Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Still Looking for that summer movie...

Boy Oh boy I'm having so much fun with this blog I'll soon be spewing posts faster than Aco can click on the Publish button. Tho Nick is back Tato may soon become my new first blog love! And Ciku we are two separate entities...and D-Shy..cough cough i still owe you a post sijasahau.

So far ...


It sure did deliver in the sense that it was better than I expected and not to mention better than the entire x3 trilogy. I still don't like Halle Berry in that role as Storm as I did before in X1 maybe cause I think a Whole Oscar Award winner should be doing better E.G Jamie Foxx in Stealth.

But there were so many powers in store and many mutants. Loved the fact that they killed the Prof and Cyclops...and Jean Gray in the end. Wow if you love me you will save me...and Wolverine sticks it to her. Yumm!

And I actually think they have set it up for a sequel. Cammon Maitha think about it!

Apparently Brian Singer dumped X-3 to go work with Superman and I must admit, I have seen the new preview and am loving it loving it.

It is a summer movie and sad to say impressed me more than Da Vinci and M.I.3

Scary Movie 4

Ok yeah I know it wasn't a summer movie but it opened here finally. I laughed out Loud and Snorted out Loud as well. Cammon this to me is the ultimate spoof franchise...and having watched majority of what was being spoofed I enjoyed it like 100 more times.
Great Laughs...though it was sad Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielsen the King and Prince of Spoofs-didn't have big roles this time.

The funny thing is, when I watched Village some time back I could see it getting spoofed and was disappointed when it didn't get spoofed in Scary Movie3..so when that setting came up in this flick I was floored!

Great Great!


Wow this movie has been seriously trashed. But I think it's a good movie all the same. There was suspense and enough supporting characters from TV shows you'll think your watching Alias cum Six Feet Under cum Thief.

Like Firewall it's a simple movie that makes good viewing. I call them K.B.C movies I'll do a post on them later on..but in short it's a movie that gets you intrigued from start to finish, you get totally engrossed even at the simplest of storylines- it catches you by surprise and makes good viewing.

I mean it was way better than the Titanic.

Omen 666

I think it was more scary to watch Julia "Please don't look up there is an anvil falling" Stiles. (Yes you also noticed the flat face) Yup, how could she be playing a mum wasn't she a teenager the other day??

Anyway, now this remake had some really good scary one-second moments. Watch in a theatre with great surround and it will scare the shaite out of you for some 5 separate split seconds. But in whole it was just a so-so movie.


Robin Williams is back. If you enjoy cheap famliy comedy...this here is your movie. Nasty as Nasty gets. I totally recommend this one...it's been a while since Robin Williams delivered such a comedy. My all time fav of his is Mrs. Doubtfire-I can't get enough of that movie!
R.V a definite must see! Watch out for his daughter and her killer lines!

Now you see that R.V dangling in that mountain...that was a killer scene in the movie. Wah Wah Wah...somebody hold me back! Go watch it and if you do not laugh I will refund your money in dollars or euros...

I'm still waiting for Pirates of the Carribean and Superman Returns bu until then let's see what else is in store.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Of Seasons and Finales

By definition a couch potato is one who watches a whole lot of TV…and specifically not movies but TV shows. And this season that just passed the Tato has been at it again-of course with a lil help from the Patron Saint of TV and everything downloads.

So here is a quick list of what i've been watching this year. Not in any particular order... a few not mentioned include already previewed Rome and Entourage. Yet to clear Big Love and Elizabeth probably will feature in a future post HBO 2

Shield Season 5

If there was a show that came back stronger than ever! This was it! I felt sad that Glen Close wasn’t there this season but enter Forrest Whitaker. Damn, this guy had so much bile and was out to get Vic Mackey. It was personal. Guest appearances from Anthony Anderson were a welcome surprise…This is his best role yet, Let alone the way he is a black movie/TV ho.

Past seasons came to haunt the squad team beginning with Terry’s killing in episode 1. Lem’s killing at the end was totally uncalled for and totally unexpected-WOW! That’s what TV is made for. Shane! Shane! Shane!

Killer scenes between Forrest Whitaker and Vic Mackey…especially when Vic slept with his estranged wife and bragged how her pu$$y tasted like sweet sweet butter…and there was Whitaker definitely defeated explaining to Aceveda et al… how Vic is out to get him and even slept with his wife…Remember when he thought he had busted the Team and resigned in his room threw his comp adn lampshade-PURE RAW DRAMA!

Season Finale: GREAT!

Bad Comment: Too few shows!

24 Season 5

It took place between 7pm and 7pm… (“The day of the California presidential primary”…I always add that line from season 1)

Cut to the chase, cut the crap this show started with a BANG! President Palmer getting killed within the first ten minutes had my mouth open in shock. Straight shot to the neck! There wasn’t even a doubt that he’d survive like typical suspense pulling tricks…he was dead dead dead!

