Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Aired from 1985, this classic sit-com is still as fresh as ever. Sure it is old, but those jokes were spewed left, right and centre. The jokes were different and not like any sit com so far. The lines were clear cut crisp. Full of wit and the humor so on point. Insults were hurled faster than a speeding bullet. The funny thing about their insults was that at first they can shock you before they choke you! Either way the nastiness will kill you. Remember this was 1985 and the topics they brought up must have been a first then. Condoms, sex were not your everyday sit-com stories. Golden Girls went to places that current sit-coms are trying to go to now!

The Set-up was simple. 4 elderly women in their prime living together. 3 were in their 50's and Sofia was in her 80's. 4 well developed characters, each uniquely developed, each a pivotal pillar to this comedy.

1. Dorothy.
No one knows sarcasm like Dorothy knows sarcasm. Wow! She unleashes it by the pound!!! No one was spared as she ridiculed with perfection. She was blunt and did not tolerate nonsense. Told it as it was!
Divorced after 38 years, to her a guy who impregnated her after a 3 second one night stand! Bitter and old is not a good mix!

Her manly voice and her height was also a source of constant humor.

2. Blanche
Sex and/in the city begun with Blanche! The man-hungry southern belle. The sex-starved slut! The floosie! The whore! (As defined by Sofia.) Once accused of being classified by the navy as a ''friendly port.'' She was the arrogant, promiscuous and gorgeous Blanche. Ever particular of her figure, once said her breasts were very perky...only to be corrected that they couldn't be perky even if she was dangling upside down on a trapeze!!!

Blanche had the best lines thrown at her. She once said she was as jumpy as a virgin in a prison rodeo....that's quite jumpy! Blanche was ever conscious about her weight, the excess buggage in her mid-rift, she didn't want to eat cake because 3 bites and her panties might cut off her circulation!!!! Clearly Blanche's character evoked the best lines aimed at her or coming from her!

3. Rose.
Dumber that two nails. Blonde and Naive. Her idiocy at times was outlandish and completely funny. Her St. Olaf stories of her country life made you wanna cry from laughter. Rose the same one who explained how it was difficult milking a cow while sitting on a stool. Not Rose, but the cow had to be seated on a stool!!! Same Rose, who killed her Husband, and a boyfriend after having sex.

4. Sofia
Having suffered a stroke her mind was uncensored. She spoke her mind and hurled insults like a pro! Ruthless,spiteful and very old. Sophia was a force to reckon with.

She adored Dorothy as she sweetly called her ''pussy cat.''

She was feisty. She was crude and raw! She was cut-throat. She hasn't had sex in 15 years and she gets cranky time to time...or so she says!

The four of them were fabulous actresses, each winning an Emmy for their roles, one of the few shows to have the entire cast winning an Emmy.

Sad to say, 3 out of the 4 of them have recently passed away. Only Betty White (Rose) is still alive,and so is her career. She is smoking hot right now on TV with a revived career starring in Hot in Cleveland, a show that is almost reminiscent of Golden Girls.

The show will always be a classic! A gem! When watching it you can't even tell the time difference cause you are too busy laughing.

They were hilarious, they were special, they were friends,the chemistry was perfect...indeed they were GOLDEN GIRLS!