Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It's been 10 years since I started following the box office. Ten years since I'd set the timer for "Showbiz TODAY" with Jim Moret and Lauren Sydney. Ten years since the Tato became fully fledged in movie trivia. Box office results used to be a criteria for me to watch a movie. It never is the best criteria but at the time it worked...Most of the box office hits I didn't like much. The likes of TITANIC, M.I.B, LOST WORLD, goodness Batman and Robin was crap!

So what were the hot numbers of that year...just to name a few...

As good as it gets

Brilliant-OUCH those one liners!!!!

L.A Confidential

Kevin Spacey, Russel Crowe, Guy Pierce, Kim Basinger and James Cromwell...they don't make movies like these no more. CLASSIC!!!! Obviously Basinger didn't deserve that oscar but it was a great movie.

Great Al Pacino...can he ever go wrong?

Al Pacino's yelling always gets me everytime.
Who can ever forget the classic line "Fuh' Get bout it!"

Some funny gems

Julia yelling " chose me marry me let me make you happy!" classic.

Some Classic Gems

Actually at the time Michael Douglas was quite reliable on picking good movies...shame on you for You Me and Dupree!
But the Game was definitely a plot turner!

Some Ok action

Who I'm i kidding I loved Face/Off!!!!!
As for you Teri Hatcher making me run all the way to 20th to see you...Damn you for dying in the first 8 minutes after you promoted yourself as the Bond Girl! I loved the merchandising in this film. But she could slap me anytime..that slap was HOT!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Tato's Oscars 2007 Projections

Ok! Ok! I have been forced into blogging by my peers. The ‘tato has been busy (read broke!) but a ‘tato all the same. I have been catching up on Oscar movies, in my favorite couch. Needless to say tato is bila time or cash for big screen…Tsk! Tsk!(Aegeus 2007) How is that harambee going guys…or do I have to auction a date with ‘tato for the highest bidder???? Any takers out there???

This Sunday Oscar results are unleashed. Hmmm! As usual I’m caught in a dilemma between who I want to win and who should win…and who I think will win. Of course now that I am going to air my views out loud I bet I’m gonna lose big time…that’s the thing with critics you should just stick to critiquing and not betting so here goes my tato projections.

Best Picture

Babel,The Departed, Queen, Little Miss Sunshine, Letters from Iwo Jima.

I haven’t watched the Eastwood flicked but I liked the other four. But darn it Eastwood has won far too many times.

Sunshine was such a nice movie to sit back on the couch and watch-cute and funny! Babel are what long movies were made for…4 running storylines all intertwined…

Queen…was this movie about the Queen or Diana?

Departed…my movie event of the year…ALL STAR CAST-GREAT!....but with Oscar History Great never wins…remember how Saving Private Ryan, Lord of the Rings 1+2 lost?

Who I want to win: Departed

Who should win: Babel

Who will win: Probably Babel…and I’m seeing Little Miss Sunshine creeping in as an underdog. Departed…they could stiff Scorcese in Directing and let him get here. Queen no it was too documentary for me.

Best Actor

Will Smith. Forrest Whitaker. Leonardo DiCaprio. Peter O’Toole, Ryan Gosling

Will did some good work…but doesn’t deserve the oscar for this or for the past. Leonardo has come a long way coming. Forrest Whitaker was outstanding and may he win .

Who I want to win: Forrest Whitaker…are we ready for another Black Oscar year so soon after Jamie?

Who should Win
: Forrest Whitaker

Who will win: Probably DiCaprio (I’d have routed for him in Departed) or Ryan Gosling.

Best Actress:

Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz

I may have found Queen a tad British (read yawn!) but bet you by golly wow, biscuits and crumpets that Queen was the real deal! As for Meryl and her umpteenth nominations…not for this movie surely!

Who I want to win: Helen Mirren. (Though I feel Judi Dench deserves a full Oscar she was stiffed some time back and managed a mediocre supporting Oscar)

Who should win: Helen Mirren

Who will win: Helen Mirren.

