Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Movies I cannot wait to see next year

Yup bumped into these previews and I am already excited about the new year. Of course you all know I'm dying to catch Spidey 3. But these are movies I did not know existed till I caught the previews and I am screaming from the rooftops or balcony of whatever movie theatre am standing on " must watch must watch!"

What movies are you all waiting for? others include Die Hard 4, Rush Hour 3, Sin City 2, Ghost Rider....


If you liked DATE MOVIE as it made jokes of all those typical romantic comedies...then why won't you love to see movies of these year get spoofed. From Pirates...X-men...Superman Rerurns...Borat...Macho Libre...Little man...
From 2 of the 6 writers of Scary movie what else will you expect but a solid good dose of cheap humor.
Movie Buff made me a promise that she will watch this movie...and like it!


Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy again. Yes I do enjoy it when he plays many roles like in Nutty Proffesor or Coming to America... Looks funny...sounds funny so I'm guessing it is funny!


Watched the preview...and it has all it takes to lure you in like a sucker. I loved the cartoon.." more than meets the eye...autobots meet their battle to destriy the evil forces of the decepticons..."

and it's Michael Bay ( though without Bruckheimer....I warned you bout the Island..but you didn't listen) But it has Blockbuster written all over it.

Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End

Yes I am ready to sail to the end of the eart' to bring back Jack Sparrow. Go Bruckheimer! Go Barbosa! Go Sparrow! Go! GO!


This will be personal. 3 villains...oh yes! Between this and Pirates my loyalties are mixed.

Simpsons: The Movie

This looks like the makings of a mad funny should see Homer being caught between a Rock and a Hard Place. Hilarious...Oh the opening scene with a bunny hopping is out of this world! In 2-D!

Ocean's Thirteen

What more could you ask for in a star studded cast. STAR STUDDED CAST then add AL PACINO!!!!!!! AL PACINO-that's all for the review! I'd heard Julia Roberts is not returning....shame on you!!!! I could do without Zeta Jones but Roberts coe back you Erin Brockovich you!

Shrek 3

Cammon we all love us some SHREK!MUST MUST WATCH!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Currently at the Box Office

Nativity Story

Was actually looking for a feel-good movie something that could set me into the christmas mood. This wasn't it. I didn't feel overwhelmed...or as the cliche would go I did not feel the spirit. Pun intended.

I was disappointed!


It is being called the Lord of the Rings of this year...and come last Friday I run to the theatre.Verdict???Disappointed Disappointed Disappointed. The baby-dinosaur was definitely cute...but I felt like I was watching a Disney movie. I felt like I was in Std 5 being taken on a nice kiddy fairy tale story. No! What a waste of fine actors like Jeremy IRons and Jon Malkovich. What a waste of hype!

Happy Feet.

Had gone expecting to be disappointed...and was so NOT! It's a cartoon so my expectations were down there until I heard that Prince song and I was toe-tapping like the Tagline says. "you don't have to be rich to rule my world...ain't no particular kind I'm more compatible with I just want your extra time and you're.....kiss."

The above scene was so so so cute with baby Gloria trying to poke into the shell so that Mambo could hatch.

Robin Williams was great as Ramon and Lovelace.These 5 penguins put a whole lot of soul into the movie.Mumble/Mambo was great

My only problem is I felt they rushed that ending ....but the songs were great. The jokes were cut-throat! Sharp and icy! Special effects grand. Yup that's my movie of the week so far.Great! Great! Great!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Funny Golden Oldies

I like doing flashback posts...and nothing is more worth it than reminiscing over good laughs! These movies if I recall well had me laughing in different styles. Talking of nostrils never quite recovering. Laughing from deep down and expressing it in a noise that resembles that of laughter. This was inspired by KM who we have been reminiscing with funny moments.

These are classic gems and I pray that you have watched at least some. I had already mentioned Mrs Doubtfire in a previous post so here are some more...

So if you'll are wondering what to get me for christmas....surprisingly most of these were Christmas movies.

Tommy Boy

Rest in Peace Chris Farley but this movie will forever be one of my funniest!David Spade was totally out of this world here...great stuff!!!!Great scenes...with him spanking mr naughty. Chris singing "fat boy in a little coat..." Them singing rock in the car..and then change of scene they are crying singing sad love songs...

Look at that mad-funny tagline. "if at first you do not suceed, lower your standards!"

Three Amigos

What else do yo expect when you team up Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short? do you remember their song? Funniest bit was Chase and Martin running out of water in a desert and they are dying of thirst...and Short is there pouring water all over his face!


