Thursday, December 14, 2006

Funny Golden Oldies

I like doing flashback posts...and nothing is more worth it than reminiscing over good laughs! These movies if I recall well had me laughing in different styles. Talking of nostrils never quite recovering. Laughing from deep down and expressing it in a noise that resembles that of laughter. This was inspired by KM who we have been reminiscing with funny moments.

These are classic gems and I pray that you have watched at least some. I had already mentioned Mrs Doubtfire in a previous post so here are some more...

So if you'll are wondering what to get me for christmas....surprisingly most of these were Christmas movies.

Tommy Boy

Rest in Peace Chris Farley but this movie will forever be one of my funniest!David Spade was totally out of this world here...great stuff!!!!Great scenes...with him spanking mr naughty. Chris singing "fat boy in a little coat..." Them singing rock in the car..and then change of scene they are crying singing sad love songs...

Look at that mad-funny tagline. "if at first you do not suceed, lower your standards!"

Three Amigos

What else do yo expect when you team up Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short? do you remember their song? Funniest bit was Chase and Martin running out of water in a desert and they are dying of thirst...and Short is there pouring water all over his face!


Steve Martin at his best. That chick getting locked out of her own house feeding that cute cat...precious! That NOSE!!!!

National Lapoon's European Vacation and Christmas Vacation.

Both were laugh out loud the Griswald family that entailed a whacky dad. a kinky mom a dumb bro and a smart ass sis! I loved Christmas Vacation better-there is this part where they hit soe serious potholes and the sis thinks she has had her first period!

Home Alone 2.

For some reason I really found this funny! Poor sticky bandits!

Blazing Saddles.

Lord have his mercy.Punching out an OX? LMAO!

Homeward Bound

This was such a classic. Sassy was the most gorgeous cat with sarcasm and nasty one liners!She was cool and calm and bitchy!! The 2 dogs were great as well.


KenyanMusings said...

aiii, cheers baby. If I said you have been keeping me awake, well, no need for shit stirring here, they would never understand why I'm giggling at meeting haki. *smh*.

LOOOOOL, riiri, aiii, home alone? Pia you Nick.

Tommy boy, Good one dude! Good one.
"I can actually hear you growing fatter"

Halafu when tommy was telling that mama about sales or something, eti "Hello there pretty little pet, I love you. And then I stoke it, and I pet it, and I massage it.I love it, I love my little naughty pet, you're naughty"....something like that, whaaaat, i'm gutterised.

The other funny one I can relate is Roxanne. LOOOOL. Ngai its an old movie, kwani you pensioner!!

Tihii, the way that mama was tip toeing huko in the bushes in the nude....tehe, halafu she says eti she was using irony saying eti she does not want a coat, halafu he goes eti "We haven't had any irony here since about, uh, '83, when I was the only practitioner of it". tihiii, I use that line all the time and people dont gerrit!! ugh.

Hlafu...mwhehehe, I dont think Jackie Onassis would have gone far if she had an anchor on her arm...LOOOOOL, about tatoos, remember?, I did not know who Jackie O was at that time so i tawtally floaated.

LOOOL, the Nose. mwehhehe, they said it wast big but I didn't think it would be this big. Its huge, enormous!! humongous even..kwekwe.

I'll look for one or two of those and watch vile I haven't watched them.
It jammed, thats why I bailed. Pole sana.

Uaridi said...

Nick, when I think of oldies my mind flashes to the 40s and 50s movies - black and white.

When are you going to do a review of those?

Mitzy said...

@ Couch, good job taking us back as usual. I've watched and loved all those movies, except Three Amigos.
I must say the Grizwald family are a hilarious bunch! They won the "Pig in a Poke" competition! And the scene where the dad revered into Stonehenge...priceless!
I first came to really know Steve Martin when I watched Roxanne back in the day..."wait..wait..the ladder is up...wait...wait!" when he was running after the fire truck!
I LOVED Blazing Saddles, too funny and a classic for sure. They still show it on cable once in a while.
Have you watched Stripes? I think it too would fall in this category.

Acolyte said...

At least you said something nice about the dogs, didnt want to have to come over and slap you silly!
Now do accomodate the geriatric lady with a review or two!

GND said...

Home alone and Homeward bound are 2 movies that take me back more than a few years. I'll watch a funny movie any day.

Aegeus said...

SWOOSH! **that is how this post blew over my head** Out of all those i confess i have only watched Mrs Doubtfire - loved it - and Home Alone 2. More work needs to be done. I will sms my libu pronto they put them on hold for me!

Ichiena said...

Yaani, kumbe I am young. I don't know half of those movies.But I enjoyed Roxanne lots. I know you will kill me for this but methought it was one of the best love stories of its time!

Ichiena said...

yaaani, this word verification has tessad me mpaka i almost left a blank comment - ati i was automatically just verifying! LOL!

Princess said...

Roxanne is one of my favorites...I love Steve Martin.

Sanjay said...

I'll look for one or two of those and watch vile I haven't watched them.