Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Movies I cannot wait to see next year

Yup bumped into these previews and I am already excited about the new year. Of course you all know I'm dying to catch Spidey 3. But these are movies I did not know existed till I caught the previews and I am screaming from the rooftops or balcony of whatever movie theatre am standing on " must watch must watch!"

What movies are you all waiting for? others include Die Hard 4, Rush Hour 3, Sin City 2, Ghost Rider....


If you liked DATE MOVIE as it made jokes of all those typical romantic comedies...then why won't you love to see movies of these year get spoofed. From Pirates...X-men...Superman Rerurns...Borat...Macho Libre...Little man...
From 2 of the 6 writers of Scary movie what else will you expect but a solid good dose of cheap humor.
Movie Buff made me a promise that she will watch this movie...and like it!


Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy again. Yes I do enjoy it when he plays many roles like in Nutty Proffesor or Coming to America... Looks funny...sounds funny so I'm guessing it is funny!


Watched the preview...and it has all it takes to lure you in like a sucker. I loved the cartoon.." more than meets the eye...autobots meet their battle to destriy the evil forces of the decepticons..."

and it's Michael Bay ( though without Bruckheimer....I warned you bout the Island..but you didn't listen) But it has Blockbuster written all over it.

Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End

Yes I am ready to sail to the end of the eart' to bring back Jack Sparrow. Go Bruckheimer! Go Barbosa! Go Sparrow! Go! GO!


This will be personal. 3 villains...oh yes! Between this and Pirates my loyalties are mixed.

Simpsons: The Movie

This looks like the makings of a mad funny should see Homer being caught between a Rock and a Hard Place. Hilarious...Oh the opening scene with a bunny hopping is out of this world! In 2-D!

Ocean's Thirteen

What more could you ask for in a star studded cast. STAR STUDDED CAST then add AL PACINO!!!!!!! AL PACINO-that's all for the review! I'd heard Julia Roberts is not returning....shame on you!!!! I could do without Zeta Jones but Roberts coe back you Erin Brockovich you!

Shrek 3

Cammon we all love us some SHREK!MUST MUST WATCH!!!


Archer said...

Weeh! Habari ya xmas?

My two bob on the upcoming movies:
1. Epic Movie= Yes!!
2. Norbit- no thanks. I've outgrown Eddie Murphy's humour
3. Transformers- Yes!!
4. Pirates 3- I slept through Pirates 2 so no thanks.
5. Spiderman 3- I snored loudly through Spidey 2 so again, no thank you! (please don't shoot me!)
6. Simpsons- maybe I'll give it a try
7. Oceans 13- Yes yes an emphatic YES!! Most definitely!
8. Shrek 3- I watched Shrek 2 with a bunch of 6 year olds two days ago and I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it so I'll make a point to watch Shrek 3.

Nakeel said...

Am with you bro will travel to the end of the world and bring John Sparrow.

How come now that Julia aint there on Ocean 13 yeah Jones can go but not Roberts.

Spiderman 3 hurry hurry.

Norbit will watch in the middle of the night when suffering from insomnia.

Happy New Year bro.

@Archer show your face Mr C-Note you are around so can get sonme Pilsiner

Movie Buff said...

I agree with the following choices



yep.. thats about it!

Couch 'tato said...

@archer:catch the preview for Norbit and Simpsons u'll change ur mind

@Sis:hata wewe uve disowned norbit?

@Moviebuff:as u have seen u promised me Epic Movie...haki and dont hate on spidey and oceans 13

Movie Buff said...

And Simpsons.... I dont know how I forgot that one!

Couch 'tato said...

@buff: keep talking...dont stop till u get enough cammon...

Ichiena said...

i am watching all EXCEPT Norbit. Norbit, i will wait for sis to borrow a bad copy from Sarit and watch when i am bedridden. Otherwise, i will wait 2 years down the line.

Captain Jack Sparrow!! I clapped at the second one. Spider 3 - i got hooked by the upside down kiss so even if it is Spider 30, I am theeee.

Shrek. Sigh! Shrek. The love of ma movie life.

Oceans 13 and Transformers, I will watch just because they might be good. Simpson it's so that i can say i have seen.

Na kijana, it's Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Princess said...

The only one I will watch is Oceans 13.

Archer said...

@Naks: eish! Sio Pilsiner my dear! And mine was the styled up version Pilsner Ice but too bad EABL don't consider me adequate market! I'll hola real soon!
@'tato: I can smell a two bob movie from a mile away so Norbit can take a pass! Simpsons maybe. But Norbit sahau!

Anonymous said...

Will give all the above a try, if i happen to fall asleep in any of them, ah well. :-) Considering i still have to catch up and watch this year's movies, i have a loooooooong way to go!

mocha said...

I am collecting those popcorn tokens like wow....cant wait!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the movie 300. It will probably be bigger that 8 of your movies combined

My order: transformers, simpsons, ocean's 13, shrek