Friday, May 25, 2007

Bruckheimer and Pirates of the Carribean

Ok I may not watch it today but definitely...records shall be broken. Yes I said the same for Spidey 3 and wasn't I right?

Pirates is a superior ovie in terms of storyline and Bruckheier delivers action they way it was intended for the big screen.

Reasons for the major success will be in:

1.If anyone knows how to churn box-office hits. I'm talking #1 hits. Talking major grosses... is my man Bruckheimer. Distribution and advertising....the works
2.This is the end of a trilogy of outstanding proportions...almost like Lord of the Rings and it deserves the respect it brings. And with that respect comes $$$$$$$$
3.The characters...we all want to see them again.

So y'all ignorant lazy ass Tato-wannabes...please get yourselves to the theatre and watch it!

Lets break records.
First Spidey.
Shrek did terribly well....lets take this baby home


Kirima said...

I may not be able to watch it this weekend either maybe next one but I also eagerly await this one. There is a scathing review on but that won't deter me.

bankelele said...

Not having seen any of the 3 pirate movies, I will be on the lookout for a 5 - in 1 Bruckheimer DVD on the streets from next week on.

But can this really be the end? If it does a $200m weekend, you just know the studio will be asking for a 4th & 5th movie

Nakeel said...

Will be doing it on Tue si we hook up as you buy small siz popcorns.

Lol at Banks Beba na mia kumbe? Am sure they will ask for 4.