Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A review is a hard thing to do when you want to do a movie justice. This movie is a superb and grandiose display of outstanding audio and visual effects. It’s almost like a bragging rights exclusive to James Cameron daring other directors to bring it! The story line is not too complex with a few loopholes here and there, however, the concept itself is out of this world. Think of the mystery and the awesomeness that we obtained as we flew into Jurassic Park. Think of the raw graphic effects that King Kong had. Think of the primitive tribes, culture and world we adored in Apocalypto. Think of the imaginary prowess that George Lucas created in Star Wars. The cinematography is exquisitely real and one could dare to compare this epic enjoyable journey to that of Lord of the Rings and Troy. The creatures outdo themselves at no point do you feel ‘’blue-screen’’ like I did in 2012. Clearly James Cameron has written and directed a classic of Titanic proportions. But that has been his style-pushing the envelope and doing things GRAND! Clearly it’s the same person who tackled Aliens and Terminator, he has mastered the sci-fi genre with finesse and machismo.

Big Budget! Big C-G-I’s. Low-key cast except for Sigourney Weaver and Giovanni Ribisi.

Watch it. Look out for the message of man destroying mother-earth for a quick buck. (Cue Michael Jackson’s Earth Song!)

It’s larger than life and is a must see! The sound and visuals are the most compelling thing about the movie.

Immerse yourself into this world! Lose yourself for the entire movie duration!

Monday, December 07, 2009


I think what appeals to me about this show, is the fact that there is a little evil in everyone of us. Scratch that-I am Dexter. Never has there been a more loveable serial killer than Dexter. Not your average Casper the friendly ghost but an average joe with a secret! A very deep dark secret! He kills for fun. Again scratch that...he has a code. A code handed down to him by his father, who at an early age recognised that Dexter had so much evil in him it needed to be controlled, tamed...and channelled out in a proper manner. He rocks! Not to mention he is rolling with a Nokia N-96 like I am. He is unique, clearly deeply traumatised and tormented...but aren't we all? Two-faced and evil is the recipe that is DEXTER! A wolf in sheep's white, cute, cuddly,woolly clothing-trotting merrily as everyone around him is oblivious to what lies beneath!

Quick Summary: Dexter rights wrongs by killing guilty people who have crossed the line and escaped the long of the law. Collects their blood as trophies and stores them up in slides. He then chops up his victims and disposses them off in the ocean in smaller chunks wrapped up in plastic. Season 2 his victims were accientally discovered, and almost had him hunted down as the Bay Harbour Butcher. But he got away! He has his select instruments of carving/slashing to rid off his bodies. Not to forget his most important tool of trade-his hypodermic needle!

A blood-spatter analysts by day, a serial killer at night. Season 4 brings him his most challenging adversary-The Trinity Killer. Played deliciously by John Lithgow who executes his role brilliantly. Season 3 had Jimmy Smits who also guest starred with perfection. However, Season 4 is what TV addicts kill for. (pun intended.) Season 4 is the best in the series!

Michael C. Hall is absoultely fabulous! Emmy! Emmy! Emmy! His facial expressions are to die for! He mixes the right amount of cheek and sardonic grin and when he makes a kill it is obvious it is orgasmic to him as it is to the viewer. He was great in Six feet under and he is now. Note Oz alumni Sgt. Batista and Lt. Laguerta..yes Oz alumni are everywhere if you ask me!

Dexter is one of the greatest shows of our time. The show mixes gore and humor in a blend thais utterly edible and palatable. The choice curse words always appropriate and spot on! Wait till you see Grandfatherly Lithgow utter the words 'shut up, cunt!' In addition, foul-mouthed Dexters sister(and wife in real life), Debbie, is as filthy as a gutter! Her cursing is music to my ears!

At first, I felt the producers shouldn't have let Dexter get married. That wife of his bores the hell out of me, I'd put her out of her misery with a token of her blood as a reminder. But it has worked out well. Dexter needs his cover! His family is his shield. The more normal he acts the better he can get out out and kill somebody darn bad.

