Monday, September 01, 2014


It was sad seeing Clay Morrow killed off in Sons of Anarchy. Apparently, everyone knew there was a Shakespearean twist to his story line...well, it was not apparent to me and I was devastated to see him written off so viciously!

From then I really couldn't see Ron Perlman in any other role...Hello HAND OF GOD!

Welcome, Judge Harris, a crooked judge who has seen the Lord. Baptised, born again he seeks corrupt justice and vengeance as he strives to find out who led his son to commit suicide. Wow, what can't you get away with when you throw in the Lords name. He believes God is talking to him and leading him to find the truth. So the main question is? Is God really speaking to him because some revelations are coming up that have no explantion except Divine Intervention.

Quick Catch up: Son commits suicide after watching his wife getting raped!!! Mystery someone orchestrated all of  that...who? why? Yeah that's why you need to watch show! 

Cast: Well there is that crack-head from The Wire. Andre Royo. It's nice seeing him all cleaned  up. Dana Delaney...haven't seen her since Desperate Housewives and the first 5 minutes (and my last)  of episode one of Body of Proof.

Recommendation: If you like you some corruption and politics throw in some legal drama which is always intertwined with police drama. Then this is your show. All of a sudden I feel like I am talking about The Divide. Well without the DIVINE INTERVENTION!!! The hand of God might actually be in play!!!!