Monday, May 28, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean-Review

Well obviously I caught this on Friday.
Same time as Bantutu...better luck next time..please you actually thought you could beat the TATO to watching it before.
So we waited and here it was. Bigger and grander than ever. As I had expected it a lot of fun and big explosions, spectacular visual effects..pure Bruckheimer/Verbinsky tag team. As in... whatever you were looking for was there...they went all out..perhaps a little overboard!

Loved it Loved Loved it...however...a few disappointers were present. In fact at one point I even dozed off.( I am so embarrased and ashamed and so so so sorry...!)

1. It was too too too saturated in terms of storylines. They introduced to many things ...too many subplots that should have been dealt with from the very beginning-not introducing things now! What seemed or should have been an end to a trilogy became the beginning of something else! Calypto? 9pirates? What the... A few stunts they pulled that I did not like...Like Jack and his endless personalities...

2.In its supersaturation it became unseemingly too long

But its a definite must see...the characters are all back in their glory ...and each with their own story!

Ha Bantuts likes ati the Proposal amidst the fighting(Told you I'd sell you out) ... sentimental fool! I on the other hand still like that idea of being so heartbroken by love you rip out your heart so that you never hurt like that again.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bruckheimer and Pirates of the Carribean

Ok I may not watch it today but definitely...records shall be broken. Yes I said the same for Spidey 3 and wasn't I right?

Pirates is a superior ovie in terms of storyline and Bruckheier delivers action they way it was intended for the big screen.

Reasons for the major success will be in:

1.If anyone knows how to churn box-office hits. I'm talking #1 hits. Talking major grosses... is my man Bruckheimer. Distribution and advertising....the works
2.This is the end of a trilogy of outstanding proportions...almost like Lord of the Rings and it deserves the respect it brings. And with that respect comes $$$$$$$$
3.The characters...we all want to see them again.

So y'all ignorant lazy ass Tato-wannabes...please get yourselves to the theatre and watch it!

Lets break records.
First Spidey.
Shrek did terribly well....lets take this baby home

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Makings of a Tato: 7 steps

EGM u asked and I have answered...PART 1. Ichiena can I claim to have done your 7 things you did not know about Tato?
EGM wrote:
First, I want a post on how 'Tato came to be. Right from the very first thing that triggered in you a love for all things tatoholic to the present day.

So what are are the makings of Couch did I discover that I was one?
For starters my is a journey... you don't just wake up and call yourself a takes hard work..memory and like aviation you have to have the hours. Ask Movie buff? You have do to the time to call yourself a Tato...a Buff.

There is a difference between a critic and a Tato. A critic might be doing it for a job...likes to find fault...he may even like watching the movies...but a Tato LIVES in movies...a Tato is a critic...but worse...he just doesnt watch them...he lives and breathes TV/Movies!

So what does it take?

1.Loyalty. Once I start a series I stick with it till the end. It doesnt matter whether it deteriorates through thick and thin...

2.Endurance. Even when you are ashamed of wacthing it...for better or for worse

3.Suspension of Disbelief. You have to put aside the fact that its fiction ...put aside thats its special have to submerge yourself and lose yourself...(in the movie the moment you want it can never let it only have once chance do not waste ...)

4.Commitment...till death does us part.

5.Don't belive the hype...create the hype. Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. See it to criticise it. See it ...just so that you can say "yeah I saw it and it was crap!"

6.Experiment. Broaden your horizon. Explore new territories.

-try Oscar nominated movies. try romance. try mafia movies. try classics...etc
-Read a book watch the mini series or the movie...way before borrowing series there were mini series.

Peep this out...who can brag having watched all of the end of the day being a Tato is also about BRAGGING RIGHTS! Being a tato is all about the amount of stuff you have watched.And realizing ...DAMN i've watched a whole lot!

Bella Mafia..very interesting...all the male heads of the family and the sons were all swiped clean and only the ladies remained...
the rest check out the post Teenage Tato and Baby Tato

remember these from KBC... I may not have read her novels but by golly I watched them mini series. others included Act of will...Voice of the Heart...


Even I was amazed at the stamina it took: 11 years(1991-2002) I stuck with it...till I was posted to Nakuru and had to let go

Knots Landing.

Season 7-14 i stuck with Knots Landing. Greg and Abby Somner two cunniving sons of...

Days of Our lives

My God ...acha tu...That Dimera family...had me by my balls. I've never been so addicted to something like this... (Perhaps Sunset Beach and Young and the restless for a short stint)

And am talking addicted -not 24 style but in a witchcraft kind of style. If there is a soap that can weave stories...Sammi is doing this to lucas who is doing this to Carrie...who doesnt know that Austin and Billy are...ok we start again. John and Marlena...