Season 4 has as much suspense as 24. Clearly, Dexter has met his much. The trinity killer is a trick old fella...who been around for 30 years-killing! Don't want to unleash spoilers here, get yourself season 4 and enjoy the ride.

Dexter Vs Trinity:
Was Dexter really learning from Trinity? Is Trinity better than Dexter? Will he track down dexter and kill him? So far at the end of episode 10, Trinity i shunting Dexter. Everyone has everything to lose and this time Dexter has met his match!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Oh, That was it. It's so sad to see what the fans who bought tickets actually missed out on. It's also sad to see those back-up dancers what the lost on out on.

Having watched it twice. I'm mesmerised that those were just mere rehearsals. Not even in dress rehearsal...your wake up in the morning practise routine. The interesting thing to note was that whilst the dancers were giving 100%, M.J was at 40% and he was that good! At 40% he was outdoing the best of the dancers. His moves were crisp. Voice had changed over the years but he sung live and danced in addition. He was dancing effortlessly, it was just a rehearsal and his game was at its best. Divinity in motion like his lyrics say. Clearly the shows were going to be out of this world/earth/galaxy! He was older, he'd weathered plenty of scandals...but the quality was still the same!

With his passing, a lot of reflecting has been done and many fans want to come out and clearly say which was their favorite song?album? dance? The movie challenges the fans to think which was their favorite. And most of his best hits were on This is it!

Smooth Criminal

My favorite choreography of MJ is Smooth Criminal. And in This is it they had a new video for it and some of the old dancing and I swurr smooth criminal is his best choregraphy ever! Well, albeit that MTV performance of 1995 where he did 'Dangerous' is damn near the best thing I've ever did see as well. M.J was a genius when he came to performing, entertaining and dancing! Annie are you ok? For real are you ok? There was a sign in the window that he struck you a crescendo...seriously who gets away with such a storyline and lyrics?

This lean!!!! The dance sequence is perfection as perfection gets!

Billie Jean.
Who can forget the attitude the day he performed for Motown's 25th Anniversary. White glove , white socks, short trousers and the introduction to the moonwalk. In 'This Is It 'he downplayed the rehearsal but I have a feeling the actual show would have have had an outstanding dance routine. In 1995 he outshone himself near outdid his original iconic performance.

His best video of all time in totality. Sure 'Smooth criminal' had moves that made you wanna do that forward lean...but as a whole Thriller is his best video. And I'd say R'emember the Time' is his second best video. In the documentary there was a 3-D remake of the video...nothing like grizzly ghouls from every tomb dancing in sync.

Well performed. Oh how I loved the new jack swing from the Album 'Dangerous.' Even in this documentary it made me wanna get up since it aint too hard for me to jam. I wish there was more from that album performed.

Clearly the documentary is for the fans. It's not for the avid movie goer who appreciates documentaries. I'd have loved to see more behind the scenes with M.J outside his performances and rehearsals. Then again what I saw,I was satisfied with. I sung along and even wiggled in my seat to the moves and songs. I hee-hee'd and oooooo'd. A big an M.J fan as I am...This is it was exactly that-IT!

His back up dancers were so on point. Selectively hand-picked. Young, energetic and full of life...with the promise of a great career. Orianthi, the guitarist was kicking major electric ass on that guitar.

You have got to watch this masterpiece to see his playfulness in 'The way you make me feel.' or his emotion in 'Earth Song' or his vocal prowess in 'Human Nature' Beat it as well had some funk like the original. This movie is for the fans...and there were many fans. It's for the old fans, the die hard fans, and the new fans! M.J rocked and still does and forever will! The embodiement of greatness-a singer/song writer/producer/dancer. Not many stars right now can perform and entertain. Not many musicians are performers and entertainers. Some sing. Some dance. But they don't do both with perfection. He span decades with his songs and moves , and they will forever be timeless.

A celebration of everything that was Michael Jackson. Re-live your favourite songs.

