows when he will be elated...he knows when he is just passing time...he knows what he needs for every mood or occasion. The tato has prided himself in recommending movies and those he recommends to have always been satisfied.

However the tato remains unamused whenever he is wrong. And not that kind of wrong that he should have known better but that kind of wrong that is almost sinful. That kind of wrong that you lie there embarassed and broker and by your tato standards is totally sorry! The kind of wrong where all clues and hints mislead his super skills. When all his criteria is met and shattered from the credits!

The folowling will forever remain etched in my mind...and I'm ashamed for having watched them.Just to name a few!

1.Joshua Tree

Who funds these movies and why? Dolph Lungren and Kristian Alfonso a.k.a that chick from Days of our Lives called Hope.

2.Burn Hollywood Burn


3.Good Shephard

Good Gawd! An all star cast like that... a DeNiro movie... I have never dozed in a movie like this not to mention I wanted to walk out!

4.The Firm

This is the worst adaptation from a novel. The movie was a box office success. I have never figured out why!

5.Artificial Intelligence

What was Spielberg thinking?

6.Drop Dead Gorgeous

Shame on me!

Species II

Seriously what was I thinking, let alone them?!


Methuselah said...

FIRST! Really? How?

Methuselah said...

I wonder what goes through the minds of some producers...hmmm..what is this in the wastebasket..hmmm...a little more..mmmmmm....hmmm...this could work...if we change this part who has the money...hello!...i have a preposition for you...ahem...good...we shall start casting right know that him...stopping now..not making much sense am i ever anyway?...mmmm...i blame coffee on an empty stomach...ati loaf has not fikad...later...tihiii

Unyc said...

Shame on U for watching those...u r a pad pad poy!!
How u go wastin tyme like that...heheee

U really disliked those movies yani...did i say shame on u for watching!!

I think the worst movie i hv watched is Gigolo Deuce Bigalow (i hpe thats the name)...i wasted my mullah!

Sue said...

#4?? Maajabu
@ Methu LOL!! Enyewe the coffee is messing you up..
@ Tato I too wonder what were they thinking making some movies like Gilda?? i aloso dont like Miss Congeniallity.

:.Just Sue.:

egm said...

There are some movies I say even if I was being paid to watch, I'd still refuse to sit through them.

Klara said...

"Burn Hollywood Burn" Had a few Laughs but generally wasnt what I had expected!

Adrian said...

glad that i've only watched one of them (the firm)...

Spidey/Tato said...

methu: ok put the coffee down

Unyc: i so loved deuce bigalow..Rob Schneider rules

Sue: ha ha ha Miss congeniality wasnt that bad but i can see why ud say its messed up

Egm:goodness i just saw ur about demands?!

Klara: atleast someone else has gone thru that misery

Adrian: Firm was ssuch a disappointment

Kirima said...

The only one I have watched in your list is Species II and that was only because of Natasha Henstridge (eye candy)

Whispering Inn said...

I watched The Firm after reading the book and actually liked it.

Now, AI was a load of you-know-what. I can't figure out WTH Spielberg was thinking. Definitely one of the worst.

egm said...

Hehe, si you said two posts? Haya, sasa kamilisha vilivyo! :)

Iwaya said...

I'm staggered that Show girls is missing from this list. I still can't decide if that movie was the worst ever made or just the one with the most embarrassing cinematic sex scene!

Bomseh said...

i'll start watching movies to be on the same page.

Majonzi said...

on your list, I have only watched the Firm, and I will have to agree with you, esp after reading the book!

Girl next door said...

I've watched a couple of these: The Firm and Species II. Don't think I got through Species II--it was too weird!