Monday, July 31, 2006

Of Black Sitcoms

I usually trash Black movies. But I just realized that when it
comes to Black Sitcoms they had the best to offer. As a result of some re-reuns in our local stations The Tato has been reliving his tatoling memories. So why don't you put on your tato peels and walk down memory lane with me!

NB: Finding these pictures was a nightmare you'd be surprised how much is not on the vast internet!


"...aint we lucky we got em.....GOOD TIMES"

J.J's lips have been a yardstick of BIG lips and his catch phrase of "DYNO-MITE!"

Based in the projects about real black situations it managed to become an all time classic.


"Fish dont fry in the kitchen, grits don't burn on the took a whole lot of trying a just to get up that hill, now we're up in the big league...we be movin on up..."

A record 11 seasons! Marla Gibbs played a sassy maid that delivered memorable one-liners!

This had the makings of success for it featured a wealthy family and intertwined with the white characters like Cosby Show and Later Fresh Prince.


"Now the world's on the move to the beat of just one drum...everybody's got a special kind of story...different strokes it takes.... different strokes to move the woooorld. Mmmmmm!"

Yup Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges and Janet Jackson.....


I loveed his fake heart attacks as he called out to his dead wife...and the shared one liners with that lady he hated!

theme song " ttettettetere tttettttere terre..."


" ..with your family around you you're never alone, when you know how to love you don't need to roam coz there aint no place like..(better believe it) there aint no place place like home...I mean no place child!"

A classic as well especially the feuds between Mary and Sandra...i actually remember this scene where Mary had dented someone's parked car by accident and the 3 were observing from the distance who the owner was. And as usual Sandra was sayin how the owner was manly strong and would kill MAry with his bare hands!


for the love of God I can't remember the theme song.

Who here remembers Waldo Harroldo Faldo?
BTW did you know the girl who played URkel's Love interest died in real life?
Did you ever notice how the sliced the role of their last born daughter?
It was a very nice comedy till the started over concentrating on Steve Urkel........


A classic Gem. Bless you video libraries that had shos at the end of movies..for were we to wait for the local tv stations we may not have evr discovered this one! Many a celebrities debuted in this successful show! It set standards so high for Blacks that only Fresh Prince possibly could ever come close!


This was a spin off from Cosby show. It wasn't too bad introduced us to the likes of Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison..heck even the likes of Jada Pinkett,Marisa Tomei, SinBad....

Many black stars had their stepping stone in this show as they did in Cosby


Where do I begin where do I end? I love spoofs I love Spoofs. and they had plenty... plus numerous characters like Homey the Clown with "Homey don't play that!"

This was one definitely one of the best SITCOMS ever!


"..coz we are living single...oh in a 90's kinda world i'm glad ive got my girls! Keep ur head up! (what?) Keep ur head up(that's right!)...."

This was a classy show! It was almost a Black equivalent to Friends! And boy oh boy there were nasty lines from this show!



Oh this show was filthy and fowl and we loved it. WZUP wazzzup! Remember that radio show! Oh and my personal Fav was Shenene's "Oh Goooodness! One stroke of Shenene and Mama'll stroke you out!"


"now this is a story about how my life got twisted upside down and i'd like to take a minut so just sit right there..."

A personal favorite of mine-funny in all levels! I will always love this show that had steroetypicla blonde humor/opulence humor/education humor/british humor/ghetto humor..what more could you ask plus a stellar cast of guest appearances...
However the new Aunt Vivian was Boring!

carlton's dance! (someone show me how to post a .gif)


"..coooper! he's sometimes cool and he sometimes acts a fool... coooper!"

The first season was priceless with Dawnn Lewis but they underwent a cast overhaul that send the show on a downhill slope..but all the same it does deserve a mention.


"God bless the child that's got his own"

The theme song Roc'ed(pun intended)
It was satirical it was nasty and funny. Remember the controversial Gay Wedding that had Kenyans shell-shocked!

It holds a record for shooting an entire season live!


Some found it silly...and especially season one was horrendous but...I loved it all the same. It improved with time...

Gregory Hines Show

I'm telling you getting photos is a nighmare. Currently its doin re-runs here but all the same I found it funny!

Such a shame that he passed away...remember his duet with Luther Vandross "...there's nothing better than love.."


For some reason we watched it...I found him funnier as the retarded neighbour in Roc.


I love Mo'niques attitude..a bit newer a spin off from the crappy MOESHA that shall not even get a mention. But it had its funny moments....But i better stop here before I mention MY WIFE and KIDS and ONE on ONE and BERNIE MAC SHOW

Last but not least


Starring Morris Chestnut, Vivica A. Fox, Duane MArtin and Patti Labelle

Damn it I could not get a single photo online! Others not mentioned cause they were not too funny "PARENTHOOD" "IN THE HOUSE" and "MALCOLM AND EDDIE"

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tato Looking for LOVE

Now this is the hardest post that Tato has ever done. Requested by none other than DangerouslyShy(well not so shy in making requests,now, is she?)

Her challenge, and I had chosen to accept it-was to post on Good Chick Flicks! Yaani Chick flicks even guys could watch and like. Now such an arduos task..I've been rummaging thru my memory for a while to come up with these list. I decided to go via mushy route and chose what flicks appealed to me in a manner that I myself would be a sucker for in real life.
Disclaimer: u have to turn on your mushy side for this post!

So here we go! Not in any particular order:

Jerry Maguire

"you had me at hello"
"You complete me"
WOW think of what state of mind you must be in for that to make total sense!
If that ain't love, I don't know what else is.