''I'm gonna make a change for once in my life...I'm starting with the man in the mirror''

''Everyone's taking control of me, seems like the world's got a role for me...will you be there''

''There's something about you baby, that makes me want to give it to you...keep it in the closet''

Monday, November 09, 2009

Brothers and Sisters Review

This show is as wholesome as christmas pudding. It's about the chemistry behind family. The humor, the gossip, the secrets and everything dysfunctional that comprise of normalcy in any family.

Simple and straight to the point. Family dynamics as honest and accurate as it gets. Sometimes a little too monotonous with their family values...but this is tv after all!

One would argue that maybe these are stories that we have seen before. That it is a recycled version of great shows like ''Picket Fences,'' ''Sisters,'' ''Life Goes On,'' ''Six Feet Under'' and even ''7th Heaven.'' Well those were all shows that centered solely around family and hence the reason for any comparison. But the chemistry within this show in terms of characters and writing is wholesome. This is a feel good show. It tackles all aspects of life with an interesting twist. Yes you have seen infidelity over and over. There is now a cancer angle like we saw on Sisters. But if you have ever loved or liked the above shows then this you will automatically love.

The cast is powerful.
Oscar award winning (and now Emmy winning) Sally Field is the matriach of the family. Enter Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Rachel Griffiths (a superb actress from the superb Six Feet Under), Rob Lowe (West Wing), Ron Rifkin (Alias...boy he was a superb villain), Patricia Wettig (Prison Break V.P)... and numerous guest appearances

Coupled with good writing. This is your modern day family drama. Where you need to watch family drama and humor...this is your show! There is something warm about this show. It's a feel good show!

Sunday, November 01, 2009



It's being called the ''LOST'' replacement. Well, I do not think they are alike except for the whole concept of ''by changing the present can you affect the future'' While for Lost it's ''by changing the past can you affect the future/present'' (I love you Lost!)

It's what Heroes was in the beginning. It's pleasant and simple with just enough to keep you coming back for more. We want to watch it grow and see how twisted it can get! By episode 5 things are getting more complex!


On October 6th, The planet blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds.
And during that period, everyone caught a glimpse of the future 6 months into the future. Will the future come true? What caused this black out that made everyone fall asleep? A major highlight is when everyone is asleep we discover that indeed this is a man-made occurence! How? What? Who?...this is what makes the show! The fact that it is possible that back in 1991 the same thing had happened in Somalia.

It's different. Each character battling with what they saw in the future gives an interesting twist to everyone! The story is simple enough and easy to understand. No need to start Flash Forward theories yet!

A cast that is suitable and comfortable enough for the eyes. I like Joseph Fiennes, who I last liked in Shakespeare in Love as he was 'plucking' Gwenyth Paltrow's character. I've always liked Sonya Walger especially in Sleeper Cell and Lost. (personally at one point I could have swore she was Brooke from Bold and the Beautiful.) Dominic Monaghan so far appears to be a villain and I can't wait to see what he brings to this show. Numeorus cameos and cast members from TV favorites. It's definitely a TV cast for TV. A lot of 'recycled' TV actors who bring too much familiarity (though not breeding too much contempt.) This familiarity, then again it makes you ease onto the characters easier I think. Did anyone catch Seth Macfarlane (Mr Family Guy himself) in the season premiere?

Did you see her getting naughty in Tell me you love me-gives new meaning to full nudity?

Should you watch it?

Hell Yeah. I think it has plenty of potential. I think it can deliver where Heroes and Lost may have gone offboard. Those two were (and still are) excellent, the only problem was that they had infinite potential in terms of story and direction and sometimes when you are not grounded you will stray! By now we know that Heroes has gone off tangent even NASA can't salvage it. I think by having an already foretold future it gives the show a one-way direction. However, the viewers get to wonder if the future can actually be changed -which I doubt. The beauty of the show will be the unfolding of the future. When the flash-forward becomes reality or the present!

