Monday, December 18, 2006

Currently at the Box Office

Nativity Story

Was actually looking for a feel-good movie something that could set me into the christmas mood. This wasn't it. I didn't feel overwhelmed...or as the cliche would go I did not feel the spirit. Pun intended.

I was disappointed!


It is being called the Lord of the Rings of this year...and come last Friday I run to the theatre.Verdict???Disappointed Disappointed Disappointed. The baby-dinosaur was definitely cute...but I felt like I was watching a Disney movie. I felt like I was in Std 5 being taken on a nice kiddy fairy tale story. No! What a waste of fine actors like Jeremy IRons and Jon Malkovich. What a waste of hype!

Happy Feet.

Had gone expecting to be disappointed...and was so NOT! It's a cartoon so my expectations were down there until I heard that Prince song and I was toe-tapping like the Tagline says. "you don't have to be rich to rule my world...ain't no particular kind I'm more compatible with I just want your extra time and you're.....kiss."

The above scene was so so so cute with baby Gloria trying to poke into the shell so that Mambo could hatch.

Robin Williams was great as Ramon and Lovelace.These 5 penguins put a whole lot of soul into the movie.Mumble/Mambo was great

My only problem is I felt they rushed that ending ....but the songs were great. The jokes were cut-throat! Sharp and icy! Special effects grand. Yup that's my movie of the week so far.Great! Great! Great!


Movie Buff said...

Wacha I watch it on Wednesday and then I will be back!

Ichiena said...

Sigh...haven't watched ANY!

We are depressed.

But Happy Feet is definitely a priority right now.

Mitzy said...

I loved Happy Feet! It is such a feel good movie. I've watched Savion Glover perform live, so it was awesome to see his tap dancing animated. Had to go pirate The Brand New Heavies joint "Jump and Move" after watching it. I loved the Latino posse, cracked me up the whole time. One of them was scared to jump off the cliff "I'm going to trick myself..." LOL!
As for Eragon, read the book first!

kenyananalyst said...

Oh, so the Nativity Story dissapointed ya?

Couch 'tato said...

@movie buff:will be here waiting.for once we will agree
@ichiena:did u say u lived near a certain theatre?
@mitzty blue:yeah i had he did the dancin for happy feet. that posse made the movie wasnt robin williams just great
ha ha ha punk idiot tricked himself..that was too funny
@kenyananalyst:imagine i i was expecting a movie of epic proportions like Passion of the Christ...

Anonymous said...

I have watched none of the above. I hope to go catch Happy feet soon. I loved the trailer!

Don_quixote said...

Sigh happy feet, it made my week for a while, havent watched the rest, but after the reading the book on eragon, i want to see the movie.

Naomi said...

Do you still write on the other blog, Nick?

Vagabond said...

My brother says that Eragon was a waste of his time..and he told me to read the I will.

I LOVED HAPPY FEET...funny, funny, funny!!!!

I need movies to keep me sane this holiday, seeing as I am WORKING!!!