Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The New James Bond

Requested by TeeJay

I think there comes a part in every series be it movie or tv, where the inevitable happens and the a character gets re-casted. In the likes of young and the restless the were even blatant enough to say "So and so will now be played by so and so" and i guess the show does go on.

Now when it comes to movies there have been definite shifts especially when it comes to franchises. And i have never been affected or moved by them.Regardless of the it death/contract re-negotiation/producers wanting better... I have always been a sport and welcomed the change.

When they substituted Jodie Foster with Julianne Moore in the Hannibal sequel-I was Ok.
Ben Afleck,Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin have all payed the same role in those Clancy Movies...Ok
Batman has been Played by Michael Keaton,Val Kilmer,George Clooney(though he sucked big time) and now Christian Bale....well I actually really didnt mind the verdict is still not yet out on BATMAN BEGINS..I'm still disappointed why the next movie has to have Joker as the villain.
Superman: Of course was immortalised by Christopher Reeve, In TV Dean Cain wasn't Bad and Tom Welling on Smallville is just quite right..and there is a new superman movie next year as Superman Returns opens..and i will be waiting.
Tarzan had many actors swinging from vine to vine.
Heck even I was comfortable when DeNiro played a younger Don in the Godfather whenit was pretty clear he looked nothing like Marlon Brando.

Just to name a few...but none other change irks me as that of James Bond! It started way back with Timothy Dalton..hated those two movies and their underwater action sequences. When Pierce came along i was more relieved Dalton was gone but still apprehensive all same I could not understand why Roger Moore or Connery were not Bond anymore. But after GoldenEye-i was hooked and had accepted him to be the ultimate Bond. Of course, Connery will be the best bond ever-but Moore and Brosnan filled those shoes pretty darn well. Brosnan had re-invented and revived BOND....

And now THIS!!!

Now there were many actors in the running for this role. From Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant, Orlando Bloom, Collin Farrell...I do not hate these actors...have watched their movies and will watch plenty more. Oh, sorry I'm kidding I can't stand Hugh Grant-damn! Almost hated Love Actually cause of him! It's not that I'm against Daniel Craig(whoever he is)...I'm just against the whole CHANGE!

Personally, I believe James Bond is suave/debonair/Elegant with a British class that should be inherent. He is your typical smooth, womanising, arrogant son of a bitch that will get away with anything...and Pierce so well Portrayed that...and so did Connery and Moore.(oh don't get me started on George Lazenby!) None of the above actors can play that or carry it well. In spite of the sheer fact its called ACTING!

So people thats my reason for hating the new Blond Bond as he is being called. Yes, I will watch the movie obviously...but I am totally unamused and least bit enthused by this re-casting. The producers made a huge mistake dropping Pierce....and unfortunately I may even be proved wrong knowing my luck with such commentaries!

Ladies, I don't care if he makes your heart beat faster and slower at the same time (copyright "Hot Chick") He ain't BOND!

So,until then i remain shaken and stirred!


Msanii_XL said...

clive owen would have been perfect for this role...

either way i'm indifferent to the man well until I atleast see the movie

Msanii_XL said...

I forgot to gloat i was first here

Wangari said...

its such a shame Pierce had to go, he was the best Bond ever!! Yes, i rate him even above Connery - first he paragashad my heart in Remington Steele then in Bond he was all suave and sexy... woi!

now with the replacements, i'm with msanii - i thought Clive Owen would make a good Bond. Daniel Craig just doesnt do it, and he is blond - yech!!!

Poi said...

Whoah! If you got as much knowledge about movies and tv as dentistry you rock Gich!

I'm awed on the real, I kid you not. This is an awesomely neat piece full of your views on all of the mentioned and right positive critisim not to mention hating here and there been just typical GoofyGich as always, but it's aait all the same.

I love George Clooney, love him, I think I'd marry him for the looks of course tht oldish look he has to him eeeisshh just ticks me yani.

After all is said and done, so much is said and so I say am with you Pierce been dropped, big mistake, lets wait for it to out.

Great piece, loving this 2nd blog big!

Tee J said...

See that blond dude?! Yani I think they will drop him soo fast when they realize no one wants that face as a Bond; and or when they don't make as much chumes.

You know, if they've kosad other brits to do Bond si then they teach Brad Pitt British English and hire him. Enyewe that would American trying to copy a Brits accent. They might as well wait untill the right one comes along.

Nick, you rock!

kipepeo said...

i cant imagine a non brosnan bond....thats savage!!!

nick said...