Everyone will be watching it and you should not be left out on this one!!

As with all time travel shows one can get lost in the two worlds of future and present. (Though the difference with this show is that its not a time travel show) How can the future be moulded in past/present? Or rather does knowing what the future bringeth contradict the past/present?

But the truth of the matter is that knowing the future has nothing to do with the future. Frankly, I doubt that will have an effect on anything. What will happen will happen and that's why it's the future. It cannot be the future if it can be altered. The future has /had been foretold already and it included this flash forward! So I do not see the confusion! Knowing the future is a present thing and as much as it will mould the will mould it in such a way that whatever was to happen will happen bearing the fact in mind that we know what the future is!

Quoting Ben Linus from Lost ''Whatever happened, happened''

I think the deeper mystery is how on earth does someone make everyone fall asleep?
What is the end game? (Alias)
What is the catch?
The conspiracy theory?
President has plenty of mud on him...I want the in-depth on that!
So much we don't know about the characters pasts and there future!

Is it like Lost?
I feel it will have more direction than Lost did. But apart from the whole past vs future there is no similarity to Lost. Yeah Yeah there was an Oceanic Airliner somewhere. Yeah there are two cast members from Lost. But NO! It's its own show! Sure each character has their own flash-forward they same way each character in Lost had their own flash-back...see why there is so much comparison? But NO this is FLASH FORWARD!(As corny as that may seem)

Tato Verdict:
Great show! Will be around for a while!
It's different and simple.
It's not brilliant but it delivers greatly!
It's something one gets hooked on and has not disappointed so far!

Friday, October 09, 2009


The Tato has always has a soft spot for spoof comedies. They are the kryptonite to my funny bones! I have always and will always have a weakness. There is nothing as glorifying and gratifying as appreciating where a joke has come from. Having watched a classic film and then watch it made a mockery out of.

Sure the storyline is fact its just a string to hold random jokes from here and there. But the means justifies the end.

So here is DANCE FLiCK. Think of all those classic and not-so-classic dance movies and you have DANCE FLICK.

Is it funny! Oh yes it is. If you enjoy your Leslie Nielsen/Charlie Sheen/Wayans kind of spoofs then this right here is going to be your cuppa tea with some English muffins at high noon!

The storyline loosely is scipted after 'Save the last dance' and bits of 'Hairspray,' 'Flame,' 'Honey,' 'Step Up,' 'Fame,'...of course the one of the funniest bits for me was the Jennifer Hudson spoof of 'Dreamgirls.' This was the funniest...''...and I am telling you...My tummy's growling''

Kim Wayans in her small cameo role had me laughing cracked up in two...''...these kids don't know how to get LOW!!!'' Marlon Wayan as a psycho loser acting class teacher is hilarious. If only we saw more of Marlon and Shawn. Big brother Keenan was also there.

Damon Wayans Jnr wiggling in his leotard is laugh out loud as you clearly thought it was HER! Priceless!

Some might call the movie a piece of crap. Ametuerish! A waste of celluloid. A sore sight for eyes and ears. But you just don't understand this genre. It's like BRUNO. You have to see the humor. The mediocrity of 'Black Films' is captured quite well with the whole 'Baby Mama and Baby Daddy' theme. It the little things that have gone unsaid that make it all whole lot funny!

Oh and the infamous Camel Toe of Ms Cameltoe...with her beat-boxing with her other cleavage! Thats just nasty! Them prominent lips just stand out begging for attention. Seriously how funny is that!?

Monday, September 14, 2009


I attended last nights performance in that big TENT! Talk about camera'd think the judges and the faculty sit way way apart but in fact Hermes is a hip away from Kavutha and many a hips away from Achieng Abura. The infamous Ian puts on make-up! HA! Oh and Sheila looked bad! I mean terrible! I thought she had too much powder till my pal corrected me told me she had too much foundation. I'm talking of foundation that's been plastered on by a bricklayer or a mason...literally smacked onto her! However, I was impressed that she doesn't read from a monitor. So kudos to her...them lines are memorised and memorised well!

