Thursday, November 30, 2006

R rated movies of R time

Dedicated to Patron Saint and Aco who is on the bilaz train. Patron saint had had an R rated encounter of late...

Back in the day this was as close to porn that we could get...the fact that they had running storylines was even all the whole lot greater!


oh yes! what a story line! what a duo!
Douglas had created a niche for himself. The story line was great.
Sharon stone was fabulous and we all remember that famous cris-crossing of her legs.

Grrrr Hrrrr Prrrr

Fatal Attraction

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, a jilted lover demanding strings after a one-night stand. Let no woman come between her not even a BUNNY!

Glen Close at her best!
Douglas again

Nine and a Half Weeks

Kim Bassinger had come a long way


As Gloria Estefan's song said "turn the beat around...turn it upside down...get it get it up right now...the violins are moving to the nitty gritty...guitar scratchin..."

You remember the trailer ...Stallone...Stone...The Specialist

Fair Game

Cindy Crawford and her mole, and William Baldwin=Better believe it equals fair game.

No story line but....


Oh yeah Douglas you thought you had your game till Demi Moore turned the tables...didn't you feel like a piece of meat?!

Go Demi Go Demi Go!

Indecent Proposal

Demi Demi for a million bucks would you sell off your wife?

Woody Harrelson, Demi and a very rich Robert Redford


Shiroh said...

I loved all those movies especially Basic Instinct and Demi Demi in Indecent Proposal.

I would watch IP today.

Na selling your ass for a million bucks,..mmh..still thinking about it. NOt a bad idea. Still remember the black dress, the dude winnin at the casino..Nice movie twas
Who says Aco is off train did i miss something.a.

Anonymous said...

Those movies rocked!

Anonymous said...

Good times.

Half 'n' half said...

finally movies I love! who can ever forget sharon stones leg cross! I hope BS2 doesnt spoil it

acolyte said...

This is the only movie post that I can say I have seen upto 70% of the movies mentioned. That in no way reflects on my character does it?
@ shiroh
Chooo choo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couch 'tato said...

@shiroh and Aco:finally wwe know whhat movies y'all have been watching

@aegeus:that they did...memories anze u get that tape u run home!

@halfnhalf:i actually havent watched it yet bs2 i.e. but that cross over has been spoofed so many time sit ust be a classic scene of all time

modoathii said...

couch 'tato, kwanza now i'll have the telly all to myself for a while, i don't have to share it with jobo, so i'll be tembelearing your blog to see what to go see. i'm like opposite of aco, 30% msee, and now we are talking of the whole blog. i need to get watching. bring it on!

Couch 'tato said...

30%is unacceptable dear Couch! but slow but sure..i hope u didnt sya bring it on the wat Nakaaya was saying it on project fame

Movie Buff said...

The Baldwins are such vag dryers.
The hairy chest is such a turn off.

And I dont know how people can think Stallone is sexy [the people who cast him I mean].

Klara said...

I love Indecent Proposal..It's those kind of movies that keep u glued to ur T.V..

Princess said...

The only one that I have watched and that I love is Fatal Attraction.

Daud (Don't call me nice!)El Rude said...
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