Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Shield VI

This is one of the best Cop Dramas of our time. Over and over again I've debated over which is better- The Wire or Shield. Season 2 and 4 of The Wire were a little slow and off the tangent we are used to. The latest season 4 was slow and dealt with school kids-so for now Shield temporarily takes the lead.

Season 5 had the worst cliff hanger ever. Worst in terms of DAMN GOOD! Killing Lem was sweeeeet Drama..and Shane was just the character for it. And the brutality of it all..dropping a greenade on your pals lap...such nerve...such violence.

Season 6 picked right up from there. And it was pure intense drama when Vic found out that Shane did it. Another fine moment was Cavanaugh losing to Vic. Even after he had been reduced to framing him. I still believe he was robbed off an Emmy for that role.

Cavanaugh has been out to get Vic. Sure Vic ain't innocent he is as rogue and corrupt as it gets. But we like Vic. When Vic slept with Cavanaugh's Ex and said her "pussy tasted like sweet sweet butter!" That's our Vic. Who writes for this show...cause Cavanaugh looked like he had had a stroke!

Aceveda's blow-job incident came back to haunt him. "Suck it like a cell-bitch!" Again priceless lines. I'm so impressed that the writers hadn't forgotten that storyline that was never completed.

Awkward moment is Vic fathering a child outside marriage and his daughter wants to visit the new borne.

I love seeing Anthony Anderson making brief cameo's he was an all time favorite bad guy and some of his past dealings with Shane also return to haunt Shane.

A great season. A lousy sombre ending but Season 7 should be the best since it may be the last.

The problem with Shield is too few episodes. But it sure overcompensates everywhere else screaming Great Cast and Great Characters.