Monday, April 02, 2007


2005 had Desparate Housewives. 2006 had Gray's Anatomy. 2007 has Heroes.

At first it may look like an X-Men Rip off, but as the story unfolds you get lost in the characters. Simple ordinary people who are extraordinary. Evolution has led to a mutation in the human genome in a selective few who's phenotype expresses supernatural powers.

The journey is in watching them discover their powers. How the HEROES are all interelated as the story unfolds. Initially the goal was to save the cheerleader to save the world...but now it seems like the goal is to prevent Peter from exploding.

The beauty of this show is in its simplicity. Of course the super powers are a major attraction...I'd kill for Peter's powers or Sylar's! Wow what villain! Who's your favorite character? The show is totally appeals to the young tato in me.

Hiro definitely makes my day!

I hate to compare it with Lost...but the two have the same similarity of INFINITE POTENTIAL IN STORYLINE. How many powers have we seen so far: shape shifting, radiation, the artist that can paint the future, the mom that's a fire starter, precognition...

unanswered questions:

-Peter's mum does she have powers?
-Hiro's pal...I think he may have powers as well..yet undiscovered
-So whats the connection between the cheerleader and the end of the world?
-Is Peter the main character in this story?
-Hiro's dad?
-Is Peter the bomb that will destroy earth?

Watch it. Watch it! Watch it!


methuselah said...

Heroes? Hmm any connection i do the sambaza?

Msanii_XL said...

I really have no love Hiro...pudgy muhfucka.

On another note it better not be like lost..

acolyte said...

Lost has gone down the drain, it has gotten too convoluted for it's own good.
Hiro's pal has no powers at all!
SAving the cheerleader was just the beginning of the story.
Peter and Sylar are the main characters.
Peter is the bomb, this happens coz he cant control the powers he absorbs from a certain "hero".

maitha said...

sources say it will be on for 5 seasons , the climax of which will be a standoff between sylar and peter .
its a good alright but nothing like Galactica

couchtato said...

@methu:where do we start

@msanii: cammon the pudgy mofo provides comic relief..that 4 fingered salute "we come in peace" lol

@aco:we are honored...not to mention impressed u watch it as well...hmmm im thinkin peter absorbing sylars powers

@maitha: we are honored: wewe na galactica acha tu...u and mshairi need to get a chat room

Sue said...

I agree with Aco about Lost. For Hero, no words..
:.Just Sue.:

Klara said...

Maybe I should follow ur advice and seek it out!!

Kirima said...

I haven't come across Hero yet but it looks interesting cos I like the fantasy/superhero genre. I too hope like alco that they don't loose the plot like Lost later on

v-key said...

My blood boils when I watch Lost. Not because I am excited, but because it pisses the hell out of me. IT SHOULD JUST END.
Hi Tato how have you been? Long time.

Petstan said...

I am very much hoked on HEROES. Nice stuff I do say. I hate that Hiro Character. Like the cute Nikki/Jessica. Like Gessalyg after I fell in love with her in BOSTON PUBLIC. Jack Coleman - nice acting.
Syler has this evil thing in the way he looks at you.
About LOST, I am stuck at S3Ep6. Acolyte, V-Key and Sue, ebu dont kill my appetite for the TV Series. I gotta get the other eps kesho.

egm said...

I think my tv watching days are long gone. I just can't stay even 1 minute infront of it before getting resltess! So I'll take you word for it on Hero.

methuselah said...

How about at the begining? Tsk! tsk!!

Jo said... so similar to Lost in terms of how the storyline is dished out in a series of flashbacks and current happenings...only this is done(overdone) for multiple characters in one episode...which makes it hard to follow.Its good tv to be enjoyed in the spur of the moment.

Majonzi said...

I am like Egm, I just watch News on tv. will direct small bro here, coz he loves heroes. Kirima, u can watch it on

bantutu said...

I was here...*Looking at you from the Shadows and nodding*
I'll get you for DH ssn 3 yet...
Oh n yeah...I concurs with Aco...Peter rubs me nysest...

Daud El Rude said...

How can people hate on Hiro Nakamura??? (Masi Oka :

Thats just wrong. He is Hiro(get it?)

On Lost!!! that is the whole idea. You get lost and then whammmm! the plot gets tied up.Patience my good people,Patience!!

I still think Couch Tato is a weird guy though.

Daud El Rude!

Archer said...

Haven't watched Heroes but my pal has the bootleg DVD. I'll take a look, but somehow the storyline doesn't appeal to me. Same applies for Lost.

Tweety said...

I gave up on Lost. DOn't those people ever get found? Not watching Season 3 of Prison Break either, the story's getting old.

As for Heroes, Hiro Nakamura is my absolute favourite.

@ msanii: Since when has being overweight affected anyone's acting ability?

Totally hooked on Vanished and House.