Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spiderman 3: The Battle Within

Damn screw Pirates of the Caribbean( Ok I did not mean that) I cannot wait for Spidey 3.

That's all I'm saying!

More Villains...and who's the dude with the Black Spidey suit?

Now my new avatar combines Spidey's and Tato's


Half 'n' half said...

Looking good and very creative! You should copy right it!

egm said...

Next year looks like will have two definite huge box-office weekends with Spidey and Pirates both being released.

A random thought... that spidey being both good and bad reminds me of Superman 3 where there was a bad man of steel.

So, what are your thoughts on Casino? Bado hujanena... (other than the tsk tsk tsk on MB's, which I can't make much of!)

mocha said...

wewe....where is my credit regarding the heads up??? LOL!

I can't wait for both to chomoka next year.

I am with egm....wapi review on Casino Royale. I am still shaking my head in (good)disbelief on the 'tip' scene.

Anonymous said...

Better read up on your spiderman, dude is still spiderman and the suit is pretty much an alien. starts messing up his head one of the best spiderman story lines. cannot wait!!!

Couch 'tato said...

@halfnfalf:its lookin too too good

@egm and mocha choca: y'all made me do a post on casino royale

@egm:i saw the preview and it looks yummy yummy

@ocha:ha ha si i gave u credit way back then

@anon: am tellin u ive watched that preview and i still dont believe it peter parker...but that costume rocks!

Acolyte said...

The black suit spidey has was given to him by aliens, it is actually a symbiote and when got rid of it, it joined Eddie Brock and they became venom.I hear that in the latest comic books he has gone back to the black suit but not the symbiote.

Anonymous said...

That avator is a work of art. That will be one hell of a weekend, i cant wait! Aliens giving spidey a suit? That has me intrigued!