Steve Martin at his best. That chick getting locked out of her own house feeding that cute cat...precious! That NOSE!!!!

National Lapoon's European Vacation and Christmas Vacation.

Both were laugh out loud the Griswald family that entailed a whacky dad. a kinky mom a dumb bro and a smart ass sis! I loved Christmas Vacation better-there is this part where they hit soe serious potholes and the sis thinks she has had her first period!

Home Alone 2.

For some reason I really found this funny! Poor sticky bandits!

Blazing Saddles.

Lord have his mercy.Punching out an OX? LMAO!

Homeward Bound

This was such a classic. Sassy was the most gorgeous cat with sarcasm and nasty one liners!She was cool and calm and bitchy!! The 2 dogs were great as well.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Casino Royale

Gaddamn Mocha and Egm, a brada can't ululate in finding the perfect avatar...I almost feel like bringing back Spidey

I actually avoided reviewing Casino Royale...especially since Ichiena was supposed to be my let's get the review started right.

Verdict: Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

so what is that supposed to mean?

For starters, I actually see why the chose to go the Daniel Craig Route. We expected them to replace Pierce and for him to compete with the likes of Sean Connery and Roger Moore...but in fact what they did was give us a whole new BOND.

And i dont think it's workin unlike Justin Timberlake's "I'm bringing sexy back-yeah!"

And this may have played to their advantage. It's hard having to replace a character...think Batman...from Keaton to Kilmer to Cage ...and now Bale. Even Smallville did the same for Superman. The secret nowadays looks like it involves..going back to the roots and beginning all over again. Cause this is what Casino Royale actually is James Bond-Episode 1. Hollywood has discovered this whole Episode 1 genre and using it to revive Bond. Worked on Star Wars as well.

is it me or does he look like Rock from Fantastic Four. Move over Chiklis!
Move over Halle Berry that scene is being re-done!

Instead of suave and chique! Instead of classy, majestic, debonair-we now have a BRUT!
A cold mean Brut! Who to make things worse wastes our time falling in LOVE! Damn it-BOND doesn't do LOVE! Bond doesn't succumb to emotions! He doesn't have to he is BOND, James Bond to say the least! That whole sequence irritated the hell out of me...and for hi to be duped like that-is now pushing it! Bond is smart with lots of cheek! Oh no they didn't play him out like that!

Many may argue that perhaps this is what made him casual in his future flames..i refuse! They wasted to much time on that love story the same way Superman Returns did with Lois and Superman flyin around. Many may say this is the side of Bond we never knew...that this is the initial Bond that IAN FLEMING had in mind...and as BORAT would say NAAAAAAT!

Honestly, the movie started with such a BANG! His two killings in black and white that made him a 00 agent-EXCELLENT! That chase scene with that black guy was outstanding especially the aerial shots...I was damn well near clapping...however the whole story line went downhill. Too much time was wasted in the casino! Not even Judy Dench could help it not crumble down. Though I liked the interaction between Bond and in her room...was hoping to hear M stands for a prudish name like Margaret...The torture scene was fantastic and you can see the Cheek in Bond come out


Where were the gadgets? Where was the shameless advertising and merchandising like in "Tomorrow never dies?" Remeber how almost every ad on CNN was to do with Bond...from the watch, car rental, BMW... The cars? Where were they? The many many Bond Girls? Q? (yeah I know the original Q died and John Cleese came at the end?) But for the sake off continuity...damn it bring back Q and MONEY PENNY! Where was the killer Theme Song? I mean all BONDS had significant theme songs!

So as much as this was going back to the roots to re-invent BOND! I don't think you can reinvent a product 20 movies down the line! You cannot attempt to change BOND yet have his old traits ooze out...

I think Craig will do one more Bond before the franchise slowly tapers off! Perhaps it will grow..but they have taken BOND in a whole new direction. Which the old audience may not appreciate! It is doing very well in the box office...but the truth will be out come the second movie!

To me James Bond is not a BRUT or a THUG!

The movie is definitely worth a watch especially on big screen. It was satisfyingly long but there was room to make this movie more than it was. It left us wanting more! It had had great start...lousy end! Amidst glowing reviews...nah this wasn't the best BOND for me!

Spiderman 3: The Battle Within

Damn screw Pirates of the Caribbean( Ok I did not mean that) I cannot wait for Spidey 3.

That's all I'm saying!

More Villains...and who's the dude with the Black Spidey suit?

Now my new avatar combines Spidey's and Tato's