Sunday, January 21, 2007

Two Movies, Two Days, Two Reviews

Stranger than Fiction


So the Tato was coerced into going to watch Stranger than fiction by some tato-less, tato-clueless chick. This was not the way to start my box-office year.

However, even in the said coercion I still didn't think the movie would be that bad. Preview looked good. And hey Queen Latiffah and Dustin Hoffman were some of the things to look forward to. I'm not much of a Will Ferrel fan but was also looking forward to seeing how good an actor he is as compared to being a comedian. Shock on the Tato and his peels!

Verdict: CRAP! not even the mushy kind of crap! But long, boring, tedious...and annoying. So much hope for the storyline to take a new twist... NADA! Shame on you Emma Thompson!!! Shame on you for when you bored me in that Anthony Hopkins film and shame on me for boring me here!

the Pursuit of Happyness.

1.I have never taken Will Smith seriously as a serious actor. Even in Ali. I've always thought of him as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air which in entirety isn't such a bad thing.So when he started acting in Bad Boys and Independence Day...I still had this thing of "now what is he trying to do?"
I-Robot...Wild Wild West...Enemy of the State...M.I.B...nuh...esp M.I.B 2

But here he is full grown! Evolved...

2.The beauty of this movie is I actually felt like I was in the 80' had an 80's feel, I was watching an old 80's film. Made in the 80' kuods to the art director and cinematographer.

3.Its about the whole act of SURVIVAL...beating the odds against poverty when your senses tell you to give up and throw in the towel! His journey as he pursues happyness...which even he thinks is but a dream..this is some good movie. A definite must-watch-at-home movie. Survival to the core...some scenes were great:
-him losing his Bone Density machine to some hobo...and initially to some hippie
-him struggling to get to the Church in time to get a shelter before they close down..and his kid drops his action figure and is crying for it, beggin to go back for it...and Will tell him to "Shut up."
-When Will has to lend 5$ to his boss and that all he had in the pocket and he HAD to lend it out....

4. His real life kid is totally adorable in this movie...and it will be good to watch is movie career grown from this. Watch out for a lil jig he does.

5. A definite must watch. Does he deserve the Oscar for this when compared with the likes of Forest Whitaker and Dicaprio for Departed...nuh...but he definitely deserves the nomination!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

24: Season 6, Episode 1-4

After a long day's work...or rather after being hustled/brow beaten and treated like a child in School..there was nothing more ecstatic than coming home to the latest 24..which none of you has watched except Patron Saint of Downloads.

Yes, my dear Couch Tato fans I have absolute BRAGGIN RIGHTS!

Considering am still high on episode 1...I will not say 24 is the cestest drama out there...but I will declare that it has the MOST SUSPENSE compared to all the shows out there. This show is too intense for its own good..and I LOVE IT LOVE IT! Not a second wasted!

Set 2years from season 5...stuff has started unfolding...I can't go on without revealing spoilers...but WAYNE PALMER is President. Be grateful that's the only spoiler I have unleashed...I have gathered my strength...and the adrenaline is now back to normal levels and now going in for episode 2. GOOD TIMES! GOOD TIMES!(Movie Buff 2005)

quoting: Mutumia...Makete MA! and KM...Mutiuke Pris!

All ye Kenyan fans name your Kitu Kidogo...some proceeds will go to the Patron saint of downloads.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Departed

Movie event of the year! Why bore you with long tales of how great the movie was when you could easily summarize.

If you have not watched this moive I urge you to go running. Consumate fine actors...the level of supporting acting is on a superior level. Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen...and Mark Wahlberg are exceptional. Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson play villains with utmost perfection. Leonardo stunned me the most cause he is so mature in this movie. It was pure pleasure watching this ensemble team in action.

This movie is screaming Oscar Oscar Oscar! Hopefully Martin Scorcese gets his much awaited oscar.

The writing was spot on! ... so was the cursing! was the violence!

The suspense was spot on. You don't see that ending coming!

Jack Nicholson...yes yes yes! Stay away from comedies..this evil roles were made for you!

So as I do my last Couch Potato post of this year while celebrating the year I broke box office records by watching 53 movies at the big screen. Of which I repeated 4. This was a good year and Departed was the best way to end the Tato year!