An Officer and a Gentleman

I was a sucker for this flick. First it was long and i love long movies...and i fell for that whole "love lift us up where we belong" routine...

Jason's Lyrics

That washing off the feet by the lake...I gave that marks. Any cute pedicured toes out thereI can wash?


Two bodies entwined while playing in clay pretending to be doing pottery. And that Unchained Melodies song playing..." my darling...ive hungered for your kiss......"
And Demi Moore and that One-Eyed crying....

Coming to America

Cammon it was a sweet movie and funny too...happy ending with the Prince getting his true love! And the girl getting her prince!

Save the last dance

So totally not just a chick flick...and the killer soundtrack...a modern version of Jungle Fever


Oh this is so a CHICK FLICK it hurts.(sink the bloody ship already!) But that line of ati "Promise me something Rose..and promise me you will never let go of that promise"
Guess it does make it in the cut unfortunately

Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind

I totally yawned through this one...but i so digged the fact that even after erasing someone from your mind you are destined to end up together!

Pretty Woman

Yup makes the cut- a classic.

When a Man Loves a Woman

Probably my best Romantic movie of all time. You do know Meg Ryan was the Queen of romantic movies...but here she delivered.If she ever deserved an oscar it was right here. I think even When Harry Met Sally makes the list.

Sleepless in Seatle perhaps as well...but it was too too boring. But cute idea!

50 First Dates

I think after Meg Ryan comes Drew Barrymore in this genre..and if I was to pick my fav of all time it would have to be this one. Maybe cause of cheap humor!

English Patient

This was also a classic...woiye and she died on him!

My Fair Lady

Now I have never watched the classics like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind which apparently rule this field. So i f i was to chose a classic this would be the songs were good too.

So that there is my list

I here Bridges of Madison County and Notebook should also be unleash your fav Chick Flick aka Romantic Movie....
I'd also like to add that Upside down kiss in Spiderman1. KarateKid2 him fighting for that ka-babe.That love triangle in Pearl Harbor.

Another Disclaimer: I may have ommitted other movies cause this aint a post Tato would normally do...but i rose up to the challenge.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Superman Vs Spiderman

I watched Superman Returns twice and can't believe he has a son! Wow, now that that spoiler is out of the way lets talk reviews.

It's a good movie...but not the Summer Movie I have been waiting for! Boy the sound effects are really SUPER! Lord bless Surround. Special effects were awesome.

Brandon Routh plays superman really well and I think in time he will acquire that polite modest arrogance/confidence of being superman...instead of looking like he is pouting. Dean Cain and Tom Welling had/have that confidence...and Brandon will too. I believe he was well cast for this gigantic role and will mould with it come the sequel.

Don't get me started on Lois Lane played by Kate Bosworth!

Kevin Spacey was great (though I kept seeing him as Kevin Spacey and not Lex Luthor) and his side-kick Kitty delivered some good laughs!

He always plays villains extremely well, remember him in Se7en?

Unfortunately for me I was looking for action and not a big romantic storyline. Boy, they wasted reel-time with 'Superman in hospital' sequence/Superman and Lois flying around the world...I needed more action than I did a romance!

You all know the story, Superman had returned to krypton and has been missing from earth for 5 years. Sure, the same triangles of Lois/Clark were there...Lois/Superman...Jonathan Kent was dead...Lois has moved on and had a son who ends up being superman's kid...But its kinda funny knowing that Superman done done the nasty with Lois! hahahahaha

As good a flick as this was, I feel XMen3 delivered more! and I'm sad to say i preferred XMEN

I took my nephews to go watch it yesterday. And after returning the last one home yesterday he changed into his superman pyjamas and climbed into his spiderman sheets. Conflict of interests i'd say..but from there a post was born!

Between Superman and Spiderman who is your hero? Who's is more cooler or tougher? Tho both have killer theme music...

Cause obviously Superman is uber powerful.Superman could kick Spidey's ass even if his webs were made of Kryptonite. Superman is one bad mutha....

1.Has NATURAL powers. His strength and abilities are innate.No spider bite!
2.Invincible except when it comes to that lil green rock
3.That S sign on his costume and the cape totally ROCK!
4.HE CAN FLY!!!!!! no superhero has that on him..wacha that Batman and his fake leaps..he can FLY!

Ever wonder how his cape dangles under his suit? where his specs go when he changes...and don't even get me started on the boots?

So, that out of the way. Why on earth does SPIDERMAN rule more. Cause as much as I like Superman I think I have Spidey fetish.

When it comes to BOXoffice wise. Spiderman will always thrush Superman. SPIDEY rocks! There is something that was missing in Superman Returns that you will always find in Spiderman movies. Have you seen the preview of Spiderman it and you will see the X-factor I'm talking about that makes Spidey Rock! And hence I'm always biased towards Spidey!

It is darker, grander and more overwhelming-check the preview here
A reviewer said " this is sex, in a video! kinda like porno. but better."


Now is that a costume or what? ebu someone hook Nick up with this template.

Spiderman has more villains, more action sequences and that MaryJ Spiderman love triangle in an entangled web isn't too overplayed like the Lois/Clark one.

Not to mention they too go all the way out with special effects.

1.Remember the closing sequence in he leaped up and about and landed on the American Flag? Some serious C-G choreography...which don't compare to Superman's flying!

2.Not to mention that upside down kiss..boy I wish I could dangle like that