Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Season Premiere-Lost III

There is 24...there is HBO drama...and then there is LOST! Hook, line, sinker and boat-that's me!

Finally got the first 4 episodes and I swallowed them whole. What's so glorious about this is the infinte possibilities that the writers can have with the storyline and the characters! The fact each character is a story on there own-past and present-with with the extra mile of intertwining their lives in the past.

The whole "Others" aspect. The whole Island aspect. Enough intrigue to keep you going. There is so much we don't know yet and we're at the mercy of the writers! Dharma Initiative. Supernatural creatures! Electromagnetic forces!

Watch season 3

-New Characters...I totally like Ben the leader of the "others"

-It may look like it's lost its steam, but Lost still has its original appeal.

-So what's with the rumor that Ecko was killed..apparently get a D.U.I charge and your killed in the script ask Ana Lucia...

-Great Show... an obvious must see...Get lost in LOST

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maitha said...

AAA was not at his best in Lost , blame it on OZ .So far I like what s3 has esp with the " others " concept which should make it stick around for a couple more seasons .