Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spiderman III-The Review

Sorry guys for taking so long...but the CAT is over and let's do this how it should have been done.

Yes, Friday opening night I was so there...favorite seats...bladder empty...it was time that was done

Movie Buff my dear soulmate...I do expect a retraction in your statements. My predictions were spot on...but yes Pirates now has the huge task of beating this record in less than 3 weeks.
But as I said come then loyalties will have shifted.

Spiderman III

damn this photo is hot!

What I loved:

Please remember we are comparing it to the other 2. Undoubtedly this movie was superior
Graphic unrelenting violence. Oh that chase scene between Spidey and Harry...had me at hello.GADDAMN...nasty blows..did you see how Harry got slammed before he lost his memory.

Bad Spidey vs Harry ...ok...when he threw that bomb right back at Harry...that was awesome.

Spidey Vs Venom and Sandman...that was too much...that whole sequence had me panicky till the end.

The crane sequence...wow...

Spidey and his narcissistic self...he was funny.

The freaky next door neighbour that has a crush on Peter.

Great chemistry between all villains.

Computer effects were all over the place. Cash was spent. Time was taken. Especially with Sandman...Mummy Returns has nothing on that sequence! Honestly some of those effects were over the top. Spidey Vs Sandman in the subway.
The showed of skills and this were skills that were massive.

In the opening credits they tired 1 and 2 together..it felt like going back home. I like it when you tie in the past with the present making the movie more realistic and continuous.


In my opinion everything that had been lacking in the previous movies was here.

Many say that the story line was weak... I beg to differ this one made sense. We couldn't have Harry surviving and him being a future side-kick, nor could we forget about him so it made sense to kill him. Same for venom ..of course he jumped in and got killed. As lame as that may sound...the storyline on this was markedly improved. Great laughs from Jonah the editor and the 'French' speaking maitre 'd. The dumb blonde!

If there is a chick that bores me its Kirsten...oh I so hated that singing that I wasn't so sure if she was lip syncing.

But I like the fact that he did not propose that would kill that vibe..and since when did she know he was Spiderman? OH and Sandman having a sweat soppy story....NOOOOOT!!!!!

If only we saw more of venom.

The ending was actually a bit disappointing but truth of the matter I had not recovered from the intense action beforehand...I needed something to cool me off.

Remember this is an action flick..you should not expect more form it. It's not an epic classic...it's not a literary masterpiece. This is pure comic fantasy that involves a favorite super-hero of all time...and that is all you get. Good action, good time with Spidey. Hence on that note I think it delivered..more than delivered. It was bigger, grander and superior in every sense.

Great Action sequences that were ruthlessly violent. Brutal and Graphic just the way Tato loves them.

Similarities with Spiderman 1

-What was with him flying past the U.S.A flag? Cammon do we have to Americanise everything?
-The ending was a bit to similar...death again?

I have decided not to mention Pirates at all...y'all wait 3 weeks and we can do this again.
This is going to be a battle...I stated my Loyalties.

I love Spidey more than Jack Sparrow. I love Pirates more than Spiderman. So there! Not to mention anything Jerry Bruckheimer does it all the time...if only he produced spiderman.


Ichiena said...

First! Hehehe.

Ichiena said...

Oh, haven't done that in a while - so now i am truly back. Oh, and Kirima, the first thingi was started by old-timers like akina Tato here, ama Tato.

Now, as for the movie, all my comments were already made (yes, I am shamelessly linking! sue me).

I saw that flag and almost chocked on my yogurt (don't ask how that got in. My pal had pizza!). How dare they?

about Venom - you do remember the sample that remained in the lab with the lecturer? Mhmm? Now where did that go?

Movie was definitely dark - i came out with one word, "Violence" though in this case it's not scary/horrific like akina 300 or clean cut violence like akina matrix where you see every move but pure dirty violence so that you are not even sure what you are seeing. Crazy!

I didnt want to admit it but Mary Jane sucked. 'nough said.

Clearly I could go on and on about this so I will stop by stating that it's going to be a close call between Pirates and Spidey hata sijui anymore. Twiddling my thumbs.

Over and out.

aegeus said...

I am not reading! I am not reading even the comments till i watch the bleedin movie! Hey tato wassup! Wink! Wink! :-)

Msanii_XL said...

Spidey takes dump all over pirates...

Movie was pretty good, only comic book geeks were complaining, LOL this one dude was whining when i was going in "spiderman sucks"...

I enjoyed it...the villians were good as well...

Nice movie go see it...

excellent analysis brarey..

Spidey/Tato said...

@Itchy...i will patent this phrase haki! aong other firsts on kbw
yup MJ sucks they shuda gotten a real cutie..but then again her homiliness makes her authentic
sooe of those scenes had me yelpin "maskini spidey"
@aegeus:damn it ebu watch it even if its at 20th
@msanii:it was more than expected for it to shell all over pirates...baring in mind all other spideys broke box office rules...
this movie kicked ass!

Kirima said...

I managed to watch Spider 3 on Saturday. No way was I gonna miss the most expensive movie ever made!
The CG and effects were awesome and on that score it totally delivered. The action sequences were also very good and had me cheering. I did make some observations though.
1. Shouldn't have let the Sandman go scot free I still believe in superhero movies the good must triumph over evil.
2. Why did they have to rewrite Spider 1 by changing the Killer of Peters uncle just so as to fit in this story.
3. The butler witnessing the death of Harrys dad and convincing him to change his view of Spidey seemed a tad bit unrealistic
4. Very few wisecracks this time except for the Maitre'd at the French resturant who was the only person who made me really laugh.
5. I don't like it when the love interest of the superhero knows the alter ego it kills the suspense.
6.Kirsten Dunst as I said before is too plain for me to like (Bring on Keira - Elizabeth Swan)I remember this Joke on Capital where they reported that 'Pirated copies of Spiderman 3 were already available in China but the picture quality is soo bad that it actually made Kirsten Dunst look HOT!!'
7. I love happy endings this one not too happy.
I await May 25th when I can discover why the rum is always gone.

Kirima said...

@Ichiena, Thanx for answering that great Blog mystery

Mocha! said...

Finally, the review I was waiting for.

Now...off to watch it and compare notes!

Movie Buff said...

It only broke records because ticket prices went up.

If we account for inflation... that movie bado haijashinda Gone with the wind.

I still have NO interest in watching that shit!

Real Talk

Klara said...

Mental note made:A must watch

Mitzy said...

Not reading this review yet! :-) Going to watch it this weekend. Lucky guess here, but Tato, I'm sure you've unleashed your Spidey merchandise....lunchbox, juice bottle and hot-lunch Thermos!

Ichiena said...

My dear, you have been tagged. Seven things we do not know about you.

Iwaya said...

I needs must disagree. Finally watched Spiderman3 and it bored me to near tears! the fight scenes as everyone has already commented were of supreme quality, but the story was so thin and boring i wonder where the scriptwriters were. no way 3 is better than 1 and 2! there was tension, suspense and something to actually sit on the edge of your seat for in the first 2 that was lacking in this one. i mean the only storyline that had great potential, of Spidey almost cheating on Kirsten was muffled out of the plot. the sandman was great for the fight scenes but that actor did not have a face that conveys emotion, and i think i did see a few policemen die on the sandman's watch. i think the sob sob scene towards the end redeemed the sandman for me a little, though spidey going so far as to grant him forgiveness seemed a bit much to me.

the dumb blond was also misused i think. so much more could have been done with her especially as the heat between her and spidey was there and sizzling. the singing bits of kirsten, pure agony. if there is a spiderman4, it will take a whole lot to convince me to go watch it. a whole lot.