And so the action begun and didn’t let go. This time they pulled emotional surprises by killing off Palmer, Almeida and his wife not to mention Edgar. Four main characters-gone just like that.

Season Finale: The episode had ended on a too nice note everything going just as planned...except season 4 came back and grabbed Jack by the balls at the last 2 minutes of the finale!!!….setting up a serious Suspense twist to everything.

Bad Comment: None at all...even that pathetic President was awesome. However we still don’t know more about the bad guys-i.e. Paul McCrane who was on hands free...what was up with him?

Desperate Housewives Season 2

Last years hot new show started off slow…and remained slow. It was entertaining no doubt…but the essence of that dramedy was only re-captured in the last 3 episodes where I may have forgiven them for a slow season. From Bree’s son sleeping with her boyfriends for the ultimate revenge as he had promised in season 1, Edie burning Susan’s house and finding out which black brother really killed that girl sometime back…and Mrs. Huber’s sister framing Zack’s Dad. And the introduction of a psycho Dentist (now that’s a colleague I admire). Carlos having an affair with the housekeeper!

Season Finale: Cute in a way! I love flashbacks and all... hopefully they have set up for a killer season 3. They also pulled an alias and tried to bring back all other characters that had been killed off or left the show!

Bad Comment: The seemed to have lost the magic, but got it back. Is Nicollete Sheridan a recurring role cause I was pissed not to see her in the season finale (of course there was the bee sting incident LOL did u see her all bloated) but woulda liked to see her in the flashback sequences!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 2

I grew up on medical drama’s the like’s of E.R which will remain my fav medical drama of al time. But this show is actually well set in the surgical dept…and each character has substance. My fav is the Nazi a.k.a. Dr Bailey…it was even funnier seeing her lactating bearing in mind she is as hardcore as it gets. Dr Christina is also quite amusing-totally competitive and unemotional

Great Show. The highlight of the season was the explosive show where a patient had like a live bomb in his chest...which ended up exploding. WOW. I also liked the addition of Dr Allison Shepherd into the cast. She blended in so well, plus she oozes knowledge and charisma. It is very obvious that this is a well cast show.

Season Finale: that story line of Burke getting shot and Izzy faking a patient's medical vitals was good!

Bad Comment: That Love triangle with Shephard and Grey needs to end.

Smallville Season V

Now this show had started off very weak. I think they did not know what to do besides Kryptonite induced villains...but this soon changed. Each season got better, peaking at season 4. I’m actually happy it’s done so well and I will be a loyal fan all the way.

Season highlight: I think episode 100 was my best. When Jonathan gets killed after Clarke had sacrificed to save Lana and ended up losing his DAD! WOW. The soundtrack was also great for this show “you’re beautiful” by I think James Blunt

Lex eventually or finally turning evil that’s what everyone has been waiting for.

Season Finale: Clark locked up in that thingamajig-cliff hanger or what?

Bad Comment: Lionel knowing about Clark and Lex and Lana dating and the mom being Senator…not falling for that!

LOST Season 2

MMMMM! This show has me hooked! It really is bloody good…and the beauty of it lies in there being so many storylines running at the same time you might as well be watching 6 soaps at a time. Love all whole supernatural theories going on. And what’s with the others? Damn it why where the fake beards? What’s with the Dharma Initiative? I mean this show doesn’t answer any questions it just keeps bringing up more…When did Locke get into a wheelchair? (i thought it would have been the kidney transplant) Whats up with that 108 minute machine...and them numbers...

Highlight: Ecko and that black spirit. Michael shooting Ana Lucia and Libby! Oh yes!

Season Finale: A bit too confusing…I was actually left high and dry...which isn’t entirely a bad thing. But don’t like the “huh?” feeling I got.

Bad Comment: I have a feeling we are not going to get any answers pretty soon!

Alias Season 5

It had the makings of a mediocre prog that didn’t have any promise but pleasurably proved me wrong. Damn the whole Rimbaldi storyline survived 5 seasons! Great Cast! SD6/Prophet 5/Covenant/ CIA words like Intel, covert, and their code names like Phoneix and Riverfox…all that is gone

Highlight: One thing alias has always had, is killer season finales. For season 4 and 2 when she wakes up 3 years later that was great. It was funny how they brought Vaughn back after we thought he was dead

Season finale: The whole season was a finale…as they brought back old favorites like Espinosa, Sarc, Will Tippen and the Black chick who was cloned in first season…oh and her mum, Irena Direvko. Sad to see it end

Bad Comment: Killing the dad and Sloane and her mum and her sister-cammon! And what was with the new cast of 3???? That action heroine didn’t look the part pregnant!

Prison Break Season 2

Now this is one of those silent good ones. Creeps up on you and before you know it-hook, line and sinker and the boat too… The season was great and was it me but didn’t it really have a fast pace this time round.

Loved that silly arrogant kid who got what was coming to him…my favorite line from him “I’m being tossed up like a lil bitch!”