@msanii: i still dont see clive owen...he's more reserved. Think Closer. think King Arthur
@wangari:u know u could be onto somethin about PIERCE being the best bond
@Poi:do u remember CLooney before E.R. remember he was that painter in Baby Talk..and then he became famous once he started appearing on 'Sisters'..then after playing Dr Ross there was no turnin back
@teejay:u know initially i thought pierce was the one who had turned it down...kumbe it was the other way round-biggest mistake am tellin them.
@Kips:i cant wait to see the results of this!

Msanii_XL said...

nah think bourne identy clive, sin city two clive...much better than this Mimbo(tm seinfeld).

Mimbo mean male bimbo...he he he

Poi said...

@GichBoy, yup now I remember thanks for getting memories ringing bells.

Trully no turn-backs since..keep em coming classic!

Milonare said...

Lazenby was such a James Bored... And Timothy Dolt(on) just didnt cut it... Did you ever watch David Niven as James Bond in Cafe Royale (TCM buff here)

Used to watch the Bold back in the day until they replaced Thorn with some other guy that just didnt look the same!!! I hate changes to characters... may be acting but I associate such a realness to it I cant take replacements... Sean Connery is still my James Bond!!!

Remember when Bond kulad Punk haired Grace Jones back in the day LOLOLOL

nick said...

@msanii: still am not feelin owen either
@poi:name it i'll let them bells ring!
@milo:that was in "A View to a Kill" damn right that was a mutha villain...roger moore had bitten off more than he could chew/kill.

I think that was the best bond song ever...was it by duran duran/dire straits there was D somewhere.
Yeah i remember the old Thorn and the second boring one that actually sund with macy in real life duets..and now the third one

Medusa said...

Sean Connery fo''ever ever?? Yeah. That 70+yr old man still does it for me(which is really creepy because he and my dad are same age-hmm)
*Cannot believe someone thinks Brosnan was better-* such misguided souls..father forgive them for..he he
Anyhoo, I'm with msanii_xl on this one, I think Clive Owen woulda done 007 justice-

akiey said...

The only reason I watched the over-hyped, full of fantasy Bond movies was because of Pierce Brosnan. With this new what's his name again wannabe Bond, the franchise hasn't lost a fan in me but actually saved me the $8 movie ticket every two years they unleash another Bond installment.
I see this guy doing 2 Bond movies at most before they get a more fitting guy.

Stunuh Jay said...

Here Here!
He ain't that hot, but maybe it's time James Bond relied on he's toys, gadgets and brains as opposed to he's looks....yeah right. This guys is a bad idea, maybe it's a hoax....(I can hope can't I?)

Guessaurus said...

*sob* I cannot believe I am so late I should wait until your next post to comment on this one! (Milo, M -2005)

Nick, do you know why everyone is siding with Clive Owen, he has been on TV in the UK for ages and he is a really good actor, he is cool, suave, and good lookin, and not blond...eeewe.
As for Daniel Craig - jeez, the dude looks like he would have to kiss the bond girl and then turn around and puke his guts out. Did you read that he said he is scared of guns and would rather have use an iPod - what a wimp. And he is blond, eeewww

Pierce Brosnan rocks - did you see him on After the Sunset with Salma Hayek - *drooooooolllll*

But, but but, Sean Connery is my favouritest actor of all time. His Scottish Accent just does it for me - and yes Medusa - he is the same age as my dad - how weird is that.
Loved him in;
The Rock - damn man, that is one movie I will watch until I am toothless dentist
League of Extra-ordinary Gentlemen - you just have to watch that movie to get it
Finding Forrester, Entrapment
Just Cause - ok, I am getting obssessive here, but that man is good!

Wifey said...

I haven't read this yet - I am just concerned that you own two blogs - I thought one Nick blog was bad enough..

hehehehe I'm back!

Memoire said...

Brosnan is the best of the Bonds - even his reaction to the new bond was a series of choice expletives in a Bond-like manner. The new Bond guy (can't be bothered recalling his name) looked more like a hitch hiker on that trad Bond-goes-on-a-boat-on-the-Thames publicity stunt;

Kenyangal said...

I don't like James Bond I tried watching two, one with roger moore and one with Pierce Brosnan but they were to boring i didnt even finish watching...Why can't they have as many Indiana Jones's as they do James bonds??? Then we would be debating why Harrison Ford was the best Indiana Jones ever

Anonymous said...

I hope that now the film is out you'll agree that he actually does a very good job. He may be more rugged than smooth in his actual looks, but he is definitely far more accurate in his potrayal of Bond than any of the others. Not only does he act better but he is very believable as a military hardnut due to his ability to pull off some punishing action sequences.

Still, it will be a shock to those who hanker after aging pin ups like Moore or Brosnan schmoozing about and raising their eyebrows whenever a love interest dies horribly. I think this image is dated and is really a caricature of the original character. People may still want Bond to be like this but ultimately its a dead end.