Dr. Mitch had an interesting rap at the beginning of show that was not aired...but there is absolutely no love lost or shared for that matter between him and Sheila. Their chemistry is off and he tries too hard to be funny!

This inside scoop is more of a review than a behind the scene reveal.

1. We saw the departure of Nina Bola the previous night. Obviously the judgement was flawed last Sunday! She did not deserve to have left THIS saturday. But after she did her Motown song that she was to perform yesterday had she you were so going to leave ANYWAY!

2. Ng'ang'a a.k.a Ng'ang'alito! Funny enough I clapped for him. I think he has tried coming this far. Granted, he won't win! But this dude from the village has reached where others have failed to reach. He may sing terribly with a deep Kikuyu accent, he may even be nicknamed the 'Akorino' King but he won't go far-not in this show and not after the show. Not to mention the fact that he sung an African song with a 'Mugiithi' accent!

Again, he has come far but its far enough, the journey is over its time to alight the bus. He is mildly funny, flimsily entertaining , his vibrato and falsetto is as consistent as him maintaining his kikuyu accent!

3. Patricia and Debarl were outstanding and great! Frankly, I think Patricia will and should win. My question is where on earth do you get a name like Debarl from?

4. Maureen and Leah were also damn good!

5. Alpha: he had been having problems all through the week with his song. We knew he was going on probation and he knew it too. You just don't do a love ballad like you are belting out an war anthem at a football stadium. He was practically yelling out a love song ... beating the love into that poor girl...and for that, it really showed a new side to him that he wasn't such a great singer after all!

6. Christian: the ladies love him and I think he will be saved if not by the voters then the school. Frankly I think his ''it doesn't matter'' retort was not out of being rude but for his being poor in the English language. So he will stay on...but like Alpha we are beginning to appreciate his weakness is not just English but vocally he is not up to par!
Both are good guys but good don't cut it!

7. Caroline...I have hated her attitude and whatever it is she does with those eyes of hers! She keeps batting her eyelashes and pouting ...and no it don't work!

8. Illluminata...always looking hot. Woe unto you when you do a Michael Jackson song also covered by Mariah. As she was accurately told by the Stunning Juliana there are songs you just don't do if you do not have the voice. Who would dare sing ''I'll be there'' in the same key?! Cause what was not there was her ability to hit those high notes and maintaing the right key.

She was more entertaining when she fell on stage!

9. The judges. At least this time they were sensible.

All in all it was not too bad a show. Quite entertaining if you ignore the flaws that the show has always had in its pick of final contestants. The judging has always been substandard, but atleast this time Juliana and Hermes (unlike the last two judges from TPF! 1&2 )have more constructive criticism. You get the impression they know what they are talking about. But shame on you three for not putting Ng'ang'a on probation last week. I like the knew additions of Kavutha and Hellon. It's probably the best TPF so far!

My money is on Patricia.

This week am seeing Caroline leaving the show! Though I am not too sure if only one contestant is leaving.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Vs. House M.D

Should one really compare the two? Would it be an injustice, considering that the only thing they have in common is that they are medical dramas? Obviously they are not alike and do not add Scrubs into this equation.

Back in 1994, yes that far back, we were introduced to E.R and Chicago Hope... if I remember well both debuted at the same time. It was clear one was superior but the other was just as entertaining and managed to stand its own ground. We can say E.R overshadowed Chicago Hope, but the latter was a fine masterpiece that would have held its own hadn't it been for E.R and the compare and contrast game.

So a decade later, then comes the Grey's Anatomy and House M.D. Just when medical drama were too cliche...when everyone was running away from medical and legal drama's...producers came up with something new and different.

Personally, I prefer Grey's...but it's not that House M.D isn't damn good. Sometime I prefer the show I'm watching...but season 5 has ascertained where my loyalties lie.

But what people should realise the two are completely different offering separate dishes in the same buffet.