Season Finale: I think the second last episode was the greatest of the whole series…when they managed to finally break through.

Bad Comment: Maybe too few episodes…that Doc bores the living daylights out of me…they need to spice her up like the OZ doc.

Malcolm in the Middle VII

"you're not the boss of me now...life is unfair"

I have watched every single episode of this series. Sure, some flavor got lost along the way but it remained one of my favorite comedies of all time. With recurring characters like disabled Stevie and loser Craig this show is a classic. I'm still yet to decide who was my fav character of all time in this show..between Lois, Malcolm and Reese.

This time we saw more of the evil grandma who kills me everytime!!!!

Sad to see the show come to an end. Poor Lois has been nominated every year for an Emmy since it started maybe she will win one this year.

Commander in Chief Season 1

It was nice and different…though I hear the show has been cancelled. It was a good series...I got hooked so it must have been a good one...though my memory is kinda skimpy on this one! The only problem with this one is simply WEST WING...nothing will ever come close!


I was pleasantly surprised by this cartoon. Riley Freeman so freaking rocks. A black 8 yr old kid with spunk and attitude and speaks his ghetto mind. Damn that kid rocks! Great show, cheap laughs! There is this episode where the graps dates a 'ho' and when the gramps gets beat down by a bling guy-RILEY let loose!

Everybody hates Chris

Too much hype about the show but it’s been improving with each show. The mum and her killer “imma slap u…” lines have me in stitches.

“I’m a slap the chap off your lips”

“I’m a slap you into another family”

“Oh! Chris isn’t around...I slapped him into next week, you can check on him on Tuesday!”


It was more like a mini-series. Actually a surprise success. Storyline picked up fast infact it reminded me of Prison break in style. Very few epsiodes though. Andre Braugher was great, remember him from Homicide? Storylines regarding a heist of a huge loot will always sell. with a very nasty ending. Must watch!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Action flicks of our time!

Now, these were the movies every boy in class would run to borrow in the video lib. They were filled with so much action and fighting...that we all tried to emulate the heros. We were filled with psyche that we too could be as tough as nails. Yeah right. They entertained! They made us laugh! They gave us stories for break-time/lunch-time/home-time heck they even made it to our blogs decades later!

Way before the likes of Matrix...before the Crouching Tiger type of martial art there were these...

I wonder if i'll ever watch them again? Cause I am sure i would not really enjoy them as such!

Death Before Dishonor

Who even knew what Dishonor meant...but by golly that movie was a must!


Who's the master? I am! Classic of course if it was in these day in aga the line who'd be...Who's ma bitch? I am!

Older James Bond Series

We all watched JAMES BOND didn't we. Loved them Loved them...I'm still recovering from Pierce not being Bond but i did that post em days so we shall not go there but...these were some great flicks.

CannonBall Series

Now if you loved action with a serious sense of humor with an all star cast-awesome. I mean where do u get off with Roger Moore acting as a British Wanna-be who thinks he is Roger Moore?

Police Academy Series

Thank you Ciku for reminding me about this series...pure comedy!

Mahoney and his gang...

Bruce Lee Flicks

Classic...saying anything more would ruin it!

Jackie Chan Flicks

Jackie Chan sure had his flicks...obviously with voice overs butthis is a good film I remember.

Karate Kid Series

Cammon we all remember that signature flying kickthat will forever remain a classic. Wax off, Wax in. Mr Miyagi Sir. The sequel wasn't that bad either but them drums that you beat by twisting them kinda spooked me. ha.
I used to give out Karate lessons in Primo aremd with the knowledge i had from this film. I'd challenge guys to attack and would defend successfully..well it didn't work on my cousin who beat the crap out of me and had me pinned down with a twisted arm borderline tears!

Best of the Best Series

Eric Roberts at his best...ubaya they made sequels out ofthis that weren't as good as this original.

KBC loved this one!

American Ninja Series

Damn right this was as good as it got...it even reached upto 5

Cynthia Rothrock

Cynthia Rothrock....that babe could kick ass!

Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer

I think this is the worst thing to ever happen to me while posting on couch tato! NGAI this things were in spanish!?!?!?!? And they way i LOVED TERRENCE HILL AND BUD SPENCER. This is CrimeBusters and Double Trouble...I'm yet to recover on this...first Derrick then Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer-the TATO is not amused at all!

Delta Force and Mission in Action series=Chuck Norris!

Chuck Norris was your typical ACTION hero...and we watched this flicks like whoa!

Jean Claude Van Damme flicks

The newer martial arts experts of our time...DAMN!!!!

Arnold Schwarzeneger

Now he could deliver! He may have had a bad accent heck he may have had no lines but he kicked ass! Remember that Bazuka in Commando?!

Sylvester Stallone

John Rambo! For his Country , For himself, For his Best friend...how could you not fall for that?!

Rocky too was great at our time!