Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Compare and Contrast-Movies:1

As they say in Hollywood you never run out of ideas...then again sometimes good ideas or fresh ideas are realised and before you know it you have similar movies coming out at the same time. Similar especially in story background

This post is dedicated to and requested by Ichiena

So which did you prefer? The movie that I have started with was my better of the two.

A bug's life Vs Antz

A bugs life was just funny!

Saving Private Ryan Vs A thin red line

Without a doubt saving private ryan! Ive said it before i'll say it again!

War genre!

Sixth Sense vs Stir of Echoes

I see dead people! Not a bad flick....neither was Stir of echoes
But Sixth sense came first so...not to mention Bruce Willis was dead the entire!

Supernatural Genre!

Armageddon Vs Deep Impact

Killer soundtrack and Bruckheimer/Bay combo-Armageddon.

Meteor Genre! Earth Run!

Wild Things Vs Cruel Intentions

damn i loved both!

Kinky Genre! Grrrrr! Grrrrr!

LXG Vs HellBoy Superhero genre!

Scream Vs I know What you did last summer

I really enjoyed Scream1-3...not that it was scary but for some reason it gave good entertainment!

Teenage stars in a horror flick!

Underworld Vs Van Helsing

I actually dozed off in Van Helsing...yawn...Underworld 1 and 2 were not so bad.

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Ichiena said...

This is comment 3!!! Phew. I am about to sue blogger.

Thanks Tato.

I agree with you on all except the first. I can never decide which one was better - Antz or Bugs life. That applies to all animations like Finding Nemo vs SharkTales.

Movie Buff said...

Movies I have watched on that whole list amount to only 7

I know what you did last summer, Armageddon,Antz, A Bugs Life, Sixth Sense, Cruel Intentions and Hell Boy

Sixth sense is the business!

Reel Fanatic said...

I'll always take Cruel Intentions over Wild Things, and you're definitely right about The Thin Red LIne .. that flick, especially compared to the great Saving Private Ryan .. was just a flaming bag of crap

Half 'n' half said...

I think "I know what you did last summer" has THE MOST ingenious sequel. Better than the 2 they put in almost all sequels.

sixth sense was great: Bruce willis being dead the whole time was too hilarious; you heard about when that boy was arrested drunk driving and the headline was "I see drunk people" LOOL

Acolyte said...

I was here and I still rule!

Iwaya said...

what is it with Sean Connery?!? he just creeps up on me and grows and grows until i practically love almost everything this man has acted in? i swore never to watch Extraordinary League but when i did finally watch it, well, i was completely took! But Hellboy, well now i think there is a movie that is on its way to becoming a classic with some fantastically funny dialogue and then of course that great declaration of love at the end i won't reveal bse it's worth being hit by it on your own terms...i can't choose between these two....lovely movies i watch again and again and i still have yet to think i have gone into all the layers.

i defintely would take cruel intentions nearly every time! but neve campbell did put in some of her finest acting in Wild Things, glimpses of which i would only find again in the company and a very few other things. so Wild Things is kind of a sentimental monument. if pressed though, cruel intentions every time!

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