1. Medicine vs Surgery
House M.D is about the medical mysteries as opposed to surgical mysteries.

2. Ends vs Means
House is about the step by step deductions in solving the C.S.I...they go through differential diagnosis until a bulb lights up and voila mystery solved. And in that case it gets a little monotonous as they go thorough the medical sieve each time, from infections, to autoimmune to cancer... sarcoidosis (it always gets mentioned...)

Grey's is about doing the inevitable to to solve the mystery...they are interested in the end and not the means. Sometimes the mystery is somethin outlandishly bizzare.

3. Branches of specialities
Whilst Grey's only has surgical specialities, House is more well-rounded with all specialities both medical and surgical on board.

4. Characters.
Grey's has more emphasis on the characters than House M.D and I think thats why I enjoy Grey's more. From the additons of Sloane, Addison. Han, Torres...and even the new interns...their development of characters old and new is fascinating and entertaining.

House on the other hand for almost 2 seasons did not develop any character. Such that it did not matter the order in which you watched the season's nothing was missed since emphasis was on the cases. However, later on they realised their folly and characters started being developed. I particularly enjoyed the Sela Ward story line. Even when House was being bullied by the cop brilliantly played by David Morse..and in season 4 they brought in a new cast of doctors to try out for jobs after House fired his entire staff. In fact this season was the best ever!

No one would care if Wilson left the didn't even matter in season 4 when the main characters became temporarily recurring. Which shows that we feel nothing for the other charcaters apart from House...then again that's why the show is aptly called House M.D.

In Grey's new characters are added all the time and they blend in with the viewers. Each character has their own story line intertwined with the main story line for the episode.

5. Romance
-Season 5 has seen both shows have regular lesbian characters. Clearly a ratinngs thing, that ended badly in Grey's when Han was unceremoniously fired. Torres is still pursuing her orientation discovery whilst House has a character that may be a serial lesbian hell-bound on destroying her life.
-Cuddy and House...I was scared to see what would happen if that story was pursued luckily the writers knew best to just dangle that carrot but not pursue it further.
-Grey's: everyone is sleeping with everyone which makes it too soapy for a medical drama and hence the seriousness can be lost on it. However, their love lives are interesting from George contracting Sloane breaking his bone in the on-call room. Yeah, Grey and Shephard and Addison feels like a scene from Days of our lives...but Yang gets interesting love story her and Burke and now the guy from Rome. YES, HBO return ROME please!

6. Cliffhangers.
Grey's has had better and more clifhangers than House.

7. Adroable Characters.
Apart from House himself who is certifiably an S.O.B...there is no other endearing character in House M.D. We love him, we hate him, we love to hate him.
However in Grey's the list is endless
-The Nazi is sarcastically hot!
-Yang is an absolute gem. Ms Smarty pants and smarty mouth.
-Addison...loved her
-George-his quirkiness was outstanding..though he is no longer being featured much in season 5
-Torres: grew on me like a nail...I think she is the character that has evolved the most in this show
-Sloane:who could hate him?
-Izzy...that girl has problems...and looks like she could be dying... (How's that for complaining that you were not being written for emmy award winning material...see if that's Emmy for you when you have been written out of the show!) Season 5 had a return of her old flame as a hallucination which could be a sign of something else...
-Burke was a legend with an ego?
-new interns...funnily they are entertaining providing comic relief within comic relief
-The chief too is entertaining.
-Even Meredith has her days and the jury is still out on whether her voice is better in the dialogues or that chick from Desperate housewives.

8. Guest Stars.
A show is as good as it's guest stars. And each mainatins to attract a bevy of celebrities but clearly Grey's has had a better run with celebrities.

9. Stories with substance.
House has deeper stories within its genre. As a medic you would be more amazed and surprised with House. But Grey's gives you an inside on the behind the scene of interns and residents. House is more serious, but Grey's shows you the other side behind the serious curtain.

So there is a non-biased review of the two. Great shows. Great actors. Great Drama.
Pick your favorite provided you are watching both!