Supporting Actor:

Eddie Murphy, Djimon Honsou, Mark Wahlberg, Alan Arkin, and Jackie Haley

This is a tough one…cause I’m sure blacks would be routing for Djimon Honsou…I think he is a great actor. Didn’t watch Jackie Haley so I’ll review the 4.

Who I want to win: Eddie Murphy. I mean he was nominated after all I’d be happy if he won….but what are the odds?

Who should Win: Mark Wahlberg. I think he broke out in this character then again…you’d break out to if your script was full of “F” words!

Who will win:Alan Arkin….I’m telling you such characters are the type that win in Oscars…mark my word! OR they give it to a black guy…and then I can see Djimon getting it.

Supporting Actress:

Adriana Barraza, Jennifer Hudson, Abigail Breslin, Cate Blanchette, and Rinko Kikuchi

Adriana and Rink were both in Babel. I liked them there but I don’t think they were exceptional. But Oscars always see to favor minorities in this categories so don’t be surprised if they win. Especially Rinko who played a deaf child…think Piano that deaf mum!!! Out of all this Abigail and Jennifer stand out. Abigail was this cute little thing while Jennifer was a towering inferno-WOW! Watch her perform “Am not leaving without you!”

Who I want to win: Abigail Breslin-hey let a young kid win for a change

Who should win: Jennifer Hudson

Who will win: Jennifer Hudson…or them chicks from Babel.

Best Director

For Babel, Departed, United 93, Queen , Letter from Iwo Jima

Cammon give Scorcese an Oscar already! He’s been stiffed far two many times and the last time losing out to Clint Eastwood who they’re nominated together with.

Who I want to win: Scorcese for Departed

Who should win: Scorcese

Who will win: I would not be surprised if Babel won…think English Patient, think Shakespeare in Love…majority of movies that win are rarely box office smash…but Babel-like. ( I think I want Babel to win secretly!)

Best Writing (Adapted and Original)

I think Little Miss Sunshine , Departed and Babel stand out. I’m routing for these.

Oscar Movies mentioned that I've never reviewed

Babel: This is what real Oscar movies are made of. Think Piano, think Memoirs of a Geisha…think almost on the brink of boredom yet wait a minute am not bored! I’m seeing Babel being the major Oscar winner this year! It is a damn good movie...that’s what it is. Wonderful story! Wonderful plot… its just wonderful! As opposed to Departed that was great….there is something about wonderful that beats great!

Apocalypto: Is the best movie I have watched this year on big screen. I’ve never seen such violence on the screen since History of Violence (no pun intended) The fact that it is in subtitles makes it all the more authentic. Trust me this is a great journey of a movie must watch must watch. And since it’s been nominated for Best Make up and Sound may it win since it was snobbed. Directed by Mel Gibson

DreamGirls: Hmmm musical. Only thing I liked about it was seeing the likes of Danny Glover , Eddie Murphy share a screen together. No, feelings for Beyonce’s acting. Jennifer Hudson was phenomenal. Hey Jaleel White makes a cameo so much for his supposedly dead rumor. Watch at home…the songs ain’t all that anyway! For some reason I hated Jamie Foxx in this movie…note the character but the actor...something was a miss.

Children of Men: Nominated in Best Editing. I think it should win..there are some scenes there where you jump out of your seat yelping. That movie was put together very well. It’s different. But you have to see Julianne Moore getting shot by the rebels to believe what a gunshot scene should feel and sound like! And there is a guy who get whacked on the head with a car-battery…yes yes yes!!!!

The Prestige and Illusionist: Both about magicians and magic. Surprisingly, Edward Norton disappointed me for the first time in Illusionist or maybe I expected more…Both have very great endings, but Prestige stands out. Prestige is quite the plot twister leaving you with many unanswered questions-typical of a movie directed by the same director as Memento. Prestige is really something…Must watch! Illusionist is ….luke-warmly ok!