Monday, November 27, 2006

Desparate Housewives III:1-8

After a disappointing second season, the show has returned fresh as the morning dew! Honestly this season has had some good laughs..Gabrielle is back to her sassy, almost bitchy self. She's always the victor yet the loser at the same time. Her one-line exchanges with her house-maid/surrogate mother of her child. Her feuds with Ricardo as they each try to out-do each other in hurting one another...each other out for the other's neck. Susan as usual has managed to get herself involved with some Brit! Edie's tentacles are sharper than ever. The Scavo's have problems of their own as they deal with Tom's Ex.

New twists:
- Bree's new husband the Dentist(go Dentist) has some sordid dark past intertwined with Mike Delfino who conveniently has retrograde amnesia. Si what happened to his wife? Why did he run over Mike and remember he had a PRISON connection in season 2?
-Now Bree and Orsen are made for each other with their cleanliness idiosyncrancies. Did you see Bree shudder when she had her first orgasm, she rushed to the E.R complaining of shortness of breath and what she described as a mini-stroke! I swear this season is laugh out loud!
-A pedophile has just moved into Wysteria lane.
-Julie is catching some different strokes with the new bad boy-Edie's nephew.
-Edie has moved in on Mike...remember that "carnivore" reference in season 1.
-Orsen's mother, played by Dixie Carter, a great actress remember her
from Differen' Strokes and Ladies' Man?

-Looks like the writers never had any plans of writing in a baby for the Solize's
-Bree's too quiet...or have they run out of storylines for him yet
-The whole Orsen story seems a little re-wound with the whole season one story line...but maybe it has potential.Enough with the murder mysteries...His mother,played by Dixie Carter, a great actress remember her from Differen' Strokes and Ladies' Man?

What makes a great show I always say is the development of good characters...obviously this is well cast show...but the humor is icy! Some serious quotes worth writing down! Worth every second of celluloid!

Summary:Knots Landing meets Melrose Place

Verdict: Season 3 has made up for a bad season 2...hopefully this time the Emmy's will be kind.


Acolyte said...

I just dont watch that show at all!I am bila time or motivation...

Half 'n' half said...

Am with Aco, I dont watch that show, its too annoying...

Ichiena said...

@Aco and !/2n!/2 :What! When I got season 1 I stayed up an entire night and 3/4 the next day watching. I am now on Season 3. The storyline is out of this world.

Princess said...

Talk about a comeback..Season 3 is awesome!! Season 2 was indeed the worst season...glad the writers got back on track this season!!

Anonymous said...

Season two was quite disappointing. Glad that the writers pulled up their socks in season III. Cant wait to get my hands on it!

Movie Buff said...


I hate this show.

Daud El Rude(am back!!!) said...
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