Thursday, April 26, 2007

Deliciously Violent Movies

There is a difference between gore from horrors and sheer raw, graphic violence! The latter has nothing to do with scaring you, nothing to do with sending shivers down your spine but quite the opposite. ONE makes your heart beat faster the other makes your heart stop! Cold, clean and crisp VIOLENCE. Violence delivered naked, up close and personal that you gasp in shock! Especially when they writers spring one on you,thats the best violence. The type you do not expect to happen or expect to be shown! Wham Bam thank you Ma'am!

Now when they say violence on the movie screen has adverse effects perhaps this is what they are reffering to off late.

1. Shooter

I kept thinking about you Movie Buff. This is a good movie with some serious sniper action that will leave you astounded. Cold blooded killing...yes! yes! yes!

"I am the Senator of the United States" says the which he is silenced close range.

2. Apocalypto

Why no one spread the word on this movie I will never know. Some of those scenes were just wrong. Fighting with a jaguar!? A spear impaling you through and through...people being about a little ejaculatory joy of violence.

3. 300

Nothing like choreographed violence with spurts of slow-motion!!!! OH YESSS!!!!

4. History of Violence

I think this is the first movie I've ever seen with such open violence. Damn! Up close and personal...this movie had nothing to hide...not to mention that sex scene with Viggo and Mario Bello was as real as real gets. What a ride..I'm not talking bout the sex but the movie...that too!

5. Children of Men.

It was a tad slow... a tad boring on the futuristic aspect...but they way Julian oore get shot. Note since she is a big star you don't expect her to die so soon. WHAM! The sound was spectacular as well and near the end some fighting and shooting scene leaves your mouth open and dry.

6. 24.

Season 5 episode 1: The death of David Palmer. I did not see that coming...let me rephrase...I still don't believe the killed Palmer like that. Barely 2 minutes into the season shot to the neck. I couldn't belive my eyes. How? Why? Seriously are you allowed to kill a major character? In fact I was wondering where the hell they get off doing that!

Season 6 episode 4:Death of Curtis. Cold blooded..again a direct shot to the neck. BRUTAL! If you want to get rid of a character there are gentle ways of doin it than that. Look at Curtis above...look at that neck..wait for it....


Movie Buff said...

Ahhhh yes.


stares dreamily at Mark Wahlberg

methuselah said...

I can only associate with 24 season 6. Lots of gore there. I need to watch all the above!

Msanii_XL said...

a nice...apocalypto was violent, one of the few dvd's i will personally buy...

how been bradey?

methuselah said...

Mrs B you sneaked in a comment while my connection was assaulting me! Tsk tsk! :-)

Movie Buff said...

Sorry Aegeus.... but when one of my baby daddys is being discussed... I am alert

Archer said...

In this list I've only watched Children of Men. I'm so behind in 24...wacha tu. But even Tahamaki was rather violent, don't you think?

kenyananalyst said...

Just began work on 24/6. Loving it!

Half 'n' half said...

Is it true ati 300 has only one woman int the cast?
I intend to watch shooter soon

Methuselah said...

Maybe a dose of violence is what i need, will pitia the lib and borrow a few of these for the long weekend.

Spidey/Tato said...

@movie buff:esp that part when he blew up the house i could hear u heaving adn panting

@methuselah:u need to get in line foo

@Brary msanii:apocalypto was delicious

@archer: acha dare u contaminate my blog with kbc productions

@kenyananalyst: the best thing tv has to offer

@halfnhalf:yup 300 and and a pair of fir nipples..actually two pairs the oracle and the wife..ha ha ha

@methuselah:we all need violence now and then

Unyc said...

@Archer I loved Tahamaki...back then it ws horrific...

@Tato Finally managed 2 watch 300. I loved it!!Apocalypto...i dont like watchin guyz getting beheaded as such though i loved it 2.

Quintessence said...

LOVE em...300 is the only one I haven't watch and its on my list!

Ichiena said...

OK ok...I have come to make amends now. You happy?

Now horror flicks si you know I stay away. So hata siwezi comment except say dear Baba Boi talked about Apocalypto sijui lini!

And Viggo Mortensen. Aaah viiiggo! (Sigh)

Haki 24, I will start watching soon.

PS: The clock's ticking..tick tock tick tock... friday's kesho!

EK13 Photography said...

Loved all the movies on this list. The violence was on point (from a movie perspective).

Glad you are back were missed!

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