7th Heaven

Season1-7. Ok there was something just sweet about this show. I still don't believe I dropped it come season 8...i think its due to time but if anyone can hook me up with teh DVD's...I'll clear all 10 seasons.


Best Medical Drama of our time...I was there from start...

Roswell and Smallville:

last but not least. Examples of series' I started at the same time. Both had very weak storylines in the beginning. And actually both shows were very alike. And with time both evolved..Smallville stood the test of time and emerged stronger as seasons passed by.

You would be interested: Izzy on Grays anatomy also played Izzy on Roswell.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spiderman III-The Review

Sorry guys for taking so long...but the CAT is over and let's do this how it should have been done.

Yes, Friday opening night I was so there...favorite seats...bladder was time that was done

Movie Buff my dear soulmate...I do expect a retraction in your statements. My predictions were spot on...but yes Pirates now has the huge task of beating this record in less than 3 weeks.
But as I said come then loyalties will have shifted.

Spiderman III

damn this photo is hot!

What I loved:

Please remember we are comparing it to the other 2. Undoubtedly this movie was superior
Graphic unrelenting violence. Oh that chase scene between Spidey and Harry...had me at hello.GADDAMN...nasty blows..did you see how Harry got slammed before he lost his memory.

Bad Spidey vs Harry ...ok...when he threw that bomb right back at Harry...that was awesome.

Spidey Vs Venom and Sandman...that was too much...that whole sequence had me panicky till the end.

The crane

Spidey and his narcissistic self...he was funny.

The freaky next door neighbour that has a crush on Peter.

Great chemistry between all villains.

Computer effects were all over the place. Cash was spent. Time was taken. Especially with Sandman...Mummy Returns has nothing on that sequence! Honestly some of those effects were over the top. Spidey Vs Sandman in the subway.
The showed of skills and this were skills that were massive.

In the opening credits they tired 1 and 2 felt like going back home. I like it when you tie in the past with the present making the movie more realistic and continuous.


In my opinion everything that had been lacking in the previous movies was here.

Many say that the story line was weak... I beg to differ this one made sense. We couldn't have Harry surviving and him being a future side-kick, nor could we forget about him so it made sense to kill him. Same for venom ..of course he jumped in and got killed. As lame as that may sound...the storyline on this was markedly improved. Great laughs from Jonah the editor and the 'French' speaking maitre 'd. The dumb blonde!

If there is a chick that bores me its Kirsten...oh I so hated that singing that I wasn't so sure if she was lip syncing.

But I like the fact that he did not propose that would kill that vibe..and since when did she know he was Spiderman? OH and Sandman having a sweat soppy story....NOOOOOT!!!!!

If only we saw more of venom.

The ending was actually a bit disappointing but truth of the matter I had not recovered from the intense action beforehand...I needed something to cool me off.

Remember this is an action should not expect more form it. It's not an epic's not a literary masterpiece. This is pure comic fantasy that involves a favorite super-hero of all time...and that is all you get. Good action, good time with Spidey. Hence on that note I think it delivered..more than delivered. It was bigger, grander and superior in every sense.

Great Action sequences that were ruthlessly violent. Brutal and Graphic just the way Tato loves them.

Similarities with Spiderman 1

-What was with him flying past the U.S.A flag? Cammon do we have to Americanise everything?
-The ending was a bit to similar...death again?

I have decided not to mention Pirates at all...y'all wait 3 weeks and we can do this again.
This is going to be a battle...I stated my Loyalties.

I love Spidey more than Jack Sparrow. I love Pirates more than Spiderman. So there! Not to mention anything Jerry Bruckheimer does it all the time...if only he produced spiderman.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

24 hours to Spiderman3

Yes by tomorrow the Tato...will be at Nu Metro theatre...nice and early. The previews shall be it Die Hard, Fantastic Four and Tranformers...or Simpsons the Movie...that will come and go.

...once the credits start rolling with those spidery letters...A new line presentation yada yada yada...A Sam Raimi film etc etc, the tato will be in a state of orgasmic euphoria. He will be undettered by the fact that 2 did not have a proper villain and that 1 had wasted time on storyline.

This time around Spidey ooops wrong persona..tato...knows those villains are gonna kick ass.
This time around Tato see a complex complicated pentagon between his love(Gaddamn it get that tooth aligned) his former best pal turned villain, Sandman, Venom and best of all himself!!!!

The Battle Within!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen..may I hearby unleash my predictions.

1. It will be much better than 1 and 2..both in storyline and in effects.

2. It will probably have a killer ending...begging for a part 4.

3. I will be satisfied...though I am completely biased.

4. It will shatter box office records again...and it will blow off Pirates of the Carribean 3. Surpass its previous records.