Thursday, May 03, 2007

24 hours to Spiderman3

Yes by tomorrow the Tato...will be at Nu Metro theatre...nice and early. The previews shall be it Die Hard, Fantastic Four and Tranformers...or Simpsons the Movie...that will come and go.

...once the credits start rolling with those spidery letters...A new line presentation yada yada yada...A Sam Raimi film etc etc, the tato will be in a state of orgasmic euphoria. He will be undettered by the fact that 2 did not have a proper villain and that 1 had wasted time on storyline.

This time around Spidey ooops wrong persona..tato...knows those villains are gonna kick ass.
This time around Tato see a complex complicated pentagon between his love(Gaddamn it get that tooth aligned) his former best pal turned villain, Sandman, Venom and best of all himself!!!!

The Battle Within!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen..may I hearby unleash my predictions.

1. It will be much better than 1 and 2..both in storyline and in effects.

2. It will probably have a killer ending...begging for a part 4.

3. I will be satisfied...though I am completely biased.

4. It will shatter box office records again...and it will blow off Pirates of the Carribean 3. Surpass its previous records.


methuselah said...


Movie Buff said...

I doubt it will shinda Pirates

Coz Pirates comes out

1. During a holiday weekend [Memorial]

2. When summer is checking in viproper

But I will bite my words if I am wrong.
I doubt it tho. Seriously doubt it!

methuselah said...

Very true that the two movies were wasted, i hope that has been rectified in this instalment, they seemed to be appealing more to the teenage segment of the market. Si you will post a review after the deed is done? I cant wait! Wacha kwanza i look for the soundtrack...the soundtrack for 2 rocked! I hope your predictions come to pass..

Mitzy said...

There will be 17 sequel movies out this summer into fall, thats a lot! Looking forward to Spidey 3, already like the product ads around it.

Kirima said...

You do sound very excited do post a review as soon as you watch (will probably be biased) I agree with Movie buff that Pirates 3 will be the big one this season I personally can't wait.

couch tato said...

@methuselah: u had better be in the queue
@mitzy: oh this year they are bringing it
@Kirima and Movie Buff
1.I love love pirates of the cariibean
2.I love everything Bruckheimer
3.Repeat steps1-2 which will bring you back at one...(Brian McKnight)

however this is sincerely a test of loyalty that i seem to be failing

come 25th may i'll be unleashing heaps of praise on Pirates..but this is 4th may...

in my defense...
I like Spidey more than Jack Sparrow
But i like Pirates more than Spiderman

so there is my BATTLE within!!!!

state yours

Kirima said...

I loved the spidey movie and actually prefered 1 to 2. I will let my DVD collection tell you my loyaly.
I own the original Pirates of the caribean 1 (2 disc - The Lost disc edition), I also own an original 2 disc edition Dead mans chest.
For spiderman what I have is a VCD of Spider 1, and Spider 2 in a 5 in 1 bootleg DVD. So you can see I invest quality in what I love I am pretty sure that I will buy Pirates 3 as soon as it is available on
Another valuable distinction is Keira Knightly vs Kirsten Dunst. Keira wins totally ravishing eye candy whearas Kirsten is just, Well! Plain. I harbour some impure thoughts on ms Elizabeth Swan, sigh!

Half 'n' half said...

I should probably not say this out loud so(whisper) I have never watched any of the spideys! I would like to say something prissy like "I dont like commercial movies" but naaa, no theaters in sudan!

mocha! said...

We swap notes next week. Off to watch it this weekend!

bankelele said...

Did not see part 2, but looking forward to seeing 3 as I have time to kill.

I have skipped reading reviews (so as not to have the movie given away ahead of time), but this black oil skin/evil from within villian thing is getting old - it was there for about 3 seasons of the X-Files, and then somehere in the Matrix sequels (can't remember which)

v-key said...

Watched Spidey 3 yesterday and I expected more.It was good though, but it lacked something...

Ichiena said...


Contentment. Now we wait for Pirates.

I cannot choose between the two - I love spidey (should i agonise you with my list of spidey-tobey/lovable things again?) and then Jack. Aaaah, Jack. Mhmm, Spidey is your typical good guy with a rough edge and Jack is your bad boy with a soft heart.

OK! OK! I have stopped!

Jo said...

Spiderman had cinemas packed full couldn't watch it over the i ended up settling for the Perfect Stranger...but I still have to check it out kesho, Tuesday,@ Hoyts when there are student discounts!Rep.Hukuz down under.

Anonymous said...

i know it is July and the post needed to come in some time in May. I saw both movies, opening weekend and i even went back and snuck in some matinees so i could hear all the dialogue. Like you I prefer spiderman as a character but Pirates has been by far a better trilogy. What I admire about 'Pirates'is that the cast creates the movie as most of it is unscripted. Pirates 2 and definately three were created to support 1. i am probably the only idiot who did not know pirates 1 was essentially a 'ghost' story. I was the only one who was surprised at what I saw (and that is why I hate to watch previews now) Pirates crushed Spidey at the box office because most spidey fans were let down after 2. I did not expet much out of 3 because I grew up reading about "venom". It was disappointing that they made venom into a separate character because venom initially took over Peter Parker. And it was a psychological battle that wreaked havoc internally and all over the city as Spidey's powers were used for evil and thrill seeking. I enjoyed the sandman...he saves the movie as venom doesnt really carry his weight... Pirates, I actually like how the brought in the witch character as a 'Tempest/temptress' cause save for her teeth she was sexy and mysterious (i have a thing for island women) and i especially like that Davey Jones never really loved a mortal woman but a god. It makes his cutting out his heart more believable...didnt like the special effects when the tempest grew in makes Davey Jones love seem ridiculous...she should have grown into a cloud or something...anyways, i'm looking forward to 'transformers' catch ya in the theater...