Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Best of Sit-Coms


Ten years and it only got better. We loved them. Laughed with them. It boasted with enough super-star guest appearances. I never missed any episode and I probably could recite a few off heart. One of the best sit-coms ever! The depth of each character within the first few episode is what captivated most people

Funny thing is Chandler was my favorite character-he reminds me too much off me, but over time I realized Ross was very underrated…and up to now it arguable if I liked Ross or Chandler more. Phoebe on the other hand wins that place hands down! Oh R.I.P Phoebe and your one-lady guitar songs!

Malcolm in the Middle:

Season one will be my all time best. Never have jokes been delivered in such a manner. Intelligent jokes that hit you a few seconds later!

4boys and whacky parents. Dysfunctional had a new meaning and spelling. Has the best writing for a comedy…spit out/choke out funny!

Of the extras I cherished:

Stevie: The poor medically and physically handicapped best friend- who’s disability was the punch line of any jokes. His parents were also a bag of laughs!

Craig the poor loser assistant that lived with a cat, and pined for LOIS-who could care less if he existed or dropped dead!

Grandma Ida: Gosh this woman was the devil incarnate!

Just Shoot Me:

Raw and Nasty. A publishing magazine…A rich father, a competitive daughter, a womanizing photographer, a cheeky smart-ass assistant, and an ex-super model turned slut! What a cast!

Golden Girls:

An all time classic. Its amazing how such a show survived, in fact some episodes would have just the four of them…and the jokes delivered were lethal.

This was an 80's show that was way ahead of its time!

An overly confident and social slut!
A dumb blonde!
A nasty old mom whose words cut like a knife!
A nasty daughter whose sarcasm compensates for her inept life!


Two Harvard Trained brothers, who happen to be Psychiatrists! Arrogant, rich, elitist snobs! I will admit that this show has high-class humor! Run for a good 11 seasons! It has the record of winning the highest amounts of Emmy’s!


It’s rare to get a comedy that will captivate you in terms of on going story line and the jokes behind. I will admit Season 1 didn’t do much for me...perhaps because I was following it on a weekly basis. But luckily I got DVD’s for season 2-4…and Season 4 seems to be the best ever!

As usual there is the slapstick humor! The nasty one-liners! The cat-fights and bitch-fights! It’s a modern day Ally McBeal meets Just shoot me. Cheap humor with intelligent wit! You never go wrong with such a mix!

Each character is severely flawed, and when you mix them up you get one of the best shows out there! Officially, it has been put on my top ten comedies of all time!

Outstanding feature about the show is the depth at which we know the minor roles like: The Todd, The Janitor, The Lawyer Ted, The assistant nurse Lavern, The incompetent resident Doug, The nasty Ex-Wife-Jordan

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Acolyte said...

Fao! 'nuff said!

Princess said...

I loved Friends and I agree that Phoebe was hilarious although I really liked Ross the best.

Movie Buff said...

Only Golden Girls needs a mention.


Overhyped nonesensical waste of 30 minutes!

3N said...

You can't have any list without Seinfield. Funniest show ever!

Half 'n' half said...

Hi, CP
@Buffie? are you for real? I have ALL the DVD's of friends and can watch them endlesly. But Ross and Monica were my worst characters, Phhoebe my favourite then chandler.

I HATE MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE, actually everyone in our house hates it.

I agree with the rest especially goldern girls. It is still fun to this day. But if you watch frasier now it is quiet boring

aegeus said...

Ditto on all. Scrubs is my current favourite. I think i am watching season 5 on MNET and it has gotten better with each new season. In season 1 the characters were still not established in their roles but have grown and now 'own' them.

Shiroh said...

Not a couch so i watch sit coms if i get the chance to.

But the Golden Girls had lines.

Couch 'tato said...

@acolyte:u win the tato prize
@princess:phoebe so rocked and actually so did Ross
@MB:yaani even after a hiatus we still dont get along
@3n:i would have added HOME IMPROVEMENT..but not SEINFIELD
@halfnhalf:i hear u on the collections i dubbed those things on tape...but shame on u on ross and shame on u on onica...she so rocked with her compulsiveness...rememebre how she wished she had a small vacuum cleaner to clean her other vacuum cleaner

OMG i have just read the Malcolm comment-its WAR!

@aegeus:yes u now kno ur stuff achana na hawa wengine

@shiroh:pole pole tu .Golden Girls Killed!

Ichiena said...

Friends. My evening practically rotated around it. I used to have a "permanent" seat in Box then - I would skive class, get there in time to watch Rastrut, Neigbours, News, Friends, something I cannot remember (I think this is when i would deposit my books in my room), News and then X-Files.

Maclom, Just Shoot Me and who remembers a one seasoner called Stark Raving Mad. Cracked me up without fail.

Mitzy said...

Couch, I love Golden Girls! Its an all time classic I watch to this day! I also sometimes watch Matlock and Columbo! They are predictable, but they take me back to the late 80s! One show I watched in the US 3 years ago that got cancelled was Madigan Men, was too funny!
FRIENDS- Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you!
FRASIER- Loved it, always feel sorry for Niles!
Do you currently watch Still Standing? Bill and Judy and their